Dec 8

The Bigfoot Influencers: Survivorman – Les Stroud

The Bigfoot Influencers writes “Join Tim and Dana for this exclusive interview the one and only Survivorman Les Stroud recorded on 11/29/22. They talk Bigfoot, Tim’s book, surviving in the woods, and much more!”


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  1. Steve J

    First time viewing Mr. Stroud as a man behind the scenes. Very impressed with him as an individual. Was a fan of Survivor Man; seams like 10 years ago. Did watch the shows on Bigfoot. Maybe not all of them. Always on the watch for stories that have a resemblance to my experiences. I don’t know how to contact Mr. Stroud. But if I could, I would pass on that, in my experience, the easiest way to test an area for the presence of bigfoot is by car. Just pull up somewhere remote. And then just sit. (Don’t get out of the vehicle) And see if Bigfoot throws rocks at your car. I was a lumberjack. I learned that trick by accident. I worked alone. I’d go out to the sale. And before getting out of the truck. I’d roll one. Began to notice a trend of rocks tinking of truck. Was able to successfully demonstrate the phenomenon to my friends.

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