Mar 13

The Congo: Earth’s Real Life Jurassic Park

Every single year scientists have been finding the existence of long since believed to be extinct species all across the world including the existence of many marine animals that were roaming the oceans back during the time of the dinosaurs.

With this much evidence gathered by the scientific community, it is no surprise then that it appears that there are large tales involving the existence of real life encounters with dinosaurs even in the modern day. So today, here at unexplained mysteries, we will be analyzing the folklore and myths of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and how it seems to be earth’s real life jurassic park.


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  1. Amy H

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all! Foreigners can’t go there nor should they want to! The Homo sapiens there are vicious. They predict there’s also diseases there we’ve never seen. One word; inhospitable.
    Certainly there are undiscovered creatures living in those places. Imagine what they could be…..

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