Aug 1

Strange call in the woods

A listener writes “I’m from Calgary Alberta in Canada. My sister sent me a video from where she was fishing in yahk, British Columbia. It sounds like a loud howl from across the lake and I wanted to get your opinion on it.”

It sounds like a rooster to me. Take a listen, tell me what you think.

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  1. Steven B

    It could be someone messing around doing rooster sounds in the bush on the far side of the water. Why would someone do that? People just do odd things from time to time.

    • Jeremiah S

      You know Kevin you could really be right for that being just a thought. Reason I say that after listening multiple times. I noticed toward the end of the video when the loudest vocal finishes. There sounds, to me, like a real rooster call in the distance faintly. Which I think could back up your thought of the main call being a mimic and a very bad mimic at that.
      So as for what I think I don’t believe that loud call was a rooster. Unless that was Foghorn Leghorn.

    • Ron S

      I agree with Todd, it’s a coyote.
      Trust me on this people, when you encounter something in the realm of cryptid, paranormal or the unexplained you’ll definitely know. First off you’ll question your own sanity, secondly it’ll impact you so much you’ll likely end up with some kind of ptsd, think of it constantly and be driven to look for answers…which unfortunately for us common folk there definitively are none yet…only other peoples encounters with commonalities.
      These commonalities are what makes SC an important learning tool as long as we think rationally and not start jumping too soon to conclusions, away from our own shadows, or things commonly found in nature such as bones, broken trees, animal noises and the sign they leave behind by natural foraging and mating activity etc.
      If it were me I’d feel like such a putz to throw this out into the public as being anything unnatural without at least doing some investigating on my own first to see if any animals sound like that…if you still think you have something strange then find a way to have the sound analyzed and so on…then submit it.
      No offense to Wes and I don’t want you think I’m trying to say how to do your job, but please listen to what I’m about to say and take it as hopefully insight, wisdom or at least something from a long time member that loves the show and has thrown something into your suggestion box.
      It seems like a detriment to this subject when “spooky sounds”/coyotes or the equivalent of carnival gaffs are thrown into it. It feels like a disrespect to the channel, yourself and those like me that have had true unexplained things happen and no where else to turn to or be welcome into.
      Content only for contents sake that can be explained away will only lessen the shows credibility….in turn I can imagine many people with the best and most unusual true stories won’t come forward or they will leave out the most unusual parts as the dammage from the explainable content (like coyotes) gives the skeptics more reason to say it’s ALL fake. The last thing someone with a true story wants is to have the subject perceived as tales from a bunch of ignorant, overimaginative scaredy cats….and give the skeptics evidence to back it up, you know? I hope that came across ok, real and not too harsh…thanks for hearing me out.
      There are lots of things we can do to better ourselves and maybe even the channel. All I ask is for more people to get to know the outdoors a little better in a safe and responsible way while respecting it…it has way more good than it does scary…it has so many awesome things to teach us, our children and each other that we can learn, grow from, or apply in our lives or new way to perceive all life in general….and NO, I don’t hug trees, smoke trees, chain myself to trees, play the flute or have anything against those that do. I just care about family, people, knowing and finding the truth, and maybe make an ounce of positive contribution here or there, even if it’s just a smile.🙂 try it sometime.

        • Ron S

          I thought you were drawing dead against my diamonds…then you lay down the royal flush of hearts…take it down Germer….but I ain’t broke yet. Shuffle up and deal

  2. Constance S

    not a chicken. tone is similar, but cadence is too fast and not quite right. i am not a chicken expert, but grew up with them and have owned 200+ at a time. kind of too loud also.

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