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Motorist observes large ape-like creature in her headlights

In 2011 a Dallas, GA resident and her son observed large ape-like creature in her headlights. The report says “I was driving on Old Cartersville road towards HWY 61 just past the chicken farm but before the pond. I had my 13 year old son with me.

I saw what I thought was a bear crouched down on the right side of the road. I turned to tell my son to look at the bear. My son was in the back seat. Before I could turn back around all the way. I noticed it stood up on two legs. My son was asking what it was. Then I noticed it was over 7 foot 6 inches tall covered in long black hair. It was burly! It was all of 500-600 pounds. It was no more than 20-30 yards outside our truck window. It was so large I could see its muscles in its legs (thighs).

Its head appeared to sit on its shoulders like it had no neck. The head looked like it came to a point. It looked like a bipedal ape! It had something white in its hand! That’s when it registered it had hands and not claws. The arms were longer than any human arms. They seemed to stretch closer to the knee area. When it walked the knees worked perfectly. It did not have a bow legged affect. Which made it seem human but it looked like an ape. It started to move towards the road walking on two legs. My lights stayed on it. It seemed to want out of my lights. When it walked for the road it was headed in the path of my truck. I was on a small curve. So my lights followed it. I hit my fog lights & it turned back from the direction it came. It picked up speed and started to run still on two legs. I could see the foot falls & the thigh muscles bounce.

Also saw butt muscles flex all under the hair. It started moving so fast the white thing in its hand was almost a blur. The next day, I returned to the area. Where it ran off into the woods was uphill. I thought it was flat as fast as it was moving. The house close by had chicken coops with white and brown chickens in it. We were frightened. I only had a 9 mm on me. I felt it was not enough to protect us”


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  1. David D

    I’m in my late fifties, and it’s only been in the last year or so that some boy-hood puzzle pieces have been put into place. My moms’ family were from eastern Kentucky, way out in the sticks. (fond memories). We, my dad, mom, and I, would visit granny and grandpa, maybe twice a year, but I only remember the season being cool, so it may have just been in the fall. Shortly after we arrived, other relatives would converge, and after a visit, they would leave, then dad and mom would go away for a couple of days, and I would be left where I was convinced, was the best place on earth! On one of those evenings, granny came into the living room where the wood stove was keeping the night chill away. I was watching something, but can’t remember what. She approached me and said, “now make sure you don’t go out of the house at night, cause that old booger man might get you”. That was fifty years ago, and I can still, as plain as day hear her say that! I didn’t know what a booger -man was, but the way she said it, and since she was the kindest person I had ever met up to that point in my young life, I listened to her.
    Those tough, kind-hearted, honest folks, knew things about this world that I wouldn’t understand for years. I want to thank SQ, and especially Wes, for allowing this program to be a place where people can find answers to some of life’s little, and BIG mysteries!

    • DrAaron

      David, thank you for the great story! What towns were close to your grandparents? Any major roads? There are many stories from the beautiful “hollers” of eastern Kentucky. I never lived there but always drove down 23 to get to college down south.

  2. Kent C

    David; …..That’s a nice old anecdote!

    ….Isn’t it remarkable how people just a few generations ago could maintain such a “down-to-earth” attitude about their world? They could talk about “The Booger Man” in a matter-of-fact way, without even once needing to call up “parallel dimensions” or “space-time portals” to explain what they saw in the woods!!

    (……And NO flute playing either!)

  3. Jonathan B

    I always wondered why our neighborhood was called booger bottom. I never seen any bigfoot there but a few friends seen what they tought one was one looking at them from behind a tree about 30 feet away. Deer was plentiful hence the name of our road Deer valley road. We were about 7 miles from Albany Marine corps logistic Base.

  4. Jan W

    Ha! Congrats on being first, Jonathan B.! Loved your story about the “booger man”, David. My grandfather grew up very poor in Southern Illinois and used to tell me of hunting trips with his dad, who always kept them comfortable in the woods, no matter the weather. I now wonder if they ever saw any of those dirty apes on their outings.

    • Jonathan B

      Thanks, I have had a encounter with something in McRae Georgia area in the 80s. Me and my cousin was in a camper and something rocked it voiletly then we heard walking around the camper ,it had stopped for a while then the door knob started turning.

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