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Skunk Ape Leaves Greasy Hand Print on Front Door in Florida

Animal Planet writes “A lovely couple from the Florida panhandle finds a suspicious, greasy hand print on their front door. Did a Skunk Ape pay them a visit?”

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  1. Denise F

    I wonder why their hands ARE always so greasy?
    Before I knew about these ‘things’ I found a big (and weird since thumb looked short or something….) handprint on my glass sliding door. I left it there for about a week , forgetting to clean the door. Everytime I passed I kept thinking it looks like a 🐒 has been here. Only reason I saw it was due to the amount of clear looking oil.
    Since then I’ve taken multiple pics in many locations and if not for that oil…..we couldn’t spot where they’ve been lurking.

      • Charles R

        Nice picture of two hand prints Denise F. What are the size of these, it appears to me to be about one foot, but I have no size reference. So one can post their photos on google photos, interesting.

        In late November of 2013, I went to bed around midnight on a brutally cold ( 20 degree ) night. My wife was working ( icu nurse ) and my son staying at a friend. As soon as I hit the bed a slight, but distinguishable tap came on my window at the very top. The shade was down but a huge fear came over me as the window was about 5 feet away. The thought that went through my mind was if I pulled that shade, their might be a face at the window like what ( a very young William Shatner, actor ) saw whenhe pulled the blind on the commercial airplane in the Twilight Zone episode Nightmare at 20,000 feet, back when I was a kid in the 1960s. At my age I did not need a heart attack. I stayed motionless on the bed for over 30 seconds with the knowledge that whatever tapped had been watching me for gosh knows how long that night as our great entertainment room where we always hang watching TV and is attached to my office which is essentially a sunroom with no shades. It would be very easy to watch me, but who would do that in this brutal cold waiting for lord knows how long before I go to bed just to play games with me. Besides we are just in the country and their are no kids around at all and all older folks that have been great neighbors for 20 years. No this had to be something else I thought. Then came three loud taps that set my Golden Retriever on the floor into a growl, something I really had not witnessed from him before. I was still to afraid to pull the shade, but in an instant I grabbed my 9 mm and ran around to the great room to look out the window to see. Since my contacts were out this was useless and I went to bed.In the morning I let the dog out first thing as always ( big mistake this time ) and got dressed to investigate. I went to my bedroom window. The flower bed dirt that goes out about 3.5 feet was not walked upon. However just outside the dirt the grass was matted down in a pretty wide area. I measured the furthest I could reach from here to the point on the widow where the tapping occurred, which was 8 feet up. I came up 30 inches shy ( I am 6 foot ) . Obliviously to me this subject was far taller than myself. I then did a sweep of the yard looking for tracks as the ground was still frosty from the night before. By letting the dog roam first he pretty much tracked up the yard. But 50 feet from the window heading to my neighbors yard ( They had went to Clemson, SC the previous day and not home ) I did find one print clear as day that measured 16 inches long x 7 inches wide. I then felt quite certain to myself that what I feared the night before was the culprit. Behind my house is about 3 square miles of cornfield ( now down ) which would make a good avenue to approach the house and hide behind a couple of small outbuildings. There is also a very large drainage ditch about 300 yards out that could conceal travel quite well.
        To move on a few months later when the spring came and I start to keep the shades up I noticed a greasy, oily finger print that was several times larger than mine right where the tapping occurred. I should have taken a pic, not sure why I did not. Anyway that print faded over time but did stay there for 4 years as I did not wash the area and rain seldom hits that area. Yes indeed these Bigfoot do have oily hands.

        • Denise F

          That was so creepy, Charles, you wrote that wonderfully. I never took any pics at the time of my occurrences either but now I have crazy random pics of everything in my phone, lol.

          I hate to say that I’ve gotten lazy with taking measurements. I can tell you that they were probably 8-9 in. long. I believe many Sasquatch in Texas are about 6-7 ft tall. That screen door was old and I haven’t seen that style before. I thought they (handprints) looked low on the screen compared to their size. I suppose they are built differently or move differently than we do. What I thought was weird was that a few fingers bent or curled but still left a flat print. Hope that made sense.

          • Charles R

            Hi Denise. 8 to 9 inches is certainly congruent with someone in the 6 foot plus range.

            Since in this Florida episode they mentioned gifting of dead animals ( certainly creepy, but not unheard of ) I will mention the other part of my story. It was six months later in late May of 2014. The farmer who owns the acreage behind my house had just planted soy beans and I remember the ground being quite hard. He does no till when doing beans, after having corn the season before. When harvesting corn there is always a lot of ears that do not completely get shucked by the combine. They are usually 1/4 to 1/2 half of the ear still wrapped in dried out brown husk. On this day I went outside off of my ground level deck out to the field border where we have a 2 story playhouse. Immediately I thought what the heck did I just pass. I walked back to the deck. Just off of the deck was 3 of those old ears from the previous harvest lined up perfectly perpendicular to each other, and fairly equidistant from each other of 6 inches, maybe a little more. Wow I thought, who the heck did this and why. I looked at my Golden, Rush, and knew he would not do this, he never wanted anything to do with harvested corn as lots always gets thrown into the yard while harvesting. I have handed it to him before, and would never take it. I went to my wife Brenda and she had no idea, as did my son Charlie, which I pretty much figured. I started chuckling to myself and my thoughts transferred to the previous episode of tapping the previous November. I thought that son of a gun who scared me six months earlier had come back around, maybe felt bad about this, ( maybe it did and maybe it did not ) and left me this corn as a present. Since I eat an apple every day for breakfast I started leaving an apple out in case it came back. However there is so little large woods ( however there are lots of 10 to 50 acre stands around the farms ) I know they most likely can not take up residence and must continually move around the small rural towns in our area. The apples were never taken. Of course I can not know for sure about the corn, but nothing else makes any sense.

          • Denise F

            We are running out of room Charles, lol, but I have learned to trust my gut through all of this. I have a feeling you are right.

      • Debbie S

        Wow Denise, those handprints freak me out. I’ll tell you why. In the little town close by where I go to the dentist, as you turn the corner to go down the street to his office is a tall white deserted building. As you turn the corner you can plainly see a set of black handprints almost identical to your picture. I first noticed them in December, they are still there. I thought it was strange and am still not sure what to make of it. Every time I pass and they are still there I roll it in my mind who could have done that and why? Probably a logical explanation of some kind. They stand out because they are black against a white building. Maybe I should check how high up they are. Hmmm. It was just a bit unnerving to see your pic be such a close duplicate. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

        • Denise F

          You maybe onto something, it never hurts to take a closer look. I can picture what you’ve seen because there’s a church (made of white steel/metal) that has these long handprints close to the windows. The building backs up to a thick set of woods….almost looks like fingerprint dusting ‘material’ has been dusted over it, but it hasn’t, just looks that way.

          • Debbie S

            Charles and Denise….I intended to do just that. But when I went back on Wednesday, they were gone, no joke. Now I wish I had paid more attention when I first saw them….but I just thought/wondered why someone would put two handprints up like that on the side of the building and what in the world they had on their hands that was black. A curiosity nothing more until I saw Denise’s pic….virtually identical placement of the hands. Weird. No other smears or marks on a painted white building. They were there for around a month and now they are gone. 🙁 nothing would surprise me really either way. There are so many things that go on around here of the “make you go hmmm…” variety that it’s not funny.

  2. Debbie S

    This was on one of the first Finding Bigfoot episodes. The ones where they many times actually managed to find some compelling evidence and before they turned into a huge joke. JMO the first two? Seasons were the best. This was the House…if memory serves me….where they had entire walls of glass/windows and lots and lots of taxidermy animals hanging on the walls. The theory being that the Squatch were seeing all the taxidermy on the walls? So that was why they were putting their hands on the windows. What was happening with their bird feeders was strange too. They weren’t only being torn down but ending up in strange places. These people had a power line right of way really close to them…it was about the first time I heard of power lines being like highways. On the show, the handprint was pretty clear and it was also obvious that Bobo’s hand didn’t even come close. This was the show that either Matt ran off to chase a BF or the one where Bobo fell down the steps, or both happened. I know it was one of my favorite episodes and was way back at the beginning.

    No idea why handprints always seem to be oily….good share Denise. I’ve read and heard others report the same….they only see the handprints in some cases because they are oily.

    • Charles R

      Nice recollection on this Debbie. This was either the first or second show with the one of police officer in Georgia filming what may have been one crossing the road in front of the police cruiser.

      • Debbie S

        @Charles R thanks, the first episodes were really pretty good but as time went on it just got sillier and sillier. I remember the policeman catching one on the dash cam …..he had a lady ride along with him, right? Pretty compelling. Love the story you shared. I had a window tapping experience one time too. No clue at that time what lurked in our woods so I called the police. Bad idea. They searched the woods and the property but basically implied I was crazy because the window that was tapped on had about a 4’ wide flower bed in front of it and was pretty muddy at the time. They spotted that and wanted to know how I thought anyone could reach that window to tap on it without leaving footprints. I had no idea at the time….it was several years later before all the craziness began to add up and I SAW what was big enough to tap on that window. I realized not long after that that our den with the French doors was like a huge TV screen from the backyard at night. I covered the doors with blinds. LOL

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