May 13

Sunday Night – The Prodigal Son Returns

Woody-PrattThis is going to be a “best of” show! Who is this Woody guy everyone keeps talking about? My brother and I sit down and catch up. We will be talking about our favorite moments and favorite shows we have done. We will be playing clips from our favorite shows and be talking about behind the scenes stuff you never get to hear. What is your favorite episode?


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  1. damon h

    I’m a man of few words,..but I will say that for you to drive on,..always the logical thing to go back to the original plan….trying to fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place always screw things up….been a long time coming…..your friend from East Texas

  2. Gabriel H

    – Chris who stood in front of the monster that had half a dog & something like clothing or a blanket
    – Luke who was in digital camo. “THIS THING… You coulda put an entire Thanksgiving turkey in its mouth”
    – the fella who heard samurai outside his parents place, and then did one hell of an impression. WES – “that impression is money in the bank man” His should be played along side something like a Morehead clip 🙂 See the difference, if there is one 😉
    – Tracy. Who can forget that. His account was un-friggin-real. I still don’t have words for what he experienced.
    I could go on…

  3. Jay Carlsen

    Yes I agree , it will be an Event ! ( must check the subscription , Just to make sure I don’t have to run $7.00 in Pop bottle returnables to the Store !)
    I only want to mention the Idea I had while cruising the YouTube . Who was the President who had a story that he had heard of these Sasquatch Creatures ? Theodor Roosevelt ? Wasn’t he the Guy who started this National Park System in Order to begin with ? I was only Wondering
    I am sorry for these crazy thoughts that I have . After Breaking a Motorcycle helmet in 2 pieces when I was 16 years old , I lost the ability to Turn my Mind off . Always Thinking now , just can’t stop .

  4. Michael L

    Wes and Woody –

    I’d like to hear a follow-up – from both of you – to your original encounter, with any insights or observations you’ve both gained over a hundred or so episodes, interviews and two years of reflection. It’s inevitable that they’ll be brought into the public eye. What do you think their future will be? Extermination? What else do you think?

    I went to college at Humboldt State and was in the US Coast Guard there. The local guys accepted that there was something out there, and the pot growers were avoided certain areas (Hoopa, the coast range). When it was damp and foggy on the coast, we’d drive almost to Willow Creek on 299 and find a sunny spot in the creek, by the highway, to sit on a hot rock and dry out. Occasionally we’d run across guys from Willow Creek who said that they knew there was sasquatch in the neighborhood. They said there were “…too many signs to ignore….”

    I’m glad to hear you guys bring this into the open. I can hear the relief in the voices of the witnesses. You guys are doing good things – things you can be proud of. Keep it up.


  5. Rich A

    Oh for crying out loud this is so cool! The band is getting back together even for just one night. Zeppelin did it and now you guys…Lookin forward to it and I know it will be a ton of fun and laughs as well as sweet content. Rock on Squatchers!

  6. Norita B

    Favorite episode – where the delivery driver broke down on a lonely stretch of road in the middle of a storm.
    Really exemplified the core reason for the show – so people can share and not be ridiculed or made to feel ashamed.
    It was such a purging moment for that gentleman and YOU Wes, made that possible. It was a platform of affirmation
    and a sense of community. Not a lot of current mass media venues offers a safe place to share very private, personal,
    vulnerable encounters.

  7. Papa - Yeti

    ►Episode 90 – The Bob Gimlin – by far, the best guest speaker by far and hands down, was of Mr. Bob Gimlin, a true western man / Cowboy, a gently spoken gentleman indeed.

    ►Episode 75 – The Tracy C. Mississippi roadside encounter, very intense to hear Tracy tell of his encounter – Tracy’s encounter and how he told it, comes in right second to Bob Gimlin.

    -►This one case in the Cascade Mountain range, showed us, the creatures use wooden spears and uses spears as digging / tools to aid in digging out semi subterranean dens. ► Alex had two Sasquatch encounters, the first one was when he was working with an expedition company out in Oregon, as he was the director’s son, best pal ◄ End.

    ►Tracy’s encounter, very well retold by Tracy C. it was of a ‘lesser mentioned’ Sasquatch type, it taught us that the creatures are very aggressive pack hunters and more so, how they use the cover of electrical storms, as the severe storms are so loud and distracting that it allows them to move about with less stealthily effort, as well as deer and other game have a far lessened sense of awareness of their surroundings, as trees and shrubs and tall grasses are constantly moving in all directions. Also shows us that Tracy C. is a very strong person and can hold his own when suddenly placed in the presence of danger. Also Tracy and I have survived firing rounds, ear shatter rounds of our 357 Magnums from within our vehicle, nothing I would ever recommend, unless your life depended upon you doing so.

    ►I would like to see more eyewitness of Sasquatch types 1,2,3,4, and of Bi – Pedal – Wolf creatures aka Dogman encounter / eyewitnesses to join and post of their encounters. As well as of the same creatures that harassed Tracy C. upon that lone Mississippi highway upon that Stormy night. We need to better understand that type of creature. As well I would like to hear from prospectors, geologists, miners and spelunkers, cavers, forestry workers, tree planters if they have encountered any creatures or prints.

    ►I have one encounter archived from a call in on another Podcast show, from a young miner and his Native companion mine workmate that discovered fresh tracks, then nearby discovered the Subterranean {Built into the up sloping hillside / bank a Sasquatch den, he entered it into the darkness stopped midway in, because the horrid overwhelming stench. Then as he had exited the Den, there in Alaska, an 8 foot – ish, Sasquatch rises up out of the open air and observation hole, and stars rite at them both. It would be great if that young man would join on and post of his entire encounter.

  8. Robert P

    #83 The boys find the shelter in the Cascades and the other one, not sure of the # but in Oregon these two guys were chased and had to break into backhoe or earth mover or some kind of heavy equipment. That man was so believable . I just remember they cross country skiing

  9. Kay S

    Wes and Woody, I don’t care which encounter/s you relive. Just the fact that you two lads are back together, if only for one show, will make it memorable!

  10. Steven B

    Tracy’s encounter is definitely one well worth revisiting.

    I also remember one episode with an encounter where a gentleman was interviewed about a “Sasquatch” which he said turned out to be a mentally ill person that was wandering around. IF I recall correctly, that “mentally ill person” managed to rip the legs off and break the jaws of 2 large dogs. Something just doesn’t seem right about that. I know people can sometimes do amazing feats of strength, but somehow I can’t see someone being able to do that. Maybe a revisit would give some details I missed?

    All the best to you Wes & Woody. A big and hearty “Thank you” for doing what you do.

    Steve, Rio Grande Valley, TX

    • Jay Carlsen

      Yeah , I always liked that one myself . But I figure they get tired of Telling it Over & Over . So i just picked a couple of different ones . I enjoy ALL the Content .

  11. Chris B

    “Death bed confession” was an all timer for me…forget the episode #

    “Down The Rabbit Hole” and Tracy’s roadside encounter would tie for 2nd

    All great shows.


    Lots of truly awesome episodes. ..practically every encounter keep on playing and i keep paying. .best money i spend..SC. can’t wait to hear Woody again the new look there Woody.

  13. Rob C

    I don’t believe it was a call in guest, but my favorite story was from the guy on a missing person crew who spent a night with 5 other dudes in a cabin on top of the smoky mountains. During the night and a heavy blizzard they were awakened by some screaming beast trying to bust the door in! Wow!!! Still gives me the shivers!!!!

  14. Roy D

    VERY EXCITED to hear from both of you again! I remember when Woody was on before, and it’ll be great to have both of you again! What a treat!

  15. Papa - Yeti

    Yes the Little Mexican Girl named Lily, A very horrific encounter

    It looked back down a second time and I then didn’t see it anymore, and then all of a sudden it leaped up out of nowhere and landed upon the back of the tail gate and bumper of the truck with such a downward jolt, as its huge mass came down upon the trucks tail gate and fender, and the rear tires squealed out as the Fenders pressed downward under the creature’s massive weight causing the truck to shake violently under it. And my Mom just started screaming and screaming, and I was just about to sit up again and look at my Dad, and I was saying to myself, what am I going to do, that can I do? – and that is when I saw the creatures eyes over my face, and I was thinking this cannot be an animal because it was grabbing onto the tailgate with its left ‘hand’ it was leaning so far forward that it was almost touching my face. My head was against the cab of the truck as I lay there and it was almost touching my face – Its hand was just before my face, the hands fingers were curled in, and if its hand was stretched out, it would have grabbed me.

  16. David R

    I was watching this other show and this gal was mad because she couldn’t get ahold of Wes. she couldn’t login. She said she was going to listen to someone else. I was pissed, and wrote to her that she needed to change her password to get back on the site. I went through the same thing, and Wes gave me his phone # to help me, but I was able to get back on. She wrote me back to see if I could help her change her password. I also told her that Wes is very busy now that he works alone! I think it worked cause I haven’t heard back.

  17. Papa - Yeti

    Lily:”and that is when I started really looking at it, and I noticed that it wasn’t running upon paws, it was running on its knuckles, it was really big, and running on its four legs /[This sounds like the Type -3 which also had chased to full – sized Chevy Tahoe 4 – SUV’s where the drivers / witnesses were both Texas police officers of the K –9 units – they – both vehicles were driving at between 75 -80 MPH as a huge black creature (Type -3) was pacing their SUV’s keeping up with them at 80 MPH, before veering off.]\

  18. Jennifer l

    Woody!! it’s gonna be like the old episodes I miss them it is what made the show so awesome in the first place It was way kicked back and I swear woody drank a few it was the best shows ever

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