Dec 29

PA Resident’s nighttime sighting outside home near Sewickly

Witness Observed

It was September of 1997 and I was outside on my back porch having a smoke. It was about 9 o clock at night and it was a bright clear night out. I had been out on my porch for about 2 mins when from my neighbors yard (About 30 yard away) I heard a high pitched screech (identical to your 1978 recording from Washington) I turned to my left and I saw a very big white human form running through their yard. It was about 8-9 foot tall. It was white in color. I could see it running with its head turned in my direction. I couldn’t see its face but I could see the darker outline of it. I watched it run into my woods. I heard it running through my woods for about 10-15 secs before I hurried inside.

ALSO NOTICED: My step father has heard the vocalizations of it on two occasions. One of those two was last night on the 20th.

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