Dec 10

Beastly Theories: Kentucky Bigfoot – with Charlie Raymond

Beastly Theories writes “Join me as I chat with Bigfoot researcher – Charlie Raymond, founder of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization, who has tirelessly documented Bigfoot encounters in Kentucky, for over 3 decades!

Charlie has interviewed countless witnesses, conducted investigations and expeditions in the hopes of one day proving that a “flesh and blood” unidentified hominin, that is very closely related to humans, inhabits the wilds of Kentucky.

We talk investigative techniques, such as using track traps and analogue cameras, as well as the possibility that Bigfoot may be able to see the infrared light of our trailcams!

Charlie believes that these creatures are masters of the forest, and that any attempt to sneak up on them is an exercise in futility. That is why he organises group expeditions and campouts in well known hotspots, to illicit the curiosity of these elusive creatures in a non-threatening way, and draw them near to camp!

One day, he hopes to establish laws in Kentucky to protect these magnificent creatures.”



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  1. Ron S

    On the topic of burial mounds…the area in the National Forest where I first experienced “the smell” which was encompassed within an invisible veil you could go in and out of (this was back in roughly 2015) , I can remember there being a very large and obvious pile of moss covered rocks off to the side, in a slightly lower elevation 20 yards or so away, it wasn’t where the smell was coming from but it was something I noticed when trying to identify the source of the smell. The interesting thing, when my fiancé and I went back this past fall so I could show her where this happened was, when we got to the area we first went to examine the rock pile when both of us were startled by what may have been a group of large acorns or something similar but likely heavier (rocks?) hitting the ground all within a second (like a handful)…it sounded to me like a deer running up on us and she said she thought it was a person running at us…the thing is, it was well within 10 feet of us (probably 5’) but the visibility was much much better than that, and as I immediately turned to look nothing was there and no remnants of anything rolling on the ground. Just now as I look at the photos I took of us that day, I see large trees 12 inch diameter or more growing from the rock pile and the largest one has long been dead, I do not remember seeing any trees growing from the pile of rocks back in 2015 when I recall that incident in my mind, at least nothing more than possibly a sapling or two which now seems strange…I admit I don’t have a stellar memory but I feel like it’s good enough to make a note of this…it’d be impossible if I’m recalling things correctly for a birch tree to grow to maturity, die and then rot within 7 years. There are documented Native burial grounds in my area and I have no interest in having the rock pile disturbed, but it sure feels like this area is of significance…I will not say where this is.
    Also, has anyone witnessed at dawn or dusk flashing lights or orbs immediately after hearing a knock or strange vocal sound? Have you seen lights or orbs (gold colored) heading towards your trail camera as you hunted over it and then find the SD card has been corrupted like never before, multiple folders added to it that are labeled in 8-10 odd symbols, such as upside down question marks or exclamation points and such? Yeah, these are my latest couple weird things in the last month or so…lucky me

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