Apr 12

Strange Familiars: I’ve Become a Believer

Strange Familiars writes “Allie shares stories about paranormal encounters around her home: mystery lights, a ghost in plaid, voices mimicking her family members, white crawler creatures, and more.”

2 Responses to “Strange Familiars: I’ve Become a Believer”

  1. m99

    _love these people_ they’re fun, easy to listen to, and nonjudgmental… Right? WHO loves Email? Who loves getting up and dealing with 60 email in the morning? I’ve made many folders. I think I’ll deal with this later. Flannel man after life occupation? Um.

    • m99

      Listening to Allie, made me think of the past. One question I have about her seeing these things, I think, I ‘feel’ things, but don’t ‘see’ in the spiritual. But then I think, I am very nearsighted, so at times feeling things, I look w/o my glasses on, so how would I have seen anything, anyway? Maybe because of that fact, I’ve honed in to “feeling” things, rather than seeing things. Plus, that’s way I take all these odd pictures. Usually I look back at them and “see” things, and say, wow… just sayin’

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