May 14

The Confessionals Podcast: Say It With A Smile

Episode 126 is a two-part show with guests Ricky and Mark. First, Ricky shares with us some of his extreme paranormal experiences. During his interview, there is a surprising disturbance on the recording that may be an EVP! Following Ricky, Mark joins The Confessionals to tell us about a time that he saw a bigfoot in Pennsylvania, and also shares a dogman story and shadow people experiences!

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  1. m99

    That was so strange indeed. My thought was, ‘a portal’? And then, principality of the air (from Ephesians).

    Also, thinking of that entity manifesting in his room, and he could not speak ‘in the name’ I was reminded of a time when I was at a “friends” house and he attacked me, suddenly while we were watching tv.

    He started choking me. I couldn’t say the name, so, I thought ‘Jesus – In the name of Jesus’! He then stopped choking me and dropped me. I went across the room and told him to stay there, “in the name of Jesus”. He did. I ran back grabbed my vac (I had loaned him), ran out the door, threw it in the back seat, ran around the car and jumped in and started the car.
    Suddenly, he appeared at the car door railing at me, waving his arms wildly. I drove off and never had anything to do with him again. (In retrospect I knew I should have just left the vac and gotten it later when he was sober. I really don’t know why I didn’t, but maybe didn’t want to go back over there ever again. At any rate, it was stupid to do that).

    ‘Gollum’ may have been Tolkien’s fictional character, but it’s an ‘entity’ in the Jewish Oral tradition (The Talmud, or oral Torah, and the Zohar as well), spelled ‘Golem’. It’s associated with the night hag, Lilith, and other legends.

    Yep, these things are real, but we aren’t to tamper with them, and we aren’t to invite them in by messing around. Not that I think this guest had done that, just saying. Jesus is the greatest and most powerful of all and they know it. Whether or not people know it, they do, and that’s important for us to realize. It’s a strong tower.

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