Aug 10

SC EP:571 Running With The Night

Tonight I will be talking to three guests. My first guest Adam is from Florida and will be sharing an encounter he had with his parents while driving. They saw a Skunk Ape on the side of the road. Many years later Adam and his brothers ran into something much worse.




Jack writes “I am a retired U. S. Army (Rank Removed). I have had three combat deployments, including one as a commander in Iraq. Here is a synopsis of my encounter…

It was the summer of 1988. I was a cadet (officer in training )through ROTC in college. I was at Ft Lewis, Washington for the summer. We were on maneuvers in the woods early in the morning. Our platoon was being trained by two Army Special Forces Non commissioned officers.

We were on patrol in the middle of nowhere… probably 10 miles from the housing area of base. We had been choppers out as part of the training exercise. I still remember the name of the training event… “Adventure Challenge.”

While out in the woods on patrol, we all heard something walking parallel to us. I was so dark- I could not see my hand! This thing continued walking… crunching while we walked, stopping when we stopped. Finally, our green beret instructor went out there. After about a minute, he comes running back telling us to get out of there. All we had were M16s with blanks… we were training, so no live ammo. I have more to tell if you want to hear.”



Emily writes “My husband and I had an encounter with something large in the woods of Southern Missouri on June 2nd of this year. In the afternoon I heard a huge tree fall in the woods in the direction of the river about 5 minutes after my husband left me at the camp to walk down to the water. About 30 seconds to a minute after the crash I heard 3 tree knocks, a pause and then 3 more with the same pattern on the opposite side of the river. A couple of times we heard snorts that sounded like wild hogs but never saw anything.

I had gone to the tent around 10:30pm. My husband stayed around the campfire until around midnight. He went into the road after putting out the tiki torches and fire and heard a growling. He is not one to be freaked out by noises and such but he was a little unnerved by it. He got into the tent and told me about it. We talked for a couple minutes before saying good night. Less than 5 minutes after we stopped talking we both heard rustling in the leaves from a distance, we both lifted our heads and listened intently as the footsteps came closer. We both agree the footsteps were heavy. I have hunted in the woods before and it was not a deer. I would describe the sound as walking in the woods with boots on. My initial thought was maybe this is The man we rented the camping site from messing with us and it’s part of the experience, but then realized he would be stupid to do that for fear of being shot. Bigfoot never crossed my mind. I was frozen in fear! It walked directly behind our tent. Probably within 3 ft of our heads. It sounded like it walked around the campfire ring and then off into the woods toward the water. We were absolutely silent while it was in the camp. As soon as we realized it had walked away, I began shaking uncontrollably! I have never felt fear like that and have never reacted to fear that way. My husband was trying to reassure me when we heard it returning about 2 minutes later. I grabbed the key fab to our van and hit the lock button so the lights would light up and hopefully scare away whatever it was. I did that 4 times and it walked off into the woods on the other side of the road behind our tent. We heard what sounded like a fight going on between two animals in that direction and I hit the lights again a couple times and the noises stopped. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep in the tent anymore so we moved into our van for the rest of the night. I didn’t look for Bigfoot signs because again Bigfoot didn’t cross my mind until we got home that evening and we honestly thought it was probably a bobcat, but after looking at pictures of bobcats we both agree a bobcat wouldn’t be big enough to make the sounds we heard. My husband has never been a believer in Bigfoot. I have been a believer for years but have never had an experience like this. I played several videos of animal sounds for him trying to identify the growl he heard. He said no to everything except supposed Bigfoot growl. He said that is very close to what he heard. In the same video of the growl you can hear footsteps of the creature and they sound almost identical to the steps we heard that night.

We heard snorts again the next morning but could very well have been hogs. I sent a text to the owner the next morning asking if he knew what it might be. He said most likely deer…or Bigfoot! Then he listed several other animals he knew were on the property. I know none of the animals he listed could make those sounds…except Bigfoot.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this experience since it happened. A couple days after we got home I sent a text to the owner of the property and told him about the experience and asked if he had ever had any experiences and if he was serious about his Bigfoot comment. He said he was intrigued and wanted to know more so I shared our story. (I get the feeling he knows more than what he has told us) He said he did catch something on his trail cam the night of June 2nd and then directed me to his Facebook page where he had posted it. It was an orb. The time stamp says 11:11pm. 45 minutes before our encounter. I thought it was creepy!  I’m convinced more than ever that it was Bigfoot that visited our camp that night. I just had to share!”




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  1. John T

    Christopher Noel from Impossible visits is trying to organize a Sasquatch March on Washington DC fall of 2020 I believe it’s on his Civic Duty podcast check it out and pass it on everyone

  2. Lori

    I Am Sooo ADDICTED TO THIS PODCAST!! I live in GA NOW.. when I drive through the country I am always looking for Sasquatch I don’t know what I’d do if I did see one!! Probably ?!lol Love the show WES keep up the great interviews!

  3. Greg O

    Wes we do know what they are scientifically. Homo Sapien cognatus (cognatus means blood relative) Sasquatch DNA has been sequenced and found to be human maternaly (mother’s side) and unknown on the father’s side. source Dr. Melba Ketchum not to mention the previous dna studies that were thrown out because human results had to be contamination.

  4. Mike W

    These creatures, I believe are the results of Enki’s DNA manipulation looking for the perfect creature or being to man the gold mines. That’s where the comfortably live; underneath us. It would explain how they can just pop up or disappear so quickly.

  5. Mary D

    I was stationed at Ft Lewis my last year in the army and I remember jokingly telling my CO once, while we were out for a trail run “You know, there’s a lot of sasquatch sightings out here!” He got really upset and said “Don’t say that again. That’s stupid.” Wonder why that bothered him so much?

  6. Elaine L

    Good show as always. The only question I have (rhetorically speaking of course) is how are ‘transparent people’, the Djinn, able to build a “very real” small fire and where did they get the wood, kindling, and matches from? (>.<)

  7. Tamsin D

    Short story Wes:
    A friend was having issues with his WiFi, asked him to bring his phone close to my house. In put my code and asked what podcast he was trying so hard to bring up. With a slight reluctance, he just said, “ S.C.”.
    I smiled and said, “ with Wes”? His response yes! He was thrilled to hear I knew exactly what he was talking about.
    I explained my two bizarre encounters and yours is the only podcast I subscribe to. Trying hard to find answers.
    What a great gift you have given us…. thank you.
    Been with you since Wes, Woody and Will.
    Many thanks. ??

  8. Lisa B

    Yay Wes! A Saturday night special! You could play Lynyrd Skynyrds Saturday Night Special in the beginning of these LoL. I like listening to the “Dogman” stories that people are reporting. I wish we could just use “Werewolf”. I have a question…with all these weird cryptid things being reported more and more, do you think it’s only a matter of time before we start hearing about Cat people? Like “Werecats”?

  9. Jay Carlsen

    IT WAS A 800 lb PERSON. Only not like You & me are People. I think it is because of Their Brains are different than Our Brains are , As we can tell by the creatures Skulls. As they have a Sloping Forehead – Where we do not. And I believe this shows that they Lack the frontal Lobe of our Modern Human Brains that allows us Reasoning , and Abstract Thought. And my own personal opinion is I do not think these things can ” Imagine ” as We can ?
    This is also why they are mistaken as Animals. For they have NONE Understanding in them.

    They do have Larger Brains than us Modern Humans ( like 27 % Larger ) But the Bulk of this extra Greymatter is carried in a region of our Own Brains that we use for our Long Term Memories. And it has been Theorized that these Sloping Forehead People are born already knowing what is good to eat for Food , and where to look to find it ! All from the collective Memories from Both Parents ( ……… or I like to call Instinct ) When I watch Brian Forester with the Elongated Skulls and He has a Drawing of a Mummified Fetus that already had a full set of Teeth ! And I had to wonder …… Wouldn’t it make sense ? If you were born already knowing what is good to eat ? That you would have the Teeth to eat with ?
    Are these things Born already walking ? With their ankles attached to the Center of Their Foot – instead of the Back of the Foot Pad like Ours ? ( just as the Pre – Humans who they call Neanderthals )

    DID YOU KNOW That from a Fossilized Footprint of a Neanderthal found in a cave in Italy proves the Neanderthal People had the same Mid Tarsal Break across the center of the Foot that the Sasquatch People have. ( and isn’t THAT Fascinating ? ) And the Neanderthal People also had the Sloping Forehead that the Sasquatch Have. And I would go as far to say that this would be the Defining Trait that makes them Different than Us. ( and the MASSIVE Size of these things – and all the Hair all over – and all the other stuff ) I have jumbled this opinion together from the Literature I accumulated from the Head Injury I got when I was 16 yrs old. When I landed on the back of my Helmet my brain Sloshed forward and bounced off my Skull Cavity And the Doctors main concern was the damage done to my Frontal Lobe of my Own brain. But I had many people Praying for me , and I believe this is the only reason that I recovered so Well ?
    And who would have thought it would offer me the Vantage to recognize this ? I believe this is why everyone mistakes then for Monkeys or Apes ( said the guy who seen a 10 foot tall Gorilla in the Summer of 2000 – 200 feet away – in broad daylight ) The Native Americans say they are a Primitive People. They never call them Monkeys. My Friends Father speaks Ojibwe to them. ( He even asked me if I wanted to see – but I thanked him for the Offer but declined. I like to listen to Peoples Encounters , but being escorted down the mile stretch of road the night before I turned from the Wind to lite my Cigarette , And I caught it off Guard and looked right at it.
    And it was facing me Square , But it’s Massive Head was hyperextended looking back to the Right ( the Direction I had just come from ) And the Lower Jaw was SO MASSIVE I couldn’t see the Neck ? But I do vividly remember seeing the Ligaments as they Attach to the Breast Bone. I had a Perfect Left Side Profile of this things Head.
    Too Bad I do not know any thing about the K9 Brains – or if these Dog Men have the Sloping Forehead that the Sasquatch does ?

  10. Chad T

    Stupid Theory: Maybe Dogman tossing the bone out to the group was his was of trying to enter or greet the pack? He brought an offering? When everyone stood up he was like, Um…. nope, and ran off.

  11. Melissa P

    Hey Wes, thanks for another great episode and on a Saturday no less! I was amazed by all of their encounters. I am also amazed at all the great info from all of your fans that post their replys! What an incredible group of people!!

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