Oct 3

Strange Familiars: Owl Moon Echoes in Pandemonium

Tim writes “Tobe Johnson from Strange Brau Radio joins Timothy for this swapcast exploring the strangeness of bigfoot – including poltergeist activity, synchronicity, apports, and much more. Are the occurrences in Pandemonium, PA somehow related to Tobe’s experiences at the Owl Moon sites in Oregon and Washington? Tobe also brings some strange audio captured at the Owl Moon Lab.”

3 Responses to “Strange Familiars: Owl Moon Echoes in Pandemonium”

  1. Colleen B

    This was so interesting to me. Mainly because I live in Eugene Oregon. And the Pizza place he first talked about was Ikes Pizza in Vida Oregon which I was at when Finding Bigfoot filmed their second show there and my youngest son asked a question to Cliff . He was given the question by the producers. I go to Vida, Oregon once a week and also just past Blue River in Rainbow Oregon for work. The store I merchandise in Rainbow has a huge chain saw carving of bigfoot outside and a couple smaller ones inside the store. Blue River has a page on Facebook that I follow and when they have a sighting of bigfoot they post it there. I’m not sure if I agree with all that was said on the podcast..but who knows….they may be right!

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