Oct 21

SC EP:998 Get In The F****** Truck

Ben writes “Well I finally got up the nerves to send this, back in 2015 I was a Jr in high school. My buddy had called me to see if I wanted to hangout and see his new toy.

The toy was a Jeep Wrangler YJ that was abandoned. Even more interesting it was abandoned by a gentlemen that later that same year went to his friends house and shot him. He had some issues I guess. So whilst we went out there we swapped from my brothers truck to mine and proceeded to meet them in the woods. So this is Sweden Maine where he found this. Kinda middle of nowhere. So we get to the Jeep and my friend and my brothers friend go out in the Jeep, leaving my brother and I with my pickup in this clearing. We noticed it was very quiet where we were. Right about then is when a gum ball sized rock landed between us. We looked at each other and played it off.

Both kinda bothered we agreed to go towards the entry of the trail to get out of there. (Guess it felt safer) well when we got a little further down the trailer my brother pulled over. (He always drove) it was getting dark probably like 6:30-7pm in May. When I jumped out I looked at this tree too admiring the sky. I saw an entire flock of birds fly out of this tree. I proceeded to slowly drop my head looking down the tree the whole time.

When I got to the middle of the tree is when I saw something. I saw a figure in the woods. Left arm and leg obscured by the tree looked as if it’s left palm was against the tree. It was rocking slightly, it had a long arm that I could see on its right side and a big build. I couldn’t see the feet but the head, shoulder, torso, and leg all on the left was clearly visible (as a silhouette). It was rocking slightly left to right and could see it breather. I looked at my brother and he was frozen looking at it. I asked him “what is that?” He only responded with “get in the truck” I looked back and it was still standing there swaying. I looked back at my brother and said again “what the f— is that?” To which my brother responded with “get in the f—— truck.” My door was still open so I kinda dove backwards into it. My brother quickly had it started and the clutch already out and fishtailing away. I couldn’t bring myself to look backwards. But we were spooked.

There was an interesting situation with a set of lights behind us upon our escape but I’m not sure what to make of it. We called the friends that we were leaving so they either had to ditch the Jeep or drive it back to his house. Oddly they too sounded distressed. But they agreed to meet on the trail. We flew back down the trail driving way faster than anyone should. We came up to them and they stuffed the Jeep in the woods. What caught my attention next was they ran and I mean RAN to my truck, keeping a hand on my hood the whole time. I slid up against my brother so to make room for them. It was a regular cab. We drove out of there and my brother and I not wanting to get played asked them why they were so worked up. They stated to us the they had gotten stuck for a moment and whilst working it out of the mud something slapped the side of the Jeep and rocked it side to side. It was too dark for them to see anything under the heavy tree canopy and the night setting in more. It certainly was a wild time. Only other thing was some vocalizations the year prior that sounded exactly like the other howl captured in Maine. That’s my story Wes thanks for doing what you do.”










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70 Responses to “SC EP:998 Get In The F****** Truck”

  1. Jacob S

    So close to 1000!!! What an incredible accomplishment. You’ve created something truly special, Wes. I look forward to the new shows each and every week, thanks brother!

  2. John K

    My GOD Wes you OUTDID yourself with probably the most exciting radio cast I have heard since I can’t ever remember when! The story coupled with the music had me going from the very edge of my seat to smiling from ear to ear! BRAVO man, that’s one of the best things I have ever listed too! We are NOT WORTHY! Incredible…

  3. Maria G

    Hi guys…My home state.. represent.. woohoo. Thx Wes we all love ya man. Looking forward to hearing tonight’s episode. Hope MY SC family is well and stay safe guys. How is everyone gonna celebrate episode 1000? Any plans or thoughts?

  4. Mike T

    Wess , congratulations on your retirement on your 1000 . Handing the rains over to Mr Merkal really come to no surprise, he will keep the asset going on, and i’m sure he has some new visions, . hes the right progression, he’s young enough he’s really feeling his oats and I’m sure he’ll do wonderful job, but you’ll be sadly missed , everybody wishes in their heart they could’ve shake your hand, or give you a hug or even throw you a party in there Hearts . you’ve really change lives, but Tony will push forward with his youth and his energy and I’m sure you’ll be stopping in from time to time as a special guest, good luck with your new career , its very . Exciting to hear whats happening for you. . I’m sure everyone knows whats in store in your next journey in life, it’s everywhere you must be so excited. No one deserves it more than you, congratulations again , and thanks for the memories and all the hard work. I apologize for the long text,( i’m very new to the family)

  5. James G

    I can’t figure out why they throw the small rock, it’s almost like, “I’m here, look over here..” the large rocks, I get that, that’s a LEAVE, but the small rocks, that’s almost like an attention grabber, which makes no sense from a being that’s trying to hide

  6. Jason D

    Thanks Wes. Hey Ben, I’m down in Kennebunk. Your encounter is going to stay with me this Whitetail season. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to head out before first light after my experience a few years ago. Stay safe friend.

  7. James D

    So, i heard the episode about Sasquatch possibly having some form of autism. And this episode hearing them talk about the unconscious swaying the creature did reminded me of something. When i was young my best friend in the whole world had a niece and a nephew who lived w/ him. Its very sad but these 2 kids were both suffering from infant alcohol syndrome (i cant recall if thats the correct name) their parents both drank heavy. These kids would CONSTANTLY rock back and forth all day long no matter the situation. And when they got upset they would rock twice as fast. The only time they weren’t rocking was if they were asleep. I wonder if mental retardation (using the word in its actual purpose here btw) of some kind is the cause for Sasquatch strange rocking🤷‍♂️

  8. Maria G

    Hey James D… just wanted to let you know the new term for mental retardation is cognitively impaired..just FYI and I was not or am not offended in any way… but the term or diagnosis has been changed to the latter..Stay safe..hope I didn’t sound or come across as an ass..lol just figured I’d let you know

  9. Linda B

    Better late than never with this comment, but I’ve been listening to SC since 2017 or so, so now with over 800 episodes under my belt I’ve had lots of time and learned enough to put a few pieces together and form an opinion. That said, here goes: the fact the lights chased Ben and his brother after the creature chased them makes me think the creature morphed into the lights.
    If you believe the creatures are able to traverse both the physical realm and the supernatural realm (something Jesus did after his resurrection), and it has something to do with the dimensions and physics, then it’s relatively easy to believe the creatures are part spirit. I’m not thinking they are just part spirit. I’m thinking part evil spirit, mixed with the human gene and something else, so three parts. I mean if aliens are demons which I believe they are, them you could use the interchangeable terms and say the sasquatch is part alien or demon. So human, demon, and….what is ten feet tall and hairy? Would that be either Nephalim or Neanderthal? Either way we always hear witnesses say that “these things are really old and have been here a long time”. For me, I think I’m narrowing down what I believe they are and it only took eight years and over 800 episodes to form an opinion?
    I just hope that after the Rapture of the church, these things don’t come out of hiding and wreak havoc.

  10. David D

    Wes, you’re such a good guy with a big heart. The fact that you did the intro for the kid proves to me that you’re not just the number one Sasquatch podcast but the number one cryptid podcast in the world. Nobody else does that or would do that for anybody. And we’re not even talking about the time and energy you put into the show with pre and post production and your audio quality, which is unrivaled.

  11. Kelly S

    WES, you ARE the BEST podcaster and Sasquatch Chronicles IS the MOST OUTSTANDING podcast!!!
    Congratulations on 1,000 SHOWS tomorrow!!! Super excited to listen!!! (I hope it’s a long “BEST of”!!! 👣

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