Nov 8

Interview with Cindy Carter

Not sure how I feel about this but I will say I have heard stranger things. In the interest of searching for answers I decided to post this interview and will leave it up to you to make up your own mind.

Cindy writes “This is an account of my very first Sasquatch Encounter. I was asked to be a mediator for a family in distress who had a scary experience with a Sasquatch family in the North Carolina Mountains.”

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  1. Ollie

    I have to say, this is a very interesting interview. It makes since as to it fills in the missing pieces of answers we look for in who are theses creatures and hard to believe at the same time. As a believer I believe anything is possible.

  2. Trent M

    I tried watching this about a week ago but just couldn’t….only watched a bit past the disappearing dog and the broken dam. Maybe I’m to close minded but even the comments on youtube made me skeptical. I may try and watch it again…..

  3. Trent M

    Wes we (or at least I) need an edit function for these post. It never fails as soon as I hit enter I see another spelling error or grammar mistake!

  4. hickory67

    Saw this the other day. It’s interesting for sure. No obvious inconcruence between verbals/nonverbals, direct answers to questions, no obvious attempts to persuade or convince vs convey information. If she’s lying, she’s very skilled at it. I’d like to see more of what she does – not ready to dismiss her story thus far.

    • Wes Germer

      Hickory67 I agree, she speaks a lot of truth and it is wrapped up in a strange story that may be hard for some to believe, there are many elements she says I know to be true. It is very uncomfortable to go down this route but believe me I have heard stranger things. I have reached out to her, we will see what happens.

      • hickory67

        I’ve watched/listened to some of her other stuff, just to try to get some context. Very new-agey, but not unreasonable, and normally quite different than this topic. I don’t see why she would make up a story like this – I suppose broadening a following would be a reason. Still, being able to see her responses and lack of “deceptive” behavior associated with them has me leaning toward credibility. There’s certainly alot we don’t know about the paranormal – I think it’s more normal than we realize.

      • Andrew R

        Yes Wes!!! You need to have her on the show brother! This was truly fascinating to watch. The spirit world is very real and we are primitive to this knowledge and truth. When people open their eyes and realize the truth then I feel humanity can evolve to a better place in many ways.

  5. Lisa H

    Thank you for sharing this video, i never would have taken the time to watch a video like this except that it was posted on this site. The message i took from this is the we are here to learn & apply the golden rule while we r here on this earth. Makes me think i have a lot to work on. Thanks for posting this Wes. Cindy could probably skip the first part of the story ; it just distracts the listener from the message that is being given.

  6. Paul M


  7. Denise F

    I tried it but I could only get to the cat emergency ….. I may try again later.

    Could be I haven’t had enough coffee yet and it’s early lol.

  8. Eileen F

    So, if the owner’s hand was deformed from touching a rock, what other injuries did they receive lugging all those rocks into their home? And why lug all those rocks into their home? If that was a real picture of the rocks, they didn’t look especial enough to load into a house. Also, the creatures make them leave the property over a mistake during the fixing of a dam? These creatures are so much smarter and more loving than we are but can’t pick up on a mistake? The creatures trash the house, car and clothing etc. then offer a few more rocks and a piece of moss and all should be made well? The speaker says at one point that they are animals and the cave house looked like an animal’s house, but then the creatures are advanced enough to lecture us on how to live and love others? If the property had been abandoned for two years, why does the man go out there everyday to shoot his guns to scare them away? And I will stop with one final thought though I could continue. This lady apparently is all about tuning into these issues but has to seek help to understand this event?

    • Rodney P

      Also if they (Sasquatch) went inside the house and put mud prints everywhere an made the house a mess why didn’t they take there precious rocks back with them when they left the house?

  9. Catherine M

    Calling this as BS. She has an agenda and a story to back it up, or she just needs help herself. The cat emergency was the most believable part of this story!

  10. Jeff D

    I can’t bring myself to watch this every time I log into YouTube this video pops up in my next list and I always skip it cuz it makes me wonder why the hell does YouTube want me to watch this so badly? I just smelled b******* from the word go

  11. Brian W

    I watched the entire video the other day and I was waiting to find one moment of dishonestly but never did. Ms. Carter is being completely truthful in her statements. I never saw her once look down and her rate of blinking was very minimal. All the other signs show to true statements. With that, what an incredible story. Hard to believe at time but for those that have been following the accounts from the Sasquatch it ties a lot of lose ends together. Did anyone else tie it back to that Sasquatch Chronicle episode about the guy that meets the old lady and she has a Sasquatch family living at her house with the juveniles squtaches stay upstairs. Ms. Carter’s accounts and that episode has an incredible amount of similarities. If you haven’t, watch the entire video.

  12. jennifer g

    What i found interesting is that YOUTUBE has been offering this to me for the last week…out of nowhere and in the midst of very unrelated topics…..i have never “logged in” to youtube and therefore have never subscribed to any channel. Yes, algorithims detect my interest in this topic, but it just seems strange…….in that new vids from DUKE are never offered to me, i seek them out…same for other squatch programs. Having prefaced with that, i will say she seemed believable.
    – interesting the rocks were quartzish looking….
    Does tie a lot of “things ” together…..Colorado Bigfoot, Scott Carpenter, Sasquatch Ontario……check out WESTERN NY BIGFOOT “I’ve got a story to tell”
    Intriguing and yet , as a Christian i am reminded of the Lord’s words, ” test all spirits”
    Also, check out the latest CRYPTID BROTHERS witness account…..
    The plot thickens
    What the hell is going on with the squatches?…
    Peace and blessings to all. ?

  13. Ulrike H

    Very fascinating to watch because Cindy reminds me of other psychics that I have known who communicate with “spirit” in a similar manner. Therefore I find her credible. I believe that she, “believes” it. However, I agree with what Eileen F. wrote in her comments and that the behaviour of both the homeowners and the alleged Sasquatch don’t add up. I mean, why would you continue to load up your home with rocks especially after one burned your hand??

  14. FlagStaffer

    she repeatedly avoids answering the question what exactly were the “artifacts” as she calls them, that the property owners removed from the site and angered the BF so much that years of peaceful coexistence immediatly ended. She will not say.
    Were the “artifacts” BF burial remains?

  15. NW Mike

    If I was on good terms with my neighbor, but then they caused my home to flood, and then looted my belongings, I’d be pissed! I can see why BF would be upset with that family. And it might take some time to forgive them. A little retaliation might occur before we buried the hatchet. Maybe we would need a mediator to settle things. Notice no lawyers were called. That’s why things ended peacefully, LOL.

  16. leslie w

    If people can get past the “so=called”new age/old age peace and love idea of these creatures and return to the actual facts about what is going on is that all these coming attractions of these things on the earth are in the book of Genesis before the deluge and have been foretold to return in the latter days to deceive man again for only one purpose,and it ain’t going to be good for anyone alive today that thinks like this woman.I’m sure you can find that a lot of ufo activity is going on in this area along with underground bases and a vast cave system.I know because I have lived around this area and read about it and witnessed it. Time is fast approaching the true reason behind the increase in the population of these creatures,It’s not going to for getting along with them and making nice.The woman is just being deceived.

  17. jennifer g

    Hey Leslie G., ?
    Ii think on your point often ….. I live in Vt. and have noticed/seen and photographed 5 X structures, which i have sent off to 2 Vt. Researchers…..also other breaks, twists, and smaller saplings woven into arches….these all being not too far in the woods off traveled roads. 3 are too big to easily call hoaxes on….ANYHOW, i sure hope this isn’t the case, your point , but sadly i think it is, to what degree, only the Almighty knows . I know squatches are real, had a sighting in 6th grade , on a military base where i lived….
    All the “WOO” just can’t be dismissed if one is a rational thinker, or a spiritual thinker. Or both. As i wrote in my earlier post, Jesus said, ” test all spirits”…. . In the previous post i mentioned 2 vids, maybe you’re familiar with them, if not check them out if so inclined, i’d be interested to hear your take on them.
    Blessings, jeng.

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