Jun 6

LaRue County Bigfoot Witness

Kentucky Bigfoot writes “Chuck witnessed an 8′ 6″ tall, black-haired Bigfoot in Mount Sherman, KY while riding his motorcycle at 1:30 AM. It had very wide shoulders and large, wide-set eyes which reflected reddish-orange. Many sightings in the area over the years, but the witnesses are reluctant to talk.”

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    • Charles R

      I agree Jon. I met some of them a few years ago at Salt Fork Lake. I bought a sketch from their artist Terry. I heard a lecture from Charlie Raymond that was quite good. Their views on what Sasquatch is are quite similar to mine. I loved their short interview with the Turtle Man, Ernie Brown Jr. before he appeared on the Kentucky episode of Finding Bigfoot.

      I like their short to the point interviews like with Chuck here. To me the most interesting point was the eyes went from orange to red when he went by the creature when leaving. Now he attributes this to light reflection and it well could be. However in years past I had some interaction with researchers on the old Bfro Blue Forum who were operating in the Midwest and swore that the light coming from their eyes was happening when there was absolutely no source light for any reflection, just dead dark. This was not the only place I found this possible trait of the Sasquatch, I know Matt Moneymaker has talked about it amongst others. The jury is still out on bioluminescence.

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