Mar 13

Smiling Face Of A Chimpanzee

I believe this listener is in the North Eastern, United States but I will find out.

A listener writes “I have had multiple encounters since 2000 but only one sighting 20 feet from my front porch in September 2017. It was actually in a 75 foot spruce tree on a limb about 15 feet up from the ground in my front yard.

It happened in late afternoon when I went out my front door to sweep my porch with a broom. I immediately felt a strong uneasy feeling of being watched so I quickly scanned my surroundings and noticed it in the tree.

OMG…it had the head and smiling face of a chimpanzee. It was covered with short dark brown hair and although I couldn’t see all of its body because of how it was positioned within the branches, I would guesstimate it to be between 6 to 7 feet with a lean but muscular physique like a young man who is athletic.

My reaction even surprised myself as I looked at it for maybe 10 seconds, looked down at my broom and started thinking in panic. What should I do? Did I really see that?

After a minute of sweeping and thinking, I got the courage to look back and there he was frozen in the same position directly facing me, smile from ear to ear but mouth not opened, and leaning forward.

So his feet, which I couldn’t see, would have been on a branch close to the trunk of the tree with his hands spread out on higher branches leaning forward. I would like to write “looking at me” but I really can’t say as I saw no pupil to the eyes.

I did see very little dark in the eyes if he was looking all the way to his right and a sliver of pupil remaind. It was frickin creepy as the whites of his eyes looked like the under belly of a trout.

Please tell me you’ve heard this before…”

10 Responses to “Smiling Face Of A Chimpanzee”

  1. Denise F

    Wow. Would love to hear this encounter since it sounds so familiar lol…love the smiling encounters.

    It probably ‘knew’ her (I’m assuming it was a female listener?). Had been around many times as the writer had been doing daily activities. To the creature, it probably wasn’t a big deal.

  2. m99

    OMG. I would rather see almost anything other than a chimp-looking Sasquatch. I’m glad I never saw one because I don’t know what I might have done. Back years ago I probably would have felt threatened and went in and got the rifle… just saying.

  3. Asheim

    I too would like to hear more on this encounter. I just can’t imagine seeing that righ out side my door! How unnerving would that be. Can never tell which ones are going to be hostile.

  4. Amy H

    Gimminie crickets! I have no idea how someone would respond to such a sight! I’m amazed she stood her ground and looked at it again! Wow! I hope we get to hear this one!

  5. Forrest W

    I just hope, if in the same or similar situation, that I smile back, no teeth, wave, go out & sit on the ground and wave him over. What the heck, live it to the fullest 🙂

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