May 14

Terror in the Woods: The Jack Gore Baygall Sighting

Author W.J. Sheehan’s reading of “The Jack Gore Baygall Sighting.”

10 Responses to “Terror in the Woods: The Jack Gore Baygall Sighting”

  1. m99

    This guy (the witness of the story) needs to come on SC and talk to Wes! Yep, I was raised in the Big Thicket and survived so many close encounters with water-mocs. However, as much as our family warned about Boogers, we didn’t believe in them, and poo-poo’ed the whole idea. Thank God I never saw one out there! Oy Vey!

  2. Mike D

    Kiss ur ? goodbye ha, love it! Your episodes are among my favorites sir when you’ve appeared. That is great news that you’re starting a podcast ? looking forward to it. You most definitely are on to something here, all the best to you Mr. Sheehan& thank you ?

  3. bob r

    Good story BUT – If he talks as indicated in the reading with main witness I wish he would get the pronunciations down before the reading ????? it did detract a little from enjoyment ??? hope is taken as constructive suggestion !! over all pretty good

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