Jun 7

Russian Cosmonauts Encountered Something

Unexplained Mysteries writes “Going back in 1984, cosmonauts aboard the Soviet space station Salyut 7 experienced something they couldn’t explain. The crew described the experience as starting of with a blinding light.

They looked out the portholes to try and get a bette understanding of what was going on. Being in space this was worrying to them as they had no idea what it could have been. ”

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  1. m99

    God Bless you Wes. You are such a sweet and patient guy. EG? This man’s voice. As they say, ‘ I can not away with it!’ It is annoying beyond measure. You’re not though, lol.

  2. Michael S

    They all had the same hallucination? lol… I think it’s egotistical of us to think we are the only beings in this universe. I’ve always wondered if there is another galaxy that has the same earth at maybe the Cretaceous period, or at period in time that is so advanced than we are? I’ve thought about Russia’s Lake Baikal where divers had encountered giant humanoid creatures as well… https://www.disclose.tv/are-russias-big-lakes-the-home-of-colossal-underwater-humanoids-311596

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