May 25

Stinker Eats Dogs

This article was sent in by Hayley Rau who saw it pinned on the wall in the Shark Bay Hotel. It dates back to 1960’s and 70’s when two men had a run-in with a stinky creature. The article is reproduced below as it may be a bit hard to read on the photo.


A stinking man-like monster – 2.5m tall and covered with matted hair – has struck fear into residents of remote Shark Bay (WA), 650km northwest of Perth.

Former shire president John Sellenger believes he has seen and smelt the creature.

“It’s enormous – and it leaves a sickening stench behind it,” he told me.

Another eyewitness is commercial fisherman and former shire councillor Barry Edwards.

“The thing was huge,” he said. “It smashed my tent around me when I was camping. When it took off, it left massive footprints in the sand that no human being could have produced.”

The reeking intruder seems particularly fond of a water-tank on the old dirt road into Denham.

“It was set up for travellers who needed a drink,” John Sellenger told me.

“But locals won’t stop there anymore – no matter how thirsty they might be. People don’t like to talk about it, but I get the impression the creature’s been seen around that tank. And it’s not the sort of being you’d feel like sharing a drink with.

“I’ve had another report that it’s been hanging around a rock-soak waterhole near here. A tourist pulled up and was about to get himself some water when his dog started bristling and whimpering in sheer terror.

“The bloke was an ex-soldier, but the pet’s fear infected him and he drove on. A few dogs have vanished around this area – and some people theorize that the creature has eaten them.”

John Sellenger saw the monster in 1977, when he was property manager on Dirk Hartog Island.

“My wife and our new baby were living at the homestead with me – so I was always careful to shut the doors against snakes,” he recalled.

“One night, I heard a tremendous clatter from the kitchen. I rushed out and found the door open and cans of food scattered all over the floor.

“I glimpsed something huge and black running off into the night. It was man-shaped, but far too big to be human.

“One of the worst things was the smell it left behind – a strong sweet odor like rotting meat.”

The body odor troubled being also tried to steal a meal from Barry Edwards.

“I had my experience in 1965, when I was writing a paper on sharks for the WA Museum,” he said. “I was camping on a coral beach 25km from town. The place was a hell-hole – the hottest spot on earth.

“One night, just after I’d managed to get to sleep, I was woken by a rustling noise. Against the canvas, I saw an absolutely huge shape. It was around seven or eight feet tall and as wide as a motor-car.

“I should have lain quiet – but I let out an involuntary scream instead. This seemed to scare the creature – it leapt to one side, bringing the tent down around it.

“The creature ran in one direction and I ran in the other. I spent the rest of the night sweating in my car, with the doors locked.”

Next morning, Barry inspected the collapsed tent. “There were bottles and tins everywhere,” he told me. “It was obvious the thing had been foraging for food. But I got my biggest jolt when I walked out on to the beach. There was a long chain of huge footprints stretching along the waterfront.”

“The beach is very soft in that area, with coarse coral sand. A man’s feet don’t make much impression at all – but this creature had left deep holes, like an elephant running.”

“I estimated that it’s feet must have been at least double the size of mine. And the footprints were so far apart that I couldn’t jump from one to the next.”

“That thing – whatever it was – could probably have killed me with one blow. I was amazed I was still alive.”

Written by John Pinkney
Northern Times

4 Responses to “Stinker Eats Dogs”

  1. Ron S

    Hello everyone!
    I don’t have much in the way of humor in this comment, although I do feel really good and positive (but serious), and I don’t want what I say to be taken lightly this time.

    I became aware of something yesterday evening and it was like a key that started unlocking all kinds of questions that we all have about life, the unexplained, good and evil, and even vaguely some of the history with ourselves.

    I had all these random puzzle pieces of my own life experiences (especially the last 10 years of weird ones) and coupled them with some of the testimonies and accounts of many others from people that validated my own. It’s taken me this long to even just randomly get several of the pieces, apparently some of them were turned upside down or were trying to be pressed together with too much effort… Now they started fitting together.

    It isn’t the whole picture but it’s enough to see where it’s going as far as the theme. I won’t be able to complete this picture myself as I’m not vastly knowledgeable about anything one thing in particular. I’m going to need assistance by one or more trustworthy, open minded and outspoken people who believe in and follow God to take what I have and keep working on it.

    I’m feeling really confident I have something here, so much so that I was finally compelled to start reading the bible today (and again it just gave me more confirmation).
    Not that it matters but even my copy of the bible sort of found its way to me. Mine was given to me for free a while back at a very wholesome, small, out of town country store owned by a farmer and his family.

    The reason I waited so long to start reading it was because I was waiting for something to happen, I didn’t want my ideas to be molded directly from something I read ( I wanted things to happen naturally), also because it felt right to keep going with my instincts as unexplained things, synchronicities, bits of information that stood out in a very intentional sort of way kept happening (as you might know and understand if you’ve been reading my comments in the blogs).

    If I try and describe where this random and unexpected communication was coming from, I’d say some of the guidance was divine, some of the cattle dogging or luring was something dark, and some of it was darkness pretending to be something good… I took each of those instances and it was sort of filtered to best of my ability by my intuition, but it all flowed through and is connected to what we might call a third eye of consciousness.

    I know it sounds complicated but it really isn’t, it’s more like being randomly plugged in and already tuned into a transmitting radio station which is usually off more than anything. I believe we humans are all capable of developing this reception to be on much more often than I currently may have.

    So much has happened over the last 10 years or so surrounding this consciousness, but things were ramping up again these last couple weeks, so I felt very compelled to share what I was being shown despite the fact that it might weird people out, (I have a ton of awareness so I know how this looks). I realize that sometimes I shared maybe too desperately and caught people off guard, but looking back on it now it was no accident.

    I’m willing to put my credibility/sanity on the line in this blog. I ask for nothing in return but compassion and forgiveness and an understanding that yes, I do have an artistic or somewhat autistic mindset, if I am wrong. I forewarn you, you’ll need an open mind, spiritual belief and something of an understanding about the supernatural to be able to comprehend this. But in many ways it’s nothing you haven’t heard before (just maybe not linked together like this).

    If you are a regular listener to this podcast, Strange Familiars, Paranormal Portal, CanAm Missing 411, Carl the Crusher or The Confessionals… you’ll be able to wrap your head around it. Maybe better and in more depth than I can.

    Tony Merkle says it best, “The truth will set you free, but first it’ll piss you off”. Makes a lot of sense hearing that now.

    If anyone can read this please give me some support and a simple one or two word comment below to verify this is being seen and I will continue. If it’s ok with Wes that is…🌞🙏🏼 Man, this is gonna sound nuts to some people.

    • Antony H

      Those who are ready to hear will hear you. Those who are not will have deaf ears. Speak your truth and know that the right words will find the right people. Stay faithful to yourself brother.

  2. Linda B

    Hey, Ron, not nuts at all. I’ve been through a lot of crazy spiritual stuff, lessons, experiences, what to do and what not to do so I get it. I have read all your recent blogs and always felt a little like I don’t have much to contribute. I was thinking you should be an author. I like the way you write and feel like it’s over my head most of the time. I will say this: and it’s cool that Wes lets us share like this, it appears to me that you are searching as you are walking through your life and you’re a smart guy to keep putting the puzzle pieces in a bag until pulling them out and fitting them together makes things click.
    Reading the Bible and getting confirmation from the Word of God is phenomenal, too cool!! Watch what happens when you receive Christ if you haven’t already. Go to any Baptist church (smaller the better sometimes) and watch what happens man!!! Tell them you want to receive Christ! It will Blow your mind! That’s what I’m talking about when I say I have had a lot of God things happen. I would like to see you experience that in your life next! It’s like He doesn’t show up until you throw in for the game. You say okay I believe and mean it and he gets VERY REAL. Keep writing so I will know what’s going on with you because I care. One day at a time. God bless.

    • Ron S

      Hi Linda:) hope you are having a great day!
      I started reading the bible starting with the book of Luke. I haven’t gotten very far but I’m excited and amazed by what’s in there.

      Sometimes I have to read each line many many times so I can comprehend it, I’ve always had a bit of what seems like a learning disability when it come to reading comprehension, so it’s a vary slow process… I’m not mad about it, I’m actually starting to realize that everything IS for a reason. It’s becoming clear to me now that none of us should life with fear or doubt, or have a reason to ever believe that we don’t contribute great things if we live by Gods word. We don’t the full story until we live it.

      I’m not a smart man Linda, if anything I’m realizing how ignorant I’ve been. Maybe my gift is to see darkness where there should be light? It’s starting to feel like my experiences are more like testimony now, idk, it’s weird… But thank you for you for the kind words🌞
      Keep your head up and fear nothing, even in a world that could seem like it’s trying to make us seem less than we actually are with attempts to make us live in fear.
      Blessings to you Linda, and also everyone 🙏🏼

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