Feb 9

Strange Familiars: I wanted This Thing to Go

Strange Familiars writes “When Mark was younger, he had several things approach his house, whoop, howl, roar, scream, and climb onto his roof. For years, he had no clue what it was, until he heard the Sierra Sounds. Mark also shares several UFO sightings, an encounter with a giant metal bat, and more.”

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  1. Linda B

    This has been an awesome interview . It seems Mark has had experiences all of his life. He mentioned so many interesting aspects of the paranormal. Most of us go through life having experienced something at some point, and we are able to gleans so much from sharing information with each other.
    For instance, the lightening strike…powerful energy; does exposure to electrical currents make us closer to other realms? I think so. If you consider the resurrection power it took to blow away the stone from the grave of Jesus, for instance, now that’s energy. We’ve heard spirits are energy. Demons probably are energy. Prayer does not usually work against this type of energy, instead Reading the Word of God which is the Truth (very powerful energy as is Love, Jesus name as He is the Living Word) does work. Do what works I always say. Research those things which bring you light. 🙂 Great post, Wes, Thanks as always.

  2. Linda B

    Sorry to be so preachy-teachy, not meaning to be, but I’ve seen scripture work against circumstances for our benefit. Short story: my second-grader got off the bus one stormy afternoon and beat it to the back of the house which I had absentmindedly locked. To know me is to love me and my mom brain was on vacation that day. So he pounded on it as loud as he could as the door was just below the bedroom window where my shift working husband was asleep. Our son would always go in and wake up his dad so he was never alone by himself or anything. He screamed, he pounded, he kicked, he hollered, but no dad . So, he ran around to the front of the house to try the front door, nope, it was locked. So he knocked and he pounded and nothing happened. So as he stood under the covered front porch, he recited his Bible verse that day, “Jonah 2:1: In my distress I cried out to the Lord and He heard my voice and he helped me.” You guessed it, a minute later his dad went to the front door and let him inside. My son is in heaven now, but he also had seen his guardian angel in his room (we both saw it). So do demons and angels exist? Yes. Does God help us? Yes. Did God speak the world into existence? Yes. Does what come out of our mouths/what we speak out loud matter? Yes. Is the spoken word of God or the Name Jesus which is synonymous carry power to thwart demons or monsters or animals or anything negative? Yes. Why? Because the truth is (the Bible says) “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”. It’s powerful, especially when spoken by those He has chosen or by those who have chosen Him. Choose Him today. Loves.

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