Apr 19

Strange glowing blue object descends into river in Philadelphia

Witnesses managed to capture the spectacle on film as the mysterious object slowly descended into the water.
Something strange was visible in the skies over Philadelphia earlier this week and nobody is quite sure what it was, where it had come from or who was responsible for putting it there.

Resembling a string of blue lights floating eerily in the heavens, the peculiar object was captured on camera from different angles by a number of bystanders.

Particularly intriguing was footage of the object descending very slowly into the Delaware River waterfront with its blue lights illuminating the water as it approached the surface.

The most likely possibility, based on the available footage, is that this ‘UFO’ is in fact some sort of drone, possibly with a string of blue LEDs attached to it.

The fact that the lights are hanging down loosely could suggest that the drone suffered from sort of technical issue (or even a collision) which might also explain its long, slow descent.

Exactly who was operating it or why it was equipped with the lights, however, remains unclear.

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