Feb 8

It’s Face Was Ape Like

A listener writes “My twin sister, myself and our two large Lab dogs saw a Bigfoot cross the road from right to left about 300 yards away from us when we were around 7 years old. Midway across the road it turned to look at us as my dogs were going berserk and I vividly recall it turned its torso along with head as opposed to just it’s head. It crossed the road in 5 or so steps. It was walking upright and it’s long arms were swinging like a humans would..

This was in the mid 70s in Grand Haven Michigan about 2 miles or so from Lake Michigan. Back then Bigfoot wasn’t a very well known thing. We called it a hairy monster but I can still picture it to this day as can my sister although we have different perspectives. She had a longer view of it and recalls it’s face being ape like.

I had to grab my dogs collars so I was more distracted than she was and I had to step down into the ditch to get the dogs secured and then looked up from a slightly lower and far right vantage point. I do still recall the hair glinting rust colored in the sun.

I think it was likely spring or summer because I had my bike with me. I don’t know where my parents were but after we saw it we were screaming and my sister held the dogs while I hopped on my bike to get the neighbor kids who were boys to chase after it. That was the first time we were ridiculed because they went into the woods where we had witnessed the Bigfoot go and then acted like they were being tossed out of the woods.”




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  1. Charles R

    Quite a story to go get neighbor boys to chase after it. I like it.
    Grand Haven – certainly not a spot one would expect to see a Bigfoot – it may have followed the Grand River in. And you are right about Bigfoot not being a thing back then, growing up in Midland and even being a hunter, I heard absolutely nothing about it in Michgan in the 70s. I have fond memories of Grand Haven on one day in June, 1973. Our Midland Chemic baseball team of which I was a pitcher, won the state class A title, first beating Detroit Western in the semi final and then Royal Oak Dondero in the final. Our Michigan Sports Hall of Fame football coach and athletic director had a summer cabin on Spring Lake in Grand Haven, and threw us a party afterwads. Hope you come on for an interview.

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