Dec 28

Show content and the new year

I want to thank all of the members who have supported our endeavor to expand the show. With the release of the website I have been busy making sure everything runs smoothly for you all. In January you will start seeing several shows per week and new content being updated all of the time. I have several guests lined up after the holidays. I’m working on getting a few guests on next week including a police officer who discusses properties he has been called out on and issues that followed investigating Sasquatch on these properties.

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  1. Shawn

    Sounds great, episode 67 & 68 were my favorites since the Siege of Honobia and the Browns Bigfoot Diaries, those are also in my top 5.

    -1- Ep. 02 Wes/Woodie encounter
    -2-Ep ?? Siege of Honobia
    -3-Ep ?? Bob Garrett/A night on Lone Star trail about the female sasquatch who was mentally ill
    -4-Browns Bigfoot Diaries
    -5-Kens insider accounts on 67/68 and the story of the old pot grower shooting one


    Is there going to be a show with Mr. Black? I think it would be very good to know more about the Bf so we can prepare for the on slot of the government we all know there are BF have seen them myself. the ones I have seen have been shy and walk away I am very lucky that is there response and I always carry and most of my grope do to. we do research in Oklahoma and Texas and ark. one think I do know that you cant find one with 10 people and making a lot of noise that to me is silly. If the dear are spooked then you need to go home. there is more in the woods that you think but not behind every tree.

  3. Glenn S

    Sounds really exciting! Just wondering if you guys will do some more international stories now and again? I really appreciate what you guys are doing for people, people who have close encounters or see these animals from a distance need people like you guys, I love the fact that there is no BS on this show, keep on keeping it real guys, much appreciated. :o)

  4. Scott P

    The content of the shows & the site have been fantastic. They actually seem to be getting better if that’s possible. Just keep doing what you do. It’s all falling into place. Who would have thought such a traumatic experience could actually give you the chance at a new career ? Thanks to all the cast. You guys rock.

  5. Jennifer l

    I half to admit I was pretty skeptical at first and thought this was gonna turn into another make money off bf show I was hooked around episode 16 and listed end to every one eventually I half to say it’s gotten better more than I’ve expected I fought wanting to pay as a member now with those last two episodes I’m proud to support this only great things are gonna come out of it I think

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