Sep 15

I Slammed On My Breaks, It Was Less Than 30 Feet Away

A listener writes “I was a staff member of a summer boy scout camp in Southern Oklahoma from 2009-2011. The camp was by talihena in the kiamishi mountains. One Saturday in 2011 night driving back to our cabin two councilors and myself saw something. Right before the sharp left twords the cabin something walked across the road.

I slammed on my breaks and my friend in the front seat and I watched this mountain of an animal walk on 2 legs across the 2 lane road less than 30 feet in front of us. It seemed like time stood still for a few seconds. It was a mountain of a thing. We figure it was about 8 feet tall. Huge upper body build more than a big WWE wrestler.

Long arms that went down to the top of his knees. Deep dark brown fur almost black. It was slightly turned away from us so we couldn’t see its face. We didn’t smell any bad smells either. It took about 2 steps to cross the 2 lane dirt road. After if crossed we heard it crash through the woods like a freight train. My friend wanted to go after it I told him “f#$* that” and we went back to the cabin and went straight inside. After that night I talked to my other friend who lives in that small town and he believed me because he has seen one around the woods there as well.

Everyone else thought it was just another bigfoot story to mess with the kids but it was true. We had so many stories around there. We had a room in our pool house kicked in by a huge bare foot and trash the room the same year I saw it. We hear weird things in the woods but most of it probably was animals. We do have bears, mountain lions and all kinds of animals around there.”

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  1. Tammi C

    We just had a HUGE black bear steal our bird feeder last night. It was beautiful. You’d never guess they lived in these ‘burbs. We are on edge of woods/conservation land tho.

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