May 25

It Sounded Like Russian Guys Talking

A listener writes “Hi Wes, I’ve been listening to your show only for a few months, but I’ve learned that apparently they have a language. It reminded me of a while back in 1988 when my family and I were camping at Bumping lake campground.

I was mad because we always did dispersed camping and I despised staying in camp grounds. Anyway, we set up our old school canvas family sized tent, it was my husband, two kids (4 and 7) and our terrier mixed dog. Evening was uneventful. We went to bed around 10 pm. Some time during the night our dog started growling and she seemed very uncomfortable.

She was Essentially ‘my’ dog because my husband didn’t really like her. Anyway, her growling woke me up. I smoothed her, yet she continued hunkering down and growling at the back side of our tent (where our heads were). I had my hand on her back and was trying to get back to sleep, but I heard a pinecone hit the tent. Again she growled, but this time, she stood up growling at the back side of the tent. Again I tried to quiet her, and again a pine cone and what sounded like pine pitch hit the tent.

I didn’t think much of it because we were camped amongst a stand of big pines. This happened off and on for probably an hour, the dog was growling almost constantly, and I was still just trying to sleep. At some point, I heard voices, talking very softly, but not quite whispering in a language I couldn’t understand. It creeped me out. I thought it was people talking way too close to our tent! I tried to wake my husband without alerting whoever was outside.

He is a very deep sleeper and didn’t wake up. I laid there frozen, trying to keep my dog quiet. The talk outside only happened briefly and everything was quiet after about half an hour. Even my dog layer her head down, and I was able to sleep too. In the morning, I told my husband about the talk and he kind of made fun of me with a comment like ” So you think a couple of Russian guys might been talking about us”?

It pissed me off because my night was almost entirely devoid of sleep. Needless to say, we left the campground the next day. I had never considered that it may have been anything but people, until I had listened to your show, then the pine cones/pine pitch, dogs behavior and voices all made sense.

It may have been bigfoots…it may have been a couple of Russian guys, who knows.”

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  1. Linda B

    Great posts on the blog this week, Wes! I love reading these stories. I looked up Yakima county on the website and there were lots of campers reporting hearing things. One camper reported hearing talking like this and one was people in a tent who heard clacking and we’re touched! Twice as many class B sightings as class A so these guys stay his pretty well. I will never tent camp again after being an SC member, not happening. 🙂 Thanks Wes.

  2. Paul S

    i think there are so many people who have had encounters that never put 2 and 2 together. If the truth every fully comes out about these creatures existence far and wide there will be so many people that will realize that they too prob or possibly had an encounter at some point in their life.

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