Oct 3

Mysteries Decoded: Bigfoot

US Navy veteran turned private investigator Jennifer Marshall teams up with cryptozoologist Andrew Sanford to investigate newly surfaced evidence of Bigfoot.

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  1. Tedd

    I don’t think that anything will prove, what has been known for eons and by many, to those who don’t want it to be known or too closed minded to do research of the historical documented accounts around the world. Are all the people lying, seeing bears or suffering from hallucinations?

    • Steven B

      Watched the video. I can understand being a skeptic, however, she had Dr. Meldrum to herself but she never asked key questions on WHY his footprint casts are from a living creature and not faked. The other thing is that I don’t think one can write off tree breaks as to what caused them by looking at video or photos unless they were extensive. I also don’t feel that one can attribute the vocals specifically to a coyote unless they’ve run it through a spectra-gram to see if it fits or it is something very close to a coyote but is imitating it and whether or not there are “notes” included that could not come from a coyote. Just me – but I don’t think enough questions were asked.

      • lyonflyin

        I agree Steven B.
        Also the pressure ridges and fact that only primates have that type of ball of foot that indicates it walks differently than us…Meldrum I am sure, told her all this, but that conclusive info was left out.

        If Todd Standing was the imitater of that shot that was shown/discussed, does he have an anomaly under his eye like that BF had? or anyone else? It was not made by make-up. I saw that on other shots of that same BF on another site… .

  2. lyonflyin

    Its been known that BF imitate other animals, birds, people, esp. coyotes…but the volume of the screams cannot be denied: the infrasound reported be all who have been close enough to feel it through their body.
    During her visit with Dr. Meldrum, it was left out why the shape of the foot shows no rigid arch like we have, and also the method used by BF during its stride/gait with bent knee, ball first walking, etc.. that I am sure he spoke to her of, but she left out. The film of the male BF/s head behind the trees is of a juvenile who has not developed the massive shoulders as yet: in other shots of this same film I have seen elsewhere, it does show its right shoulder and the fact. that it really is more than “a head/mask”. I have seen this clip detailed by measuring the length of the needles on the fir tree extrapolated with the size of that face and it is extremely larger than human and can not be blown up or faked. Also, as a nurse, I noticed an anomaly on its lower Left eyelid that has a small fatty cyst under the skin showing. We all know how still and immobile they can be: like a deer that does not move a muscle, they are wild and depend on that ability when they need to. Re: the other female clip, there are all colors and types of BF just as there are of us. There is not a lot of variety of non-human mammals, but these are considered human, and we are so variable, especially when some studies are realizing that we are a blend of some varieties from thousands of years ago just as they are. We are them and they are us. But they are so much more than us…many of those things we have lost along they way.
    For whatever its worth, I think this was a quick shoddy incomplete take on BF and also Todd Standing.
    I have my own experiences, like so many, with no proof except a witness at each, so, but what does that prove?

    • Kim S

      Hi Neville, I 100 percent agree with what you’ve said!…. I think for the general population to make us mock and steer toward the “sceptic’s” side. But for the ones that have had encounters, I noticed myself questioning mine!!!.. Bad deliverance on their behalf.
      We all need to remain diligent in our thinking without the swaying.?? love your imput.

  3. lyonflyin

    If Todd Standing was trying to fake a female, why would he choose a light colored one with a very differenct affect?
    Why not a more conventional one more like Patty or the male in the other live clip? People are so full of inability to
    know something when it is staring them in the face.
    For example; there is a film clip of a brown colored bear fighting with a dark colored BF, I’m sure most of you guys have
    seen. During this fight, if the BF was in a costume, it would have been ripped right off as the bear had a tenacious hold on the
    creature and would not let go. It had its teeth into the creature and if this was a fake or suit, it would have come away with the
    torn suit in it grip. The BF was able to twist away from its hold for a split second (which would have left a piece of fake suit in the bear’s mouth) as they grappled, but the bear immediately regained its hold. As they stood trying to keep from being thrown down which the bear was trying to do as it had the BF on the downhill and the creature was trying to stay on its feet, legs spread for stance, it could be seen the BF’s genitals tucked up between its legs. If you look closely it can be seen a bloody area along the Left side of the BF’s neck/cheek where the bear had its focused grip. Look it up if you haven’t seen it. It is far too brief but is convincing for me. Our skin and meat are not strong enough to stand up to this kind of force without the bear coming away with some part of
    our anatomy pulled from us let alone a fake suit. When a bear attacks/mauls humans clothes and meat fly, especially if its a Brownie/Griz in a flying rage. When it kills another bear its over pretty fast and they go for the neck and shake.
    Just my take on things. I guess that’s what this space is for.

  4. Don

    I believe that the videos were proven to be fake; not 100% sure, but I recall something to the idea that Todd admitted to faking the videos in an effort to represent what he saw only. Unfortunately, if that is true he lied in this video because he is claiming them to be videos of actual creatures.
    Todd Standing is part of the problem we have with anyone in positions of science to take the topic more seriously.
    Todd makes a lot of truth claims without any evidence to support his theories. So at the end of the day we end up chasing his “Straw Men” and not the creature he says exists in the area he claims they exist.
    I am a believer in Sasquatch, but I prefer to rely on real evidence and not theories. However, I am also a fan of a good story…

  5. Andrew S

    No way that wind could do that to a tree in such a tight spot. Did the costume expert even look at the video before saying it was a fake? You’d think he’d take a hard look at it before rendering an opinion and why. I don’t think it was half a second before he proclaimed it a fake. These experts are laughable. Like there is someone or a group of people traveling thousands of miles across the country in the middle of nowhere putting down fake bigfoot tracks so hikers, outdoorsmen and others will find them. Wonder why the digitized PG film wasn’t included in the “evidence” reviewed. Might have been a bit tough to explain the hernia/muscle movement as a hoax since it was filmed way back in ’67.

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