Feb 9

Author of The Genesis 6 Project: Michael Ferguson

Lauren Smith host of Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio writes “Join me as I chat live with Michael Ferguson, Author of The Genesis 6 Project. I am really excited to discuss this book as it has to do with one of my favorite topics, the Giants of Kandahar. His book is loosely based on the story we have all heard but more so, I am interested in his research for the book and what he has gathered. Join me in the chat and bring your questions!

Michael Ferguson has always had a big interest in the unknown, and how supernatural events intersect with science. His first speculative fiction novel weaves together a rumored military involvement with a hybrid Nephilim type creature in the Wakhan corridor. He takes the story a step further and brings the monstrosity in the dead of night to a secret US genetics lab where the abomination escapes onto nearby Native American land. Mayhem ensues, and a battle between former army ranger, Frank Ironhorse Whitman occurs. All the while a secret European group manipulates events to prepare for an end of time event.

Ferguson’s background, a brief military involvement and degrees in biological sciences allows him to weave together topics such as CRISPR technology and genetic engineering, with a what if scenario involving the military. Second-hand accounts drive the narrative of what might of happened in early 2000 in a faraway land, with insights of how competing interests could use biology to improve human capacity. Ferguson believes at this point, it is not a matter if genetically altered soldiers are possible, but a matter of who first. There is a brief author notes section which has an interesting discussion on the plausibility of such events, given perceived human limitations.

Ferguson currently resides in the US midwest with his wife and works in the medical field. He has an interest in cryptids and other non-human species, including the biological plausibility of such entities, and their role in society. In his down time he like to travel, listen to jazz and read great fiction. He is planning a continuation novel on the concept of the return of a biblical Nephilim-spirit as part of a clandestine genetics cloning program in the Africa-Europe region.”

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