Aug 10

Something In The Woods

A listener writes “I am a retired U. S. Army (Rank Removed). I have had three combat deployments, including one as a commander in Iraq. Here is a synopsis of my encounter…

It was the summer of 1988. I was a cadet (officer in training )through ROTC in college. I was at Ft Lewis, Washington for the summer. We were on maneuvers in the woods early in the morning. Our platoon was being trained by two Army Special Forces Non commissioned officers.

We were on patrol in the middle of nowhere… probably 10 miles from the housing area of base. We had been choppers out as part of the training exercise. I still remember the name of the training event… “Adventure Challenge.”

While out in the woods on patrol, we all heard something walking parallel to us. I was so dark- I could not see my hand! This thing continued walking… crunching while we walked, stopping when we stopped. Finally, our green beret instructor went out there. After about a minute, he comes running back telling us to get out of there. All we had were M16s with blanks… we were training, so no live ammo. I have more to tell if you want to hear.”

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  1. Richard P

    I ordered a lighting to micro USB converter for my Seek Compact Pro thermal imager to use with my iPhone SE. It will be in this Friday for pick up. I’ll now have good quality thermal. Much better than Flir.

    I was up at the dry lake bed LZ 26 miles into the forest last weekend. It’s the first time in 10 years of ET/ED contact ops that I’ve located a motor vehicle accessible LZ that meets my specifications for contact work.

    The sun has just set when I got there. It was completely peaceful. No cryptid or other disturbances at all. I did a foot patrol with a compact Nitecor 1,000 lumen flashlight, a .32 acp in my pocket and a .40 S&W carbine over my shoulder with a 2 point sling.

    My 30-06 and 12 gauge pump are going into the gunsmiths this week for specops builds. 4 10 round mags for the Remington 7400 06 that I ordered should be here soon. That with the accessories upgrades will provide formidable counter measures to deal with cryptids and other non conventional security issues from a position of strength. I’m not planning on initiating hostilities. But if they’re forced on me I’ll deal with them.

    I’m planning on including focusing beam class 4 laser directed energy weapon capability on my kinetic energy weapons. So that if I do have to engage hostiles. I’ll be invisible behind a light field larger than the target with the focus set to widen the beam to cover the entire target and obscure my position. Assuming that their vision is similar to ours.

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