Sep 15

Strange Noises Coming Out Of The Cumberland Mountains

A listener writes “My step dad and I have been hearing screams from the mountains for a couple weeks. He has heard them for years. I’ve only been here for two weeks.

He told me he had heard them from the field and patch of woods right across the street. We live in east Tennessee. Campbell county. City of Jacksboro, in the foothills of the Cumberland mountains.

Two nights ago , we’re out on the porch smoking cigarettes and what sounds like a German Shepherd is barking aggressively at something.

All the sudden, something screams so loud and powerful at this dog that it whimpers while running away.

It sounded off like a 900 pound owl. That’s about the best way I can describe it. It was approximately 60 yard’s away from us. I wanted to run over there and try to see it. But I was simply, just to scared. There’s more to this story.”

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  1. mark a

    Wow……Now that’s not the first thing to come to mind to do, running towards a 900 pound owl! No. not at all, i can see another missing 411 report in the future soon.

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