May 25

Strange Encounter

A listener writes “To preface, not a Sasquatch encounter, but a weird encounter. You have stated that you have heard so many strange stories, I thought maybe, just maybe, you might know what I saw.

My husband and I are looking at land to buy in Murphy, North Carolina. The roads are terrifying with no side rails and drop off cliffs. After about three hours of looking at properties, our realtor directs us to a tourist location called, ‘Fields of the Wood’, a religious location that has the Ten Commandments written on the side of a mountain. (Keep in mind, this is also Appalachian land)

We drive to the top of it and read all of the material about it, and load up in my Jeep to go, and my husband says, “Wait, there is more up this hill”, (mind you, this hill, on a barely one lane path with a drop off on the right side that is a panic maker, I protest and jump out of my Jeep. I proclaimed that I had enough of these scary moments and I would wait while he explored the top of this mountain. …straight up, non thinking, effing stupid on my part. I’m walking down the path and I start to feel frightened. I reach for my phone in my back pocket and it’s not there, I left it in my Jeep.

Up ahead, I see movement coming out of the wood line and I think it’s a deer. As this creature trots along, I clearly see, it’s NOT a deer, and my mind thinks weird coyote?? Now I check my pocket for my knife and I am looking for anything to put me in between this creature and I see a bench, so a slowly walk backwards towards the bench. This creature sees me and stops, turns it’s head and makes 100% eye contact with me for at least five full seconds and leaps into the forest on the opposite side of the clearing from where it appeared from.

I don’t know what I saw. I thought it was a deer originally because of the light coloring and the size. But, then I see that it looks like a coyote in the face, but it’s HUGE. I only think coyote because I’m from Georgia, and they are everywhere here. The shoulder height is approximately four feet tall. I am five, four, so almost eye level with this creature.

So, realistically, wolf face, light color tan with spots of darker colors, four feet tall, five plus feet in length, wolf like tail, not up, down between its hind legs, and it’s legs were long like a maned wolf, but the body was huge, like a baby moose.

I have searched online and found the names Waheela and Shunka Warak’in, for a possible match.
You have heard over 10,000 stories and I thought someone might have mentioned a weird, huge, wolf along the way.”

3 Responses to “Strange Encounter”

  1. Linda B

    Very creepy. Sounds like a dogman with a bit of a variation, I thought they were darker colored but who knows. Glad nobody got hurt. Can’t wait for Friday night. 🙂

  2. Charles R

    It was last night, 25 May, my wife and myself were watching re runs of The Proof is Out There. One segment was a huge wolf like creature way up in Saskatchewan. It was black colored and the persons large dog would run at it and it would then run towards the dog. The length of it was estimated measured at 6.5 feet or more. This sounds a lot like what this listener had witnessed.

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