Apr 12

Something Outside Of My Window

A listener writes “I’ve listened to the podcast for a few years now and even though I have not had a face to face encounter, I have had some extremely strange screams and something outside of my window. The first time I heard the screams would have been around 1983. I was 10 years old.

It was my chore to take the trash out every day and burn it in our trash pit. Where we lived growing up there was no trash pick up and everyone either burned in a barrel or burned in a pit. We had a deep pit at the back of the property. We owned about 3 acres, 1 acre was cleared and the other 2 were across a creek and was completely wooded. The wooded 2 acres connected to several miles of wooded area. It was kinda late,probably 8-9 pm and I hadn’t taken the trash out yet so my dad got on me and told me to take the trash out. As I’m walking out the back door I stepped into my dad’s work boots and walked to the trash pit at the back of the property. I threw the trash at the top of the pit instead of walking down the trail that led to the bottom of the pit and to the creek.

I lit the trash and just was standing there watching the fire. After a couple of minutes of watching the fire an extremely loud scream just came out, from the bottom of the trail by the creek. It sounded like a woman screaming but so much louder and probably 20-30 seconds long. I stood there for the entire scream, unable to move. As soon as it stopped I kicked my dad’s boots off and ran to the house. When I got in I was panicked, I remember yelling at my dad there’s a woman screaming in the creek.

He jumped up, grabbed me and I kept telling him there’s a woman screaming in the creek. He grabbed his shotgun and pulled me outside with him even though I didn’t want to go. He just kept asking me what I heard and I just kept telling him there’s a woman screaming. As we make it to the trash pit our neighbor walked over because he had heard it too. They investigated the creek and found nothing. That night, and I’m not sure if it was my imagination or if this really happened but I was terrified to go to bed. I walked to my window because my window faced the trash pit and I wanted to see outside. I pulled the white window covering up and there was a figure standing against my window. I could make out shoulders and a head. Our house sat a couple feet off the ground and to the top of the window was about 8 feet from the ground. I dropped the window cover, jumped in my bed and pulled the covers over my head. The next day my dad and a couple of neighbors went in the woods and looked around but never found anything. I was told it was probably a cougar or something and that I shouldn’t worry about it. And if I’m being honest that’s when my un ease of the dark started.

I wouldn’t say fear but I’m still very uneasy in the dark. Fast forward roughly 4 years, it was Halloween night and me and a few friends were out having Halloween fun in the neighborhood. We ended up at one of my friends house and we were all just going to stay the night there. His older brothers and their friends were there , his parents were gone for a few days so it was just us there. One of his brothers decided we were going to watch faces of death, so we watched about half of it and one of the older guys said, hey let’s go to Frenchtown Road. Well Frenchtown Road is known in this area for satanic activities and lots of strange stories. It’s about midnight and they all decide that they were going. Me and my friends wanted to go because it gives us a chance to hang out with the older guys. We load up in 3 different vehicles, there’s about a dozen of us. It was me and my buddies cousin and one of my buddies older brother and 1 of his friends in his car. We get to Frenchtown road which is about 20 minutes away. As we go down the road it’s extremely bumpy, lots of pot holes and just a nightmare to drive down. We have to cross under a railroad trestle. The trestle is marked with all kinds of satanic graffiti and warnings. It is very creepy but adds to the I guess thrill of being there.

There was an old graveyard past the trestle and an abandoned house past the graveyard and the road ended. The area was completely wooded except the graveyard and the house. After passing under the trestle we came up to the graveyard, which is on our left. As we passed by we noticed the gate was shut to the graveyard and we continued down the road to the house. Once we got to the house we all got out and just walked around for a few minutes. The older guys were just goofing around and me and my younger friends stayed close to the vehicles. We all loaded up and started heading back. As we came to the graveyard we all noticed the gate was now opened. All vehicles immediately stopped. The older guys got out and we can hear them questioning each other about how the gate were closed. Me and my friends got out and we were saying that absolutely the gate was closed. As we are all talking one of the guys says, what’s those lights? We all look and we can see 3 lights, 2 lights in the very back of the graveyard and 1 light about halfway. It was decided by the older guys that we were going to see what it was. As we walked in the graveyard the closest light moved from side to side and back towards the other 2 lights.

We got about a quarter of the way in and that loud scream from the trash pit came from the 2 lights. Immediately everyone ran. We made it to the vehicles and everyone is panicked. We all asking what was that and as we are all questioning each other from the other side of the road, across from the Cemetery another scream let’s out. Every one jumps in the vehicles and we all take off, I’m in the lead car. I remember my friends cousin crying in the front seat, and Brandon, who is driving, is fighting the car and his oil light comes on and he’s starting to panic.

We get probably a mile down the road and Brandon says he has to pull over. There’s an abandoned store or something on the left, he pulls in and gets out. The vehicles behind us pulled un and he gets out, and another guy from another vehicle yells that there’s oil coming down the pavement. And across the street, which is wooded yet another scream let’s out. Everyone, even Brandon jumps back in the cars and takes off. We made it back to the main highway and had to tow the car I was in back to the house.”

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  1. Dana B

    Thank you for sharing. To be in a car that can’t drive away with these things around would be terrifying. Very thankful for your friend’s good character in the face of danger to tow the broken car and all of you back home to safety.

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