Apr 11

An Almost Human Face

A listener writes “My husband and I are long distance hikers. We have the distinction of Triple Crown which means we have hiked all 3 long trails in the USA. Living on trail for 6 months each time we hiked the trails. The AT:Appalachian mountains; PCT the Sierras and Cascades; and CDT the Rocky Mountains. We are familiar with the sights and sounds of the forest as well as the various animals. When we are home to stay in shape we hike a trail 3-4 times a week. An 8 mile r/t private trail.

Usually we are gone 6-9 months a year but in 2020 (Covid) we were here and hiking the trail. Around June 18 2020 we had reached the lake and were on the return hike to our home. We heard repeated calls from what we thought was a bird. We had never heard that call before and have not heard it since. I can’t tell you about the call because I wasn’t focused on it so I didn’t memorize it. I was focused on seeing what made the call. I expected to see a bird or animal and categorize in my mind that animal makes that sound and move on. Instead, what I saw stumped me.

I will describe the where and how:

The trail follows and is above Grass Valley Creek. I was perhaps 30’ above and away from the creek. In looking for the source of the call I looked down and saw (what I thought was a bear) licking water out of the creek. Except there was something off as this bear had no ears. About the time that that thought registered the animal looked up.

An almost human face (no snout) the eyes got so wide I could see white all around the black iris. It was shocked to see me looking at it. It is on the opposite bank from me. It turned and on all fours climbed from the creek up a steep hillside (about 30’). Turned left and still on all fours ran beside a huge downed tree (hiding?); made a switch back then ran up the steep mountain.

During this I am trying to get a better look at what I am seeing. It was on all fours but with bent knees. It’s back was level. When it turned to run up the hill I had an unobstructed view of it running on two legs with arms swinging. I watched till it ran out of sight.

I will tell you I was very confused by what I saw. I wracked my brain through all the known animals but came up with nothing.

What it looked like:

Tall and skinny. Like a teen age kid with a growth spurt. About 6 ‘ tall. No breasts, no testicules dangling. The thighs did not touch at the crotch. Long legs. Short black hair everywhere (that I saw) except the face. The fur was matte or flat color, not shiny like human hair. The interesting part is that once it saw me it changed its cry and was now hollering up the hill to something. Its voice was scared. It was scared of me and I was stunned to see it. I finally told my husband that I had seen something but I didn’t know what it was. I only knew what it wasn’t. Later that night I awoke to a very foul smell outside my window.

My thoughts:

It was a juvenile-probably a female. It wasn’t supposed to be seen. There were family members awaiting its return. That the initial call we heard was to let the parents “track” its location. That something followed me home-which is easy to do since we always pee on the trail and outside our place, too.

Follow up: in early July 2022 again we were around. Back hiking and peeing on the trail again. We had guests staying in a trailer on our property close to our place. We (sister-in-law and I) both were awakened by a terrible smell. During breakfast the conversation shifted to the terrible odor that had awakened her. After this second experience I began researching Bigfoot.

It took me a long time to wrap my brain around the idea of Bigfoot. We were non believers. I now believe that is what I saw. My husband knows I saw something but he still doesn’t believe Bigfoot is real.

Since watching the shows I have come to notice that in the vicinity of where I saw it we have an upside down tree and 5-6 bent/broken trees.”

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  1. James G

    The human brain is so strange; your husband, life partner after you tell him in detail exactly what you see….still doesn’t believe you. Goes to show how good of job media/society does at shaping what we believe/dont believe.

    • Charles R

      Very true James G. So the listener thinks this was a juvenille and at 6 foot and lanky, it would seem so. Skylar in the very recent episode also concluded that his Bigfoot was sniffing pee around the tent. Of all the characteristics of a Sasquatch, perhaps the least known is their sense of smell. I have assumed it is better than ours, but much less than a dog. I might have to adjust my thinking on this as to it is way better than ours. And it might account for the many stories of them following people to their home, even being miles away. I hope you come on the show listener.

      • James G

        Also a common thread seems to be young males attraction to female pee. I believe we/them are close enough that if I were a female, I wouldn’t want to have a run in with a horny juvenile

        • Charles R

          I think you are right James G. I know Janice Carter thought a neighbor teenage girl, may have had such an experience with a junenile male named Blacki, that sent this girl into the hospital and in schock and never the same. Janice hated this Blacki so bad, he was just no good, and thought he should have been shot.

  2. Richard W

    Thanks for your report, and I believe you saw a juvenile Sasquatch. Good definition in your description. Can’t believe your husband doesn’t think they exist.

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