Apr 19

UNIDENTIFIED (2024) Full Bigfoot Documentary

Penford Media writes “New Bigfoot documentary by Penford media, featuring Daniel Perez and the late Phil Shaw. Hear from Daniel as he gives an extensive presentation on the Patterson-Gimlin Film. Phil talks about his experience seeing a Bigfoot in New Brunswick, Canada. Enjoy this 2024 Bigfoot Documentary.”


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  1. Charles R

    I did not know that Phil Shaw had passed nine months ago. I met and conversed with him twice up in Michigan and he was the go to person for sightings and encounters in the Huron National Forest and put on the Bigfoot Discovery Days in springtime of his town of West Branch, MI. At a lecture he gave at the Lumberman’s Monument above the Au Sable River in early July of 2019, 200 people showed up, and at that time had documented at least 200 events in this area. RIP Phil Shaw.

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