Nov 7

Killing a Sasquatch

The witness writes “Please call if you would like to hear my story thanks.” I spoke to the witness and the encounter took place in California. He said “I know the game warden. We have been friendly in the past.

He met me at the trailhead and said he would walk in with me. As we walked in we separated. He went one way and I went the other. I heard three shots from his shotgun. I ran to him and there was this creature that was dead. It was small, only about 5’11 and weighed less then I do, I am about 240lbs. It looked like it was starving. We moved the body off of the trail. It was strange, the strangest thing I have ever seen. Later several law enforcement officers came to collect the body and they put a yellow tarp over it. The creature looked like it was injured, like it had been attacked. I think he shot it because it was dying.” I asked the witness if he thought the creature was dead when the warden shot it and he said “The body was still warm.”

There are a lot of details and the witness has agreed to come on the show.

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  1. Wolf W

    Hmmm… wonder why it looked “starving”, and appeared as if it had been attacked? ?

    Obviously something had happened to its parents for it to be this way… and the fact the warden was not attacked in retribution.
    The protagonist in my book is a youngster whose parents are taken from him but obviously he manages to survive?

    • Dave W.

      Possibly the bigger of its troupe had attacked it and kicked it out. Due to Injuries, hunting was probably and understandably, exponentially harder…..all fairly common happenings from what I have read and talked to people about. Thanks to the witness for sharing. Thanks for bringing this one to us Wes! Hope you bring this on the show.

  2. Asheim

    Maybe it was attacked my other territorial Sasquatch and for whatever reasons it was fending for itself and not getting enough food. It would have been interesting to get a forensic report on the body. I really look forward to hearing more details about this encounter. That would be pretty traumatic to have to kill one of these things, especially a young one like that.

  3. Garry M

    Here’s an idea you two…………wait to hear the story, that’s why he has a site, its to have the person who was there share the encounter.
    Nothing is “obvious” and “maybe” a lot of stuff……….how about the facts from the guy who was there?
    Keep your guessing games to yourselves……..

    • Wolf W

      While I appreciate your sentiments… you are kidding me right?
      You are aware that you are on a Bigfoot site? … where speculation is the order of the day?

    • Dave W.

      Why would you say something like that? Discussion is all that we have. Putting forth ideas and sharing information that we have gleaned over time. That is why this site is so great….it ENCOURAGES US to discuss these encounters, and yes, To OFFER UP OPINIONS about what we hear. As long as it is done in a respectful manner. I for one, will not stop discussing my take or opinions on shows heard and read here. To stifle discussion is to take a stand AGAINST learning and growing. That’s not me.
      Just a question, do you go around doubting peoples encounters, too???

  4. Amy H

    Like it or not…it’s ALL just speculation. We’re a fringe group talking about a creature that the majority say doesn’t exist. What’s the harm in being excited and speculating? If you don’t like the comments, move along. Within the rules people can say whatever they want.
    I am excited and thinking about what the possibilities could be… maybe it’s not a Sasquatch at all!? Perhaps another of the alien type critters…say, the Rake!
    Can’t wait to hear this one! Thanks Wes.

  5. Trent M

    I think Denise made another great point! (She does it a lot) It is like a present and it’s human nature to wonder “what’s in it?” I’m with everyone that says they can’t wait to hear it!

  6. Charles R

    Something just does not seem right about this, however I will eagerly wait for the details. I really want the why this person was going into woods with a game warden and why they separated.

  7. Steve E

    Since we have heard about them traveling in pairs or packs so often, and that they were able to retrieve the body, I agree with it being a lone male…

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