Nov 8

Strange encounter with a Park Ranger

A listener writes “Hello, I am a youtube content creator, I Live in Arizona near Tucson, I had a Subscriber tell me about you and that I should contact you.

I do hiking videos in the Desert and I came across a Hohokam Indian Ruins, I found some petroglyphs and ruins and a huge carving in a rock that look like a huge Face, pic below.

After filming these ruins, petrogylphs and huge face, I came across these beds, which I filmed and talked about in my video. Upon more exploring I found this Huge Foot Print in the very hard dirt, sunk down about a inch and measured 13 1/2 inches near 1 of the very big beads. I did no think much about it until the next day I uploaded my video and everyone told me to go back and film more of it.

Well, I did just that. about a week Later I got stopped coming out of that area by The State Park Ranger, she told me they have been trying to track me down for about 3 months, they told me i need to remove the video I made about what I had found in the desert, I asked if I had done anything Illegal and she said no, but would like to see certain video taken down.

I told her, well if I have done nothing wrong I think i will leave the video up on my channel, LOL. I than did a livestream talking about this encounter and everyone told me do not take it down she is only a Park Ranger and cannot make you do that. 3 Days later 2 Sheriffs show up at my house and wanted to talk with me about certain videos on my channel that I need to remove, I told them I was told I did nothing Illegal and i was not going to take them down,They tried to intimidate me but it did not work, but 3 days later my 3 videos were gone off youtube.

I did not take them down but someone else got on my youtube and removed all my evidence of what i have found. I have since gone back and made more evidence and done more research. i found that in 1901 in Casa Grande Arizona at another Hohokam Indian Ruins, another person found giant foot prints in a Hohokam Indian Village Ruins. They Also Found a Giant Carving in rock of a face like what i found, Coincidence?”

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  1. Dan H

    I would love to see your video. i would hope it’s safe to assume you still have master copies of the videos you took?
    I hope to hear your encounter in an upcoming episode.

    Wes please interview this guy


  2. Denise F

    Similar thing happened to me, one I posted on YouTube was missing off my video playlist.VERY interesting story and I hope the writer is extremely cautious on what could happen in the future. Best wishes

  3. Trent M

    I’d really like to see those videos that were taken down myself! I found your video where you mention finding the track and the huge stone head and I enjoyed seeing the place where you found what you refer to as “bigfoot beds”. Waiting to hear more!

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