Dec 27

SC EP:68 The “Insider” Part 2

We have an “insider” who will be coming on to share his encounter and knowledge of some government emails he came across between the U.S. Department of the Interior and The Bureau of Land Management. I have asked him to change his story about how he acquired the emails because I want to keep him as a contact. He will share as much as he can without giving away his identity. No it’s not Mr. Black, a lot of what he has to say is shocking. In part two Ken discusses information that he came across and sensitive private emails between government agencies that discussed people disappearing related to Sasquatch Part 2 is coming! Look for it in the podcast section

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  1. will m

    Has episode 68 been completed or still to come. I have looked and looked for a date and time but have only found a date, have not been able to access it so not sure when it is available.

  2. Robert V

    Great show. I’ve said this before but I don’t ever want to see one. What this guest is telling us is what I think we all know, these creatures are NOT nice and friendly. I know I’m stating the obvious. This type of website is why every citizen must protect our Constiutional rights as American citizens and fight ANY reason for the government from “regulating” internet content. I’m sure there are people within the government who would love nothing better than to have this site shut down. I’m sure there are “people” listening. I’m sometimes wonder if those “stupid” bigfoot shows are done on purpose. It would be interesting to see who is paying for those shows. What the government is good at is miss information. I’m grateful for your website.

    On another note, I don’t feel the 411 books are embellished. It’s great to disagree. I’ll keep listening.

    Ken Thank-you.

    • sandy r

      I think the STUPID shows on TV are put there to appease those who believe in BF into thinking if they exist they won’t hurt you. There just curious… curious as to how they can get a person and not be seen or put themselves in danger. If it wasn’t for this show I would still be in the naïve category that the government wants us to ALL be in. I hope it’s just a matter of time before these creatures do something that the government won’t be able to keep under their control wrap.

  3. John S

    There needs to be a campaign to alert the general public about this threat. This government works for us. We pay the wages for the do nothing pricks. Keep up the good work. johnskull

  4. Scott P

    I know precautions were taken to protect his identity but, I hope he’s safe enough to fulfill his goals. They are not playing around with this whole subject matter and as you’ve said before, they’re listening…… Great show and ultimate respect to all.

  5. MilitantDanny

    I think the stupid shows on TV mentioned above are on television in an effort to discredit those who know the truth. They are that illogical and insulting to anyone with half a brain cell. So to associate yourself with the topic, puts you in that brainless category that the shows reside. I would not be surprised if the BFRO was bought off and the not-Finding Bigfoot fiasco is just an effort to make the community look more inept than it already is. I mean, the BFRO has become a total joke, if you start talking about Bigfoot to anyone they immediately get the image of Bobo in their minds, and then see you as someone who could find a way to lose his bellybutton.
    The only thing the BFRO has going for it is its webpage that can act as a decent resource for at least comparing a ton of encounters for common themes – I’ll give it that, but mostly for entertainment purposes alone. Everything else about them though, just makes me shake my head.

    “Mountain Monsters”? I need not say anything more.

    This show, SC, is the only one I’ve come across that seems to be headed in the right direction, and I think that it’s explosion in popularity is a testament to this: People are tired of the bullshit and want logical theories, intelligent ideas. Not dramatic garbage based on emotional assumption with no foundation in anything related to the subject.

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