Jun 19

AREA 51: Former Counterintelligence Officer

I wanted to share this presentation in a podcast format. Sometimes when you are searching for answers it is important to look at other topics or genres. If this topic interests you, take a listen.

Richard Doty’s presentation centers on his assignment as a counterintelligence officer at Area 51. He will disclose never before publicly released incidents involving UFOs/UAPs and extraterrestrial contact and research projects.

Richard Doty served in the Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) as a counterintelligence officer for 10 years. Prior to joining the AFOSI, Doty was in the regular air force. During his counterintelligence days, he was briefed into the US program which investigated UFOs and extraterrestrial contact. During his time in AFOSI, Doty was assigned to the Groom Lake Complex (Area 51), where he had access to and worked on highly classified projects involving UFOs/UAPs and extraterrestrial entities.

After leaving the AFOSI, Doty was employed by the Institute of Advance Studies at Austin, working for Dr. Hal Puthoff. Doty is now a private citizen living in New Mexico and is a researcher of a wide variety of things including UFOs and historical events in New Mexico including ghost towns, Roswell, and remote locations of paranormal activity.









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149 Responses to “AREA 51: Former Counterintelligence Officer”

    • Jay Carlsen

      Not Complaining. Just old fashion.
      And isn’t it something that Alien Abductions END right now when someone calls out on Jesus for Help ? As stated on the Confessions Episode 154 ( I think )

  1. Mark O

    Apparently Doty is not at all legit. With a relatively short search, you will find his history of disinformation that continues today as many have written about. He has lied with impunity in the past and he lies now for entertainment and money. You can read about him on the UFO Chronicles where this content belongs. Please for the love of all that is good, stick to Sasquatch related content.

      • Mark O

        No thank you, as I pointed out, there are platforms for debunking Doty’s BS. I am here and paying for Sasquatch content. Lets hope there is more of it.

        • Dovie D

          You have a right to disagree with content but I think most of Sasquatch chronicles members respect all the content. If someone doesn’t agree don’t listen.
          Thank you Wes for being broad minded. I appreciate all you do. Thank you

          • Mark O

            I would never be so presumptuous to speak for what other members think. I am sure there are many different opinions and preferences. I will say, I started listening because it seemed SC had some actual real reports of Sasquatch encounters and it was different than most other podcasts in that respect. I think it was because Wes did a good job of vetting those who had a tale to tell, and actually had an encounter himself. That is why I support him. Sure there were a few episodes that did not pass the smell test, but by and large he had great guests and great stories from his guests. It was this reality related content that I think made SC a success.
            It is troubling to me to see that credibility erode away by featuring fictitious stories from Richard Dody and his (debunked) made up stories. I like stories and fiction but I look forward to the content that made SC so popular and believable. I am sure at some point if SC gets too far off the subject of Sasquatch reports, there will be another podcast that will fill the void but for now, I like to hear the reports and sightings in this format on SC.
            You could be correct that perhaps many of the listeners want the same content as is featured on dozens of other shows about every instance of high strangeness, and maybe that is why we are seeing so many more episodes completely unrelated to Sasquatch sightings here on SC. Perhaps there are less people coming forward with encounters. You and some others have said if you do not like the new content don’t listen. Well, I don’t, but that is another missed episode of Sasquatch content and presumably (at least I thought) is why people came here in the first place just like I did. I even see people try to run off other members and their paid support to Wes because they do not agree with their comments. (Like taking away $84.00 bucks a year from him is helpful). Diverse views and show feedback is why there is a comment section in the first place.

        • Barbara F

          I think you’re missing the point that Wes put up 2 episodes in one day. One was Sasquatch content. No one was cheated out of a Sasquatch episode. This was extra so just don’t listen if it’s not something you’re interested in.

        • Nerida H

          Dont forget that any info govt/Army dont want public, the best way to shut it down is to say the info has been debunked officially. Works well. So we should decide for ourselves… .IMO.

          • F S

            There’s liars all over. Do your research on everyone. You might be surprised who’s been proven liars.

      • F S

        Before we all get our panties in a bunch, if you see the title at the top, Wes has not counted this as a SC Show. It’s just a bonus episode for those who want it. Give the guy a break.

    • Antonio C

      I’m a paying member and I say keep doing the show, the you want to do it Wes. I thought this was fascinating. I couldn’t find a picture of the alien that killed the father.

    • m99

      All due respect, “Mark-O” ~ for the love of SC’s, don’t listen if it’s not your cup of tea. As many have said, it’s additional content given at the podcaster’s discretion. Personally, we found the content boring, but that’s probably because we’ve listened to too much of this kind of stuff. Man, you have a library (over 800) Sasquatch related shows to fall back on, if only one of the programs on a given night doesn’t appeal to you. Please. Give Wes some credit, a break and due respect.

      • Mark O

        I think Wes is a big boy and can handle comments even if you do not agree with them. He can play what ever content he wants, but it is a bit disappointing to see that type of stuff here. For the love of every thing that is good, there are members actually looking for the fictitious aliens! My point is Doty has been looked at and dismissed as a fraud by many. There is a difference between credible Sasquatch sightings, and the complete nonsense from Doty. It really takes away the notion that the reports we listen to here about Sasquatch reports are actual reports vetted by Wes and can be regarded as true and accurate. Now mixed in with the nonsense that Doty has been spewing for decades, well Wes may have just jumped the shark on this one. It is not my intention to be mean spirited. there is enough of that here already, but I do care about the show and hate to see it devolve into a fiction story time type platform. Again, this is a comment section for comments.about the show. the reason there is a comment section is for members and Wes to hear comments about the shows he plays, and in my opinion, he should hear all comments and they do not need to be censored or moderated by members who are afraid of someones feelings being hurt. Its just a comment section. I do not need to give him credit for this one, I support him and send him money for the Sasquatch content I log in and listen to.

        • Evelyn L

          My mother and I encountered a UFO over 20 years ago. We know what we saw although no one believed us. I never spoke of it again until the past couple of years. Our encounter proves nothing just as Sasquatch sightings prove nothing.
          Personally, I disagree with most of the UFO so called ‘experts’ and their theories about aliens and where they come from, however, I do know that these alien craft exist. No craft known to man can do what that vehicle did, not back then and not today. There were others in our area that saw this craft that night just a few miles from where we witnessed it and they reported it to authorities. My father did not want us telling anyone what we saw.
          Many of the witnesses to UFOs and the entities that are known to be in them are just as valid as any Sasquatch witness. Just because you choose to discount them does not mean that they do not exist. There are still many things out there that the majority of people in this world are not aware of. There are some people out there that do know more about this subject than they want anyone else to find out about.

  2. Timothy D

    Happy Father’s Day to fathers and those who have been in the role of fathers when the father was absent, by choice, or by war or by other reason.
    Perhaps we think of people who step up and perform a fathering role for a young man, woman, girl or a boy . The fatherless seem to seek help and be in some deep natural need for such an
    presence in their life.
    The father is a much bigger topic than anyone can acknowledge, comment on or write about, even anonymously, on the blog or Forum as well as comment section on my favorite podcast,.
    However one/I’m we should not ignore nonetheless.
    Oddly enough, the archetype of Bigfoot/Sasquatch provides both a father and mother symbol , as both seem to act in responsible ways and both protecting and developing their young in the basics but also developing them so that their incorrigible behaviors might be limited to unsuspecting farmers and ranchers. But again, that’s if one subscribes to the physiological nature of what we call Bigfoot,
    I find it astounding that the only real evidence is the Patterson Gimlin film which fortunately, seems to have captured a Sasquatch female.
    M K Davis, on his greenwave site, has gone into significant and terrifying detail regarding the femininity fatty. That in itself provides a sort of sensitive loving being, even while hopping for her life, probably shot somewhere in the thigh or at least nppursing the wound. But I digress… It’s fathers we celebrate this day and the importance of what the archetype ultimately means. This ethereal interstellar/mysterious mystical being so popular due in part, I believe through our current society‘s deep desire for an alpha male with sensitive proclivities. Oddly enough it seems to always be “their“ but never present. Seems to be a definition for father for many in our society these days, at least in the west tonight story gives us structure organization in order from the militaristic lens which isn’t all bad as we Frey the corners of our societies that’s by the collect and intent. That’s I find it fun in an enjoyable way that people play The Who‘s first game. It doesn’t mean we take the story or the story tell her lately, nor the topic or its host within the lack of respect. To me the frivolity of Whois first, or who’s on first, like the old baseball joke is an unconscious attempt to lighten the mood so that the serious Ness can be received with genuine manners and welcoming spirit. So on this day we consider the father has flush and bones and one in or not in our lives and as a Bigfoot/Sasquatch who is also in and not in our lives. A bit like the orbs who come stay and go generally described as a male this ephemeral figure tries to be poking into our lives at the most intimate A family moments around the campfire or sleeping in a hammock and singing camp songs around the fire as if a fire were meant for more than cooking. They to want together, but are so awkward and there’s lack of social graces and I and love more simply than this rambling how many replies. I guess I’m just trying to get at the archetypal symbolism of the figure of Bigfoot as it comes and goes in and out of our atmosphere as well as our geographic locations he is there and he isn’t there – he matters and he doesn’t matter. If Lembla Matic bigger than life figure what is irrelevant, I would think we would have no reason to spend so much time exploring it’s mystery both male and female, it holds parental implications and that it comes from the past but this is a future. He or she is here, but only leaves the occasional print or mellifluous sound or odor. Thank you guest, and above all thank you Wes, for your patience in our games. May they represent only the playfulness that we all seem to have when eventually the big hairy monster interrupts and then all hands on deck time to be serious. Quite frankly on a night like tonight, they’re not even a fan of golf high to see its symbolic archetypal representations in a different kind of Chase: four a cup for prize for the values driven competition we give our time and highly inflated entertainment dollar . And on the last note the comments are special indeed when we look for names does Souris mean much to us Claire from Britain is one such name for me and we celebrate a British gentleman winning the U.S. Open. The sign of our country is magnanimity and appreciation of the rules of fairness and support and then life . Side complement to Claire who’s accent does a soul a world of good. And thank you Wes we all see it and we all made it you have been a vessel and providing a platform for dialogue and understanding of this ethereal thing is a me represents more archetypally than any other figure the role of father : and then sister from the past, but here to teach us tell us something which ultimately will matter a great deal make it a good week everybody, Timothée, New York City.

    • Timothy D

      Please forgive dictation above as I hit post comment before a chance to edit. Perhaps you get my point, if you took the time to read such a long post. Trying to offer or not so much a psychoanalysis Of our archetypal friend, as much as wanting to point to the symbolism of the missing and ethereal parent/father mother figure in our lives. We seem to all be children, of every generation, yearning for that connectivity with the one who brought us here: our mother and father.
      The sightings and experiences happen in such a variety of formats in every geographic location, one can’t help but think some intelligence is poking us from afar. Poking us and reminding us that we are not alone and there is indeed some link to some deep important meaning, when Sasquatch appears. And yes there must be some large weird supernatural drama occurring on the other side of this the veil. It’s why the archetypes from the Bible and from the great psychoanalyst Carl Jung, who was the son of a pastor from a small village in Switzerland, makes most sense to me.
      The Sasquatch and his supernatural family of entities are very real indeed. They all come and go from some other dimension or plain. The reason I say something about the biblical worldview providing a helpful lens to understand the archetype, is that Sasquatch is present in some form throughout the Bible. One just has to think particularly of Genesis, the Psalms,, The prophets and especially Daniel, the Gospels and of course the The Revelation of Christ according to Saint John, To see supernatural beings coming and going from our present reality.
      After the resurrection, there were many appearances of Jesus in physical form. He even ate food with the disciples on the road to Emmaus… so it’s not surprising to me to have this figure we generally call Sasquatch, joins other weird entities such a dog man and additional supernatural manifestations of “the other side” including the likes of those entities being studied at Skinwalker Ranch and elsewhere by civilians and the US government,
      Unlike our present world, there is a hierarchy of these beings which is why it’s so important to focus on the most high God, The God of the Bible. Otherwise we’re just following the lower gods and their rebellious manifesting entities seem to be coming for a n earthly visit more often than ever before.

  3. Ted H

    Love the podcast but I don’t believe this guy. He seems to be telling a story told to him by someone else and inserting himself into it. Uses strange language when referring to himself as no the story. For example saying he “ showed up” and interrogated the kids. That’s not what people say speaking from their own perspective. You don’t just “ show up” while in the military. You receive orders to do things. Some other odd things too with his language. Does not sound like an insider in terms of aliens. Possibly did work in sone capacity with experimental aircraft.

    • Mark O

      Most of Doty’s account if not all, is not true. It has been creditably debunked. You can read about it on UFO Chronicles (where this content belongs) It kills me with laughter reading people here want to see pictures of the the aliens….It is a made up story..

  4. Carol F

    Fascinating! Would love to see pictures of the aliens Mr. Doty was describing at the end. Particularly the last one. Does anyone know where to find these pictures or the visual of the presentation?

  5. Mariajose B

    Hi Wes!
    Thank you for this podcast on Area 51. This is an amazing presentation, I loved every scary minute of it. I will see if I can find more media posts from Richard Doty. I had my own experience with a gray 27 years ago and it took me about three years to stop being scared in the nighttime. I could not look outside my windows at night (I would close all the blinds in my house).
    Best Always,

  6. Melanie W

    Anything that comes out of Doty goes into my grey basket (which has gotten pretty full over the years. I want to believe him, but his job was to confuse, and he’s done some crappy stuff to folks who didn’t deserve it.

  7. Timothy K

    Awesome show Wes.. listened twice. Interesting that our Government has been giving us soft disclosure for a while. As a believer in Christ, I feel when they come down, we in Christ go up. Holy Scripture talks about “ The great Lie.” During the Great Tribulation. I do enjoyed the show.

  8. Mary N

    Oooo, I see Doty has added more ‘stories’ to his repertoire. This guy is a counterintelligence agent, he’s well versed at lying. How convenient that ‘somebody wasn’t doing their job’ and the second UFO disappears without anyone knowing. Maybe it was Sgt Bilko’s job, LOL. Why couldn’t those military guys escort that family out safely instead of leaving ASAP. Were they the ONLY two police on base?? Virginia had to sign an NDA with the US Gov and here is Doty, who probably signed one ‘for life’, out discussing details of his intelligence job. He sounds like controlled opposition to me. He admits to feeding false information about UFOs as part of his job, bet he’s still working.

    • Mark O

      Hey Mary, you are so right on. There is so much out there debunking the liar Doty, that it is hard to believe his proven BS keeps popping up again and again. and now here on a place I like to settle in on the weekends to listen to credible Sasquatch reports!

  9. Jeremy K

    Wes, longtime listener, firstime caller ????

    Do you have a YouTube or any other video link so that we can see the visual from this presentation?


    Jerry Kahn
    Hoqiuam, Wa
    Fresno, Wa

  10. Jeremiah S

    @WesGermer Ah, you snuck one in on me or so I thought. I caught the early viewing your post of this video on the blog earlier. I’m glad you did turned it into a podcast. Allot of good and thought provoking information. That quite frankly blew my little mind. I’ve heard of these things, just not from someone with cred. I thought it particularly funny when he mentions the 2 intelligence officers in these conferences. Good stuff Wes!

  11. Benjamin D

    Wow, I’ve never commented before, but that is super compelling. Thanks for this. Been a subscriber for 3 years and listened longer than that. You are the pinnacle of the podcasters.

  12. Mark O

    Unfortunately, by featuring Richard Doty, Wes is giving him credibility he does not deserve, He is a proven liar and this story in particular, has been debunked by several researchers. But if one likes fiction, it is a good story.
    If I need to sift through non Sasquatch content to try to enjoy legitimate eye witness reports of Sasquatch sightings, I would hope that the other content would at a minimum, be Non Fiction, by credible people.

  13. Marisa M

    This absolutely blew me away. Never heard anything like it. I immediately shared it with my best friend who has served in our air force for 11 years. Can’t wait to hear her feedback.

  14. Sandwich Squatch

    Just keep in mind you can’t believe a word that comes out of Richard Doty’s mouth. He could very well tell you 100% truth but it’s impossible to know with him.

    See Mirage Men for further information.

  15. sandy m

    This was very interesting I wish you would do more shows like this. And it was informative as well. I know there’s a lot of people who want you to stay with bigfoot but every now and then a show like this is so interesting and a nice little change keep it up I’d love to hear more!!

  16. Connie A

    I live in LasVegas. I have worked with security personnel who have told me they have seen ufo craft while on duty at. Area 51/ the test site. I am not completely surprised at this information as a lot has been talked about over the years. He mentioned George Knapp who was as honest as they come and always trying to uncover the truth and inform the public. Very enlightening . thanks

  17. George H

    Solely going off of this presentation, Richard Doty makes some serious errors that immediately make me question his credibility.

    -He states the term UAP was created by the navy “much later”. This is absolutely false as there are declassified USAF documents using the term UAP in the 1960s

    -He states during the F-117 encounter, he greatly over states the F-117’s performance capabilities. It’s flight controls were extremely advanced because it was a flying brick. That it couldn’t outmaneuver “Bogey 1” is not a surprise. The F-117 likely couldn’t outmaneuver any fighter jet from that era. The A-7 is not especially maneuverable either. This story gets very muddy and is hard to follow.

    Doty states AIM-9 Sidewinder is a “radar homing missle”. This is wrong and almost laughable for someone in the USAF to be so ignorant. The AIM-9 Sidewinder is a heat seeking missle. It is THE heatseeking missle.

    -Now he mentions Bob Lazar, and I’m done listening. Bob Lazar has consistently failed to back up his claims or verify his credentials. His claimed degrees aren’t even programs. He is a fraudster and has been convicted. What Bob appears to be is a “useful idiot”. He doesn’t care about the truth, he seems to care about attention. He likely has intelligence agents feeding him false info.

    -Doty is more than likely another useful idiot, like Bob. Nowhere in his presentation does he give the impression of having the slightest amount of technical knowledge on the subject which he is speaking.

    • Mark O

      All right on the money and It is really something to see other members asking for pictures of the fictitious aliens! What the heck is happening here?

  18. Laura K

    Thanks, Wes. This is the type of E.T. info that is great. Not that witch/evil stuff of Ep 535(that one made me feel icky.) I do think they know lots and that we will know more as time goes on. Just don’t want them showing up like in the signs move, but I guess that will be another government negotiation.

  19. Roy F

    thanks Wes. I appreciate this even if off of Sasquatch subject. As far as I’m concerned, do this anytime you find something worthy. Your track record has matched my interests 100%.

  20. Lisa S

    While I am predominantly interested in Sasquatch, thus joining this great program, of course you decide the program content, Wes. We appreciate all that you do to provide such a fantastic site as Sasquatch Chronicles. I don’t know how you research all the information for all the programs that you do. Do you have a team?
    I do have some interest in UAPs. I really appreciate those members who have the information to expose this man so that we are all the wiser. Especially George, who recognizes his lack of correct military knowledge. Also, regardless of how long it had been since someone was in active service they would still know the terms if they were true soldiers.

  21. Timothy M

    Well done! The obvious facts of other intelligent life out there is something that I ponder every so often. Why someone like this would choose to divulge this info is a fascination for me.
    Interesting that these entities seem like “flesh & blood” creatures separate from their technology. Unlike the “cyborgs” that some fear we are becoming. Hope for the future.
    Did NOT k ow that the “OSI” was something g real.

  22. Derek R

    I remember the guy Wes had on that saw two “little people” dressed in buckskin on the bank of the Ohio river and when Wes asked him about Dogman he dismissively said those people are crazy, no such thing! If you believe in Sasquatch which I’m assuming we all do is it a bit hypocritical to straight up dismiss what this man is saying?!? sorry for the long post but I read some of the negative comments and had to say it.

  23. David T

    I don’t mind this diversity of subject occasionally. Is Doty a faker? I don’t know. I had never heard of him before this so just for that reason I appreciate this episode.

  24. Jennifer B

    Fantastic show! I would love to hear more of these! The world is crazy and we have crazy things out there I need to try to understand it’s a lifelong journey in trying to undo what the education system has done to us and relearn the entire truth.

  25. Garth H

    A superb episode -exceedingly interesting!

    I lived in Elko county, which is next to Nye County, Nevada. In the 16 years I lived there, I saw the most incredible things in the sky… things that were only supposed to exist in sci-fi or fantasy fiction.

  26. NHSquatcher

    I don’t know what to think about Doty because he was once sent to give misinformation to UFO researchers In any case I was camping in the same area in 1972 that was the same trip across country that just me and my dog in my Volkswagen bus made, the same time I camped in the San Bernardino state forest in the middle of the night by myself. I had no idea about Sasquatch in those days or aliens but when I think of the danger I put myself in I cringe. Remember there were no cell phones there was nothing on the radio I had no means of contacting anyone I was all alone a little 115 pound girl. I get so scared when I hear the stories of what might’ve happened to me.

  27. Milik S

    Whatever Sasquatch “is” maybe so SIMPLE it’s terrifying. Earth could just be a vacation destination? A known place in the cosmos where they can come and get some R&R. Or their just coming back home. Or their just another being that is native here. We leave home to eat, rest, work, explore, trade then return home, perhaps Sasquatch as well? We go as far as our technology, engineering & friendships allows. Possessing “high tech” doesn’t have a “look”. What we sometimes call creatures can be far far older & possess far far more knowledge about the universe & tech than we do. As people we understand how compartmentalized & starved the vast majority of our population are of true information and advancements. I’m sure if ET’s exist they could easily peep this out. Hell our “leaders” won’t even admit Sasquatch is real IMO it’s because it simply leads to other questions that threatens their hierarchy. Hierarchy amongst humans is separated mostly by knowledge. Whoever holds the “key”(knowledge, tech & info) gets to “drive” humanity. The problem is most everyone can be fit to drive, so to stay in power you have to keep ignorance abundant & fun, starving the people from truths. This anti-hive mindedness to quinch thirsts of power & greed might be a red flag of sorts representing a dangerous destructive easily corruptible canabalistic manipulative civilization. It seems this specific recipe for disaster can only happen with having free will. It just comes with the territory. The private military industrial complex, political arena & religious gangs can show you all one needs to start this understanding. On one hand it’s enlightening & on the other it’s treacherous. Both hands belonging to the same body. Thanks to the internet having some insight that they’re massive ET networks, trade lines and various operations throughout the cosmos can be had, it’s just hard to get to if you possess certain man made filters or beliefs, and it’s scary af. People have shared their testimonies about this! & just like Sasquatch understanders sometimes they get laughed at and scorned by those around them as well. I think there’s been many civilizations native to earth that have broken away, developed, met other beings, traded and started to travel the cosmos. Some never to return yet some do. There’s compelling evidence that the Nazis have done this. Our current table of contents of humanity is all jacked up & manipulated. IMO sports(which I love) religion, healthcare, nutrition, over population & various entertainment secs allows evildoers to wreck shop on free will. It’s not traditionally forced…we willingly participate but via ignorance, fear & manipulation.

  28. T J S

    I appreciate the information. I believe ETs are real. I listened to this in its entirety and because of the visuals we couldn’t see, I looked it up on YouTube. It was there. They didn’t show all the visuals, and that’s okay, but here’s my take on what I saw.

    This guy may have been at Area 51 when he said he was, and his job may have been exactly what he said it was, but I think most of what he shared was told to him. He didn’t speak with the passion and assurance of someone who personally experienced all these events. Granted, he could be nervous speaking in front of people, more specifically, the two agents he mentioned, who I believe are there as his “controllers”.

    These events probably happened. My question is why feed us this information and why now? What is his reason for wanting to tell us this? He knows things, no doubt, but I do think he was chosen to speak because his credibility (actually having worked at Area 51 which can be checked out, but why the need to show us his badges? Silly overkill). Also, he would be a good spokesperson because he’s a little odd making him relatable. He also seems to be someone that might be malleable to the circumstances.

    There’s more to this than meets the eye. This is admission of existence without full disclosure, leaving out the information we more than likely really need to actually be safe.

    P.S. Nathan C…if both guys are named his name, he’s less likely to screw up the story from one venue to next when he retells the story. Keeping it simple prevents him from tripping up and being called out for it.

  29. Nancy C

    Anyone ever watch in acknowledged on prime video? wondering if they are prepping us for a simulated Alien invasion that seemed to be the last thing on the list. funny how all this Alien stuff is coming out from the government now

  30. Dana S

    Put another check mark in the positive column! I liked this episode. Is this what your new adventure is going to be? Squatchin’ after Midnight or Wee Hour Squatchin’ something like that… I forget

  31. travis r

    love it do what you want to Wess Sasquatch only gets bloody old i know you can ignore trollers/ bitchers that gripe in any crowd their is at most 10 percent that will be replaced with better and more folks diversity in its truest scene is great

  32. pam

    Proves Reagan knew of the ET’s when he made the famous U.N. speech about how the world would come together if IT knew of an attack from space civilizations.

  33. Evelyn L

    My mother and I saw a UFO a number of years ago. I am no avionics expert but I can tell you that no aircraft existed back then or today that can do the kind of things that aircraft did. It also responded to me waving to it. I was joking around at the time but when it stopped and seemed to be observing what we weee doing it was not funny anymore.
    I see that there are some dissenters that feel cheated that this particular subject was placed on SS despite the fact that another podcast was posted on the same day….a podcast about Sasquatch. They feel that they did not get their $7 worth? It is amazing to me that people can believe in Sasquatch but when confronted with the subject of UFOs or aliens they are insulted. Just as “the government” will not admit to there being large hairy monsters roaming our planet they pretend not to know what these unidentified flying objects are. There is a lot of speculation about both subjects but personally I believe that someone in some part of our massively out of control government knows a lot about both subjects.
    Both entities are totally outside of what academia has been shoving down people’s throats since the mid 19th century so they are not going to allow the unwashed masses to know that they missed these particular parts of our world.
    It is possible that much of what some call “paranormal” could be related in some way. There is an order to the things of this planet and these things that do not fit into that order must fit into some other type of existence. Science is admitting that there are other realms. The ancients knew of entities from some other realm thousands of years ago. Their interpretation of what those outside entities were vary but have similar story lines.
    You can’t just accept everyone’s story but there are things that start to add line up if you investigate enough. I know what I have seen and experienced. I experienced “paranormal” events from the time I was very young. I don’t talk about it because I have had people very close to me tell me that they did not believe what I told them. So you just shut up and tuck your experiences away because of people who just flat out reject the possibility just because of what they heard someone else say. Keep an open mind. You just might learn something that you did not expect someday.

  34. Thomas A

    He Keeps On Saying That and I’m Just Worried There Aren’t Gonna Be Enough Minutes Left In the Show?

  35. Randel S

    entertaining and fun but I’m afraid this man is a fake. Wendell Stevens was only in the civil air patrol never the Air Force and has been proven to be a complete phony and of course he’s dead which is very convenient. Doherty was in the Air Force and it is not hard to use a lot of jargon to make all of this sounds realistic I can do it myself. I have trained at the Nellis area at the Nevada Test site not that helps a great deal but I am familiar with the area. These are bogus stories.

  36. John W

    Could anyone that saw the pewtube video just give a 4th grader description of the escapee?? Andre the giant?..Flatwoods monster?..Willie Nelson?….what did it look like for goodness sakes!

  37. LaVonne J

    I also liked this interview:

    Thanks Wes for posting this as a SC bonus. For those who’ve only experienced sasquatch or perhaps are just rubbernecking someone else’s trauma, this show will go over like a lead balloon. They’ll be wanting to keep those blinders firmly in place.
    I’ve had so many things go on at our family cottage that my views on sasquatch have changed dramatically since 2016 and the initial house bang that got my attention. Combined with other experiences, including the things I’ve seen in the night skies and experienced inside the cottage itself as well as outside, I was forced to look at it from ALL angles, eventually learning how to stop it….in order to find peace. The last 2+ years during the Covid debacle and the aloneness of being “sheltered in place”, things ramped up and had to be dealt with. I never once believed in anything alien or cryptid related in my life prior to 2016, but I HAD experienced the demonic. Since then I found Joe Jordan to be helpful in understanding the things that are now being “disclosed” by our own government. http://www.alienresistance.org/ce4.htm
    What angers me is that instead of keeping all this secret, so we couldn’t properly protect ourselves and family, they release tiny bits in these insignificantly small doses feigning decades of ignorance to cover their asses. I feel for people whose lives were forfeit, families harmed, and health affected (like mine), because of the stresses of trying to understand, self investigate and absorb as much info as fast as possible to make good decisions. I’m confident I found my answers, which were there all along.

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