Jun 20

I Just Wanted To Get Out Of There

A listener writes “I was on a trail near Mt Hood right after the snow melts this spring. At one point in the trail there was an area where I could go about 50 yards down a steep bank to get to some nice rocks on the river.

I went down to sit on the rocks and enjoy the sunshine and the sound of the river. As I was sitting there I kept getting a funny feeling and kept turning around to look in the forest behind me. I didn’t know why I had that feeling, but its was really visceral so I decided to go back to the trail and move on. As soon as I got back to the trail there was one huge fresh footprint in the trail that wasn’t there before. The sight of the footprint made me freeze. My hair stood on its ends and my whole body felt almost electric.

I could clearly see the impression of 5 toes sunk about 2 inches into the dirt trail. I started to take a picture with my phone, but my whole body was telling me to get moving. I started walking further down the trail but after about 1 minute I thought “why am I going further down this trail?” I decided to go back to my car and call it a day. I walked about 2 miles back to my car. Along they way I saw a few more footprints. Some were the same bit print and some looked like the footprint of a 4 or 5 foot tall child with bare feet. I didn’t want to stop to take pictures. I just wanted to get out of there.”

4 Responses to “I Just Wanted To Get Out Of There”

  1. Amy H

    Funny, I’m always out hiking and biking around Mt Hood. I never see a thing but a friend has. They’ll be migrating down towards town this early Summer. They howl a lot at night during that time. I always wanna go ride my bike around at night when I hear them but I’m toooooo scared!

  2. Brandon L

    I know the feeling, i had 3 sasquatch surround and roar at me in Bull of the woods wilderness south of Mt Hood. On a backpacking trip. I climbed in my tent after, at dark they were messes with me. I had no car to go too, im just happy they didn’t harm me.

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