May 13

Next Week – Washington State

I will be speaking Darrold who had an encounter in Washington State. He later became a researcher and shares many of his personal encounters he has had. Darrold continues his research into this topic and tries to get out to his areas a couple times a month. He might even share some of his sounds with us. Should be a great night!

13 Responses to “Next Week – Washington State”

  1. Tyler D

    Wow, Wes you are on a roll n gettin things done hands down. Sasquatch Chronicles keeps gettin bigger and bigger. You created something amazing man n I’m extremely honored n humbled to be a part of it. This website is always the highlight of my day

    • Christopher c

      I am interested! have you had any action up there? any recordings of vocalizations yet? granite Falls seems like a good spot,Mt Pilchuck is right there with a bunch of little lakes that not too many people mess with that the creatures basically have all to themselves,seems like you have some really good prospects in your neck of the woods.

  2. larry h

    great story Wes makes me want an experience myself the doctor just told me I have M S and before things get too bad I would love to go on a research week end to gather vocals and other types of evidence, I have been a believer since 1977 and watch and listen to anything bigfoot love your show its the best I have ever listen too.

  3. Pamela C

    Wes, I sent you an email ( I know your covered up man) regarding the upcoming TX trip. I will send another email today May 15th. Appreciate your looking at that. Thanks Pac

  4. Richard S

    Wes I just can’t find the episodes linked to this thing I don’t understand it just seems on Sanders no episodes anymore even when you click on that pisode can you go back like the one with Woody

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