May 24

Mass UFO sighting over Lake Michigan

WOOD-TV News reports “Something strange was witnessed by hundreds of people over the waters of Lake Michigan back on March 8th, 1994.

The incident, which to this day remains one of the most intriguing mass UFO sightings in history, was reported by witnesses along some 200 miles of Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

What made the sightings so compelling was the fact that they were reported by, not just residents, but also a policeman and a local meteorological team, thus making them much more difficult to dismiss.

One witness, Cindy Pravda of Grand Haven, recalled seeing four strange lights in the sky that night.

“I’m known as the UFO lady of Grand Haven,” she told the Detroit Free Press.

“I watched them for half an hour. Where I’m facing them, the one on the far left moved off. It moved to the highway and then came back in the same position. The one to the right was gone in blink of an eye and then, eventually, everything disappeared quickly.”

Elsewhere, Daryl and Holly Graves, along with their son Joey, reported seeing something similar over Holland, Michigan at around the same time on the same night.

“I saw six lights out the window above the barn across the street,” said Joey. “I got up and went to the sofa and looked up at the sky. They were red and white and moving.”

Holland Police Officer Jeff Velthouse, who also witnessed the lights, described seeing “five to six objects, some cylindrical with blue, red, white and green lights.”

Leo Grenier of the National Weather Service Office in Muskegon County later revealed that several unknown echoes had been picked up on radar at the time of Velthouse’s sighting.

“My guy looked at the radar and observed three echoes as the officer was describing the movement,” he said. “The movement of the objects was rather erratic.”

“The echoes were there about 15 minutes, drifting slowly south-southwest, kind of headed toward the Chicago side of the south end of Lake Michigan.”

As things stand however, no definitive explanation for these sightings has ever been found.”

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  1. Ron S

    Plenty of people seen these things including myself… but that was maybe back in 1990 and actually my first memory of seeing something I couldn’t explain, this was several hundred miles NW of there.
    The real question I think is “during which cases what are we actually witnessing?” Are they coming from various sources? Obviously some would be “misidentified” or MFO’s…with the correct pronunciation: Mofo. or Moe-Foe.

    At least that what I hear people around here call them. “Look at that Mofo!”. Just kidding lol.
    I was honest about the encounter though.

    • Ron S

      When it comes to intelligent life I’d have to roll with the green guys over our own artificial brand of today, if in fact there is a difference. Not to be an old fuddy duddy, but we just aren’t manufacturing with the lasting quality that we used to 70 years ago;)

      Here ya go… today I wrote you guys my opinion about the modern technology (AI) we are developing.

      Welcome to the A-Hole!
      (The pitch)
      Where the unintelligent, the misguided and unregulated meets cyber intelligence. The most easily accessible gateway to the most extreme and gratuitous crimes of sin against humanity and beyond.
      “The price you ask?”. No need to worry.
      Let’s just say it’s more of a “no-money down, buy-now-pay-later kinda thing”.

      Let me tell you more about it, the whole stinking truth if you like.

      The “A-Hole”… It’s a place of magic and wonder where you can experience all the psychological damage of several lifetimes worth of sin in a fraction of the time. A place where you can forget that crimes by way of technology still have real world consequences, but never mind that.

      Step right in… and see fascinating transformations, such as humans giving up on being human and de-evolve themselves into worms and worms can be artificially altered to become (not beautiful butterflies) but poisonous wormlike snakes.
      Let’s blend the names together and call them “Wakes!”… Pretty creative name right? Hehe, I learned all about blending things unnaturally from my own tour of the A-Hole right here, from the convenience of my phone, it’s easy!

      Ok Ok, Enough of the fake sales pitch. Let me tell you seriously about the dangers of sticking your soul in the A-Hole.

      For all intents and purposes Wakes are real, it’s just my own term for the people that are giving in way too easily to technology and using it for not just nefarious purposes but sin, the perpetuation of more sin, and sins against the innocent… You may have heard some of the disturbing cases already.

      Wakes can inhabit your neighborhood, your home, your children’s school or classroom… every screen, every microphone, every area or place where people you know and love, could or would love, live.

      These Wakes are only satisfied with more darkness, more fulfillments of sin, less accountability and values, and for now the writhing amongst other Wakes and spreading like a cancer.

      Wake up before you yourself become a casualty to a Wake. The Alarm is ringing, over and over, you can only hit the snooze button so many times before your too late to get to work.

      Can we please start monitoring our technology a little better?

  2. Linda B

    Thanks, Ron for your comment above. I will never forget the day the boss called me into his office to use a little of his technological prowess, which wasn’t much, on me in a sinful way. “Could you come in here please for just a moment?” Then there on the screen, with him in a stupor, was a picture of some naked women that would make a school girl or a nice Baptist lady, namely me, BLUSH. Yep, indeed, step right up to the infamous and unsavory, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, the dunce in the corner and on it goes.
    UFO stufffff scaressss meeeee. Did anyone see the movie Signs? OMGosh. That one was so scarey. That evening my husband, trying to lighten the mood after the scarey movie, took my dad’s mounted deer head (you’ve got me), made that scratching sound from the movie on the kitchen window screen from outside. …..wait for it….lol….and when I looked low and behold there was the deer head bobbing up and down. Of course I screamed. I only watch children’s movies and Hallmark love stories now. It’s like when you’re afraid to go back into the woods. I am not going to worry about ever seeing a sasquatch anymore either. I gave up yesterday. Just wanted it long enough figured …it AIN’T going to happen….TA DA! I graduated. Oh well. Love to all. Thanks Wes.

    • Ron S

      Linda B, thank you so much for acknowledging my comment. I was beginning to wonder if my comments were just not being seen by anyone or were being deleted. I’m so sorry you had that experience with your boss and had to witness such a crumby side of humanity where there are those that take advantage of others and try to use people…This is the same type of thing that innocent young people are falling victim to through so many standard sources of media that I doubt most people could fathom it without feeling ill.

      Yes, I have seen the movie Signs and thought it was great, but I also think it’s great because it bothered you… let me explain, not great because you got scared by the movie but great because it shows that you aren’t desensitized. The world and also God needs more people like you. To be given a chance to grow up without being subjected to things that make them age too quickly or need more and more horrifying things to make them scared.

      I hope it helps you to know that God has complete control over everything all the time, he already knows how our existence will pan out under his law alone, but because he grants us all free will and does allow some evil to feel powerful or plant seeds of temptations (they just haven’t realized yet that the joke is on them).

      God also tests the level and fortitude of our faith after we get knocked down at times… these tests are only a temporary tool to separate the wheat from the chaff and rid the world of many more snakes.
      Blessings of light to you🌞

  3. Todd F

    I was there, this is the area I live in. we’ll aware of that incident. Have seen weird unexplained lights while on patrol, and out over Lake mi many times.

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