Jun 20

Speaking A Language I Could Not Understand

A listener writes “I was part way up a densely forested mountain in northern California near Mendocino. I was working at a friend’s farm and they had a trailer way up on the mountainside that they asked me to stay in to protect their garden that was in a little clearing up there.

Around 2 or 3 in the morning my first night I woke up when something huge hit the side of the trailer and made it rock back and forth. My mind was racing as I tried to figure out what was happening. For a second I thought it was a bear, but I immediately knew it wasn’t because I could hear speaking. It sounded like the muffled voices of 2 men with really deep voices.

So at that point I thought someone was up there about to rob the place. I layed there quietly listening and realized that the voices weren’t speaking a language that I could understand. It had lots of grunting sounds and loud exhales mixed in with the speech and you could hear the sounds of footsteps walking around checking things out. It became clear to me that it wasn’t people because they never opened my trailer door and never messed with the gate into the garden. They just walked around and made those strange sounds for a few minutes as I laid there in total fear and astonishment. I didn’t want to move a muscle or make any sound.

Something told me not to look out of the windows or do anything. Eventually they left and I feel asleep. The same thing happened for 3 nights in a row and every time I was completely still and silent. The owner of the farm thought it was a bear or a wild pig when I described it, but I know that neither of those walk on 2 legs and talk to each other. Also whatever hit the side of the trailer had enough height and weight to hit really high up and make it rock back and forth.”

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