May 14

Terror in the Woods: The Jack Gore Baygall Sighting

Author W.J. Sheehan’s reading of “The Jack Gore Baygall Sighting.”

8 Responses to “Terror in the Woods: The Jack Gore Baygall Sighting”

  1. Maynard w

    Definately going to check it out. I enjoyed the first three volumes. Have to pick up the rest before my next camping trip. Thanks Wes.

  2. m99

    This guy (the witness of the story) needs to come on SC and talk to Wes! Yep, I was raised in the Big Thicket and survived so many close encounters with water-mocs. However, as much as our family warned about Boogers, we didn’t believe in them, and poo-poo’ed the whole idea. Thank God I never saw one out there! Oy Vey!

  3. Mike D

    Kiss ur 🍑 goodbye ha, love it! Your episodes are among my favorites sir when you’ve appeared. That is great news that you’re starting a podcast 👏 looking forward to it. You most definitely are on to something here, all the best to you Mr. Sheehan& thank you 😙

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