Jun 6

Strange Familiars: A Strange Day on White Rocks Trail

Episode 94: Timothy accompanies Chad on a hike along White Rocks Trail as they retrace the steps of a hike Chad and a friend made in 2014. Chad tells the story of that strange day as we make our way along the White Rocks Trail to Center Point Knob, where it meets the Appalachian Trail.

Chad’s tale starts with a burning tree, struck by lightning the night before. Things only got weirder from there. Waiting for the firemen to arrive, Chad’s friend saw a large creature he could not identify, walking up the mountainside. Whatever it was, frightened his friend enough to send him running back down the mountain. They proceeded with their hike and, later that day, encountered something which roared at them, loudly and ferociously. Chad relates that the howling roar carried with it a feeling of malevolence.

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