Sep 15

Strange Object Over The Skies Of New Jersey

YouTuber YerrrFO’S writes “A ufo was spotted this afternoon in New Jersey. 9/14/2020”

New Jerseyans took to social media to report a UFO sighting on Monday — but the object floating through the sky turned out to be a Goodyear Blimp.

Witnesses began posting videos of the flying object around 6 p.m. on Monday. The “UFO,” however, was actually a Goodyear Blimp that flew past MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford during Monday night’s Giants-Steelers game, the New York Post reported.

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  1. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Many years ago my brother and I were driving up to see the Yankees in an evening World Series game. There was a lot of traffic and we were running late. I remember at the time it was dark outside. Sure enough, I saw a similar object in the sky. It was cigar shaped and had lights running along the side. For about 10 minutes I thought it was a UFO ! Sure enough, turned out it was a blimp. As Ed M said, it was a blimp with a marquis on the side!

  2. Jan F

    Am sure that USA have susses making a spacecraft from crash ufo’s
    And the lady barb that film the clock creature in the Woods have been enhance ..and it looks like an Can see its eye

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