Aug 26

SC EP:983 Like It Was Running On A Escalator

We will be chatting with Mike. Mike and his family were on a vacation traveling up and down the west coast. On August 3rd Mike and his family were traveling through California when a large creature jumped up on two legs and took off running up the hill.

Mike said “As we rounded the corner in our RV this thing got up and took off running like a man. It was too big to be a man and the speed and the way it moved left me in shock. My wife has never believed in Bigfoot and she was in shock.”

I will also be speaking to Ronan who is from Michigan. Ronan writes “My brother and I have had a face to face encounter with a Bigfoot when I was about 9 and he was 7. I am now 18 and he is 16.”

I spoke to Ronan and he said that they lived in the country and had these mini hatchet’s and were chopping tree’s and bushes and the creature was a little bit bigger then them but it wasn’t King Kong.

When the creature approached it looked confused like it was running up on something else.







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80 Responses to “SC EP:983 Like It Was Running On A Escalator”

  1. Maria G

    hahahaha congrats Karla G. I did it one time and I gloated for about a dumb as it still matters. LMAO. Thx Wes looking forward to hearing tonight’s show. Hi SC family..hope you’re all doing good and survived Fri night with no SC.. I struggled a little bit. lol. Hey MAYNARD I hope you’re feeling better..I thought of you during the week and said I hope he gets home soon. Take care guys

  2. Robert E

    Thanks Wes. I think Ronan has the most mature perspective on the correlation of all these issues that I have heard in a long time and appreciate his humility and honesty. I think his is the kind of personality that would make a great “” researcher “.

  3. John K

    This is the only bill that pops up on my phone that makes me smile every single time! Much love from Kentucky! Thanks Wes! You are making the world a better place one show at a time my friend.

  4. Russell B

    We are not on the evolutionary scale neither are any other creatures on this earth. All creatures were created by a almighty God. Whether they are from the Nephalem that were bred from angels they for sure did not evolve because evolution is a false teaching. Anybody that believes that evolution is a fact needs to understand that this earth and everything on it could not have happened from a big bang. It’s a lot easier to believe in the Creation by a higher power.
    I ask the evolutionist to take a look at all the Creatures on earth and ask yourself what we’re they before they evolved into what they are. Take for instance what was a red tailed hawk before it evolved into a red tailed hawk. They can see there prey a half mile away. What was they before they could fly. What was a spider before it could weave a webb ? It’s kinda stupid when take that approach on all creatures on earth. Simple answer God Created everything

    • Nolebez

      Amen Russell, you know though….You know what’s helped me A TON when dealing with the religious zealots from the church evolution? Ignoring them “The Bible is nothing but a contradiction” Well that’s easy, you haven’t read it and or you don’t know what it is saying. Which is also fine, they can do them all day long. Also I don’t have a degree in theology and I’ve never been called to teach. I do however know that the book of James teaches us that the teachers will be judged more harshly. So I’ll pass on the rabi role thank you very much. Not to mention I’m stumbling enough on my own. Last thing anyone needs is my help with that. Now Russell I will tell you. I was once a HUGE atheist but I’ve always been really really curious. So As I have studied physics and learned more & more about the deep underpinnings of our universe. The more I’ve become convinced that our universe was created. Clearly this place is designed. The math points in that direction and the fine tuning that they have discovered screams design too. A few weeks ago. Joe Rogan had a Dr of Philosophy on as a guest. His name escapes me now but he’s a historian of sorts too. He specializes in the history of science. Any way during their conversation he points out a huge flaw in evolution. The GED version is that what they thought was “junk” DNA. Turned out to be timers of sorts. They control when cells change what they are making or turning in to. So if random mutation is the mechanism of evolution. We would need random changes to the blue print and a corresponding compatible change to the timers. Which he says is basically impossible but like I said. He’s a historian of science. So it’s not just his opinion. It’s the opinion of evolutionary scientist too. Specifically the one that runs Stanford’s evolutionary biology program.

      • Laurie V

        Considering there’s a really big universe and how many gslaxies out there how do you creaters know there aren’t any other planets out there with the capability of having what earth does? Awfully arrogant to think we are the only self sustaining planet! I do believe we are one of the stupider ones! Judging by the ufo’s flying around here! Were the dinosaurs god’s joke? Why didn’t he start with people lol We are going to evolve again because different races marry putting more kids into the gene pool. Religion doesn’t belong in everything. ❤ the atheist! I also don’t believe sasquatch has anything to do with outer space lol what could aliens possibly learn from the forest! No secrets in our trees lol

    • Jason G

      Absolutely spot on Russell. For all the fossils that we have found in the fossil record, we’ve never found a specimen that would suggest a transition from on species to another. For all the mutations that would need to occur for a beneficial mutation to take hold and become it’s own species we haven’t found one. Not one. On the contrary, we find the same fossils over and over. It is incredibly rare to find one we’ve never seen before and when we do, it exhibits no signs of being a “missing link” but is unique. The DNA of these Sasquatches always come back as half human (on the mother’s side) and half something else not known to science.

    • Chelsea L

      Let’s break this down to maybe something you can understand. What do we get if we breed a poodle and a golden retriever? A “goldendoodle” – a cute, well-mannered dog that has curly hair, a golden color, and is generally hypoallergenic. We picked those 2 dogs to breed because they have desirable traits that we want to combine and pass down into puppies. Now imagine a world where instead of humans picking which traits we find desirable – there are other, natural factors like weather/environment, food sources, and predators that determine which animals with certain characteristics get to breed or not. Oh the baby that could see in the dark saw the threat and didn’t get eaten? Well then they live and produce off spring that can also see in the dark, and also don’t get eaten. And if you let that process continue on and on for hundreds of thousands of years, nature will automatically favor certain traits in animals and they will then pass them along to their babies. Evolution is a theory because that’s how theory’s work by definition. A theory is a system of ideas that explain something and it stands as true until it can be disproven. So far, evolution has not been disproven so it is still considered true.

      • Radman

        Actually, a theory is just an idea. Until it is vetted with the scientific method and found to be repeatedly consistent it it is only that, somebody’s mental exercise. Only a fool would accept such unproven nonsense as fact. The sky is green only to people who are are colorblind.

    • Kimberly M

      Amen Russell. Look on YouTube for a page called “Is Genesis History”. It’s an awesome video and it explains dinosaurs and Nephilim and the flood and how many things in our world that some scientist attribute to time passage such as the Grand Canyon, can simply be explained biblically. I learned so much and it gave me answers to questions I had.

    • Venzulo

      Hey Wes, regarding the “theory” of evolution being “just a theory”, in everyday use, the word “theory” often means an untested hunch, or a guess without supporting evidence. But for scientists, a theory has nearly the opposite meaning. A theory is a well-substantiated explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can incorporate laws, hypotheses and facts. You can still choose not to believe it, I guess, but it’s akin to not believing the “theory” of gravity.

    • Laurie V

      Why were humans created as the most inferior species on earth? Maybe sasquatch was a first attempt at human considering how closely they resemble a human? I’m sure there were a few animals he did a whoops on lol

    • Charles C

      Well, you’re completely wrong. Pick up a science book once in a while. Subscribe to a scientific journal. Get your head out of your… ummm. bible.

      I think it’s somewhat amusing that some people choose not to understand a foundational theory of biology that has mountains of evidence in favor of a bunch of stories told over 2,000 years ago. Do us a favor. Turn that gun around.

  5. Blanche D

    Very interesting encounters. Pity the son missed the sighting. I can tell that Ronan will mature into a very smart and intuitive man. His experience of sighting and paralleling will be an advantage because he will be open minded about the world around around him. Pity his uncle didn’t believe him, like Wes has said on many occasions, even a 5yr old knows what a bear looks like.

  6. Mark R

    I really enjoyed Ronan’s encounter and his take on what the creatures are. You really did the Great Lakes state proud! Congratulations on graduation and the best of luck in whatever you decide to do next.

  7. Cristina J

    I really enjoyed the encounters but I admit that I stomp my feet like a child every single time someone has one in willow creek. I go as often as I can just driving around hoping for a roadside crossing! Lol but what great parents to take their son on a trip like that 🙂

  8. Mark R

    I’m cool with constructive criticism and I realize all episodes are not equal, but saying it sucked without explanation is counterproductive. I’m sure Wes would appreciate all criticism that comes with details to establish proper context. He wants to produce the best shows possible and well thought criticism is a part of the process of improvement no matter what industry.

  9. Kerry H

    I feel we all have the right to share our criticism, but why do we have to be down right nasty. Our words could be more thought out before we spill the dribble that drips from our mouths. Please feel free not to listen again and respectfully move on. 🙏🙏🙏

  10. Connie F

    How many people have thought about a person and the phone rings and it is that person. Psionics is the ability to alter your reality. Humans have the capability, but tend not to use it because they don’t believe in it. Some people call it synchronicity. What you believe it will become. Humanity developing and using their Psionic abilities for the good of humanity will create a whole new world. Read the results of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment. Our thoughts and words directed at water, whether positive or negative affects how water molecules look. We create our reality. Develop your abilities because it is your only defense against other species that have mastered theirs.

  11. Cheryl H

    I always wonder if some of these very thin, skelatal, cryptids are sick Sasquatch. You can imagine that there is some disease and illness in their communities, and I suspect also that young males are sent out on their own at a certain age, either to find their own family, or to be sentinals for a larger group, and some of them might not do well, or might be defective or ill and even dying. You never know.

  12. Charles C

    I’m always disappointed when I hear someone say “evolution is just a theory”. Those words will make any scientist cringe in horror. Gee, tell me you don’t understand biology with out telling me you don’t understand biology. I mean, some people will say that they accept that adaptation occurs, but not evolution, when in fact, it’s the evolution that completely drives the adaptation of the species to that environment. Enough mutations over time, and you get a shift in the organism to the point where it becomes so different from the original species that it has become a new species. Given enough time, small, flightless dinosaurs can become eagles.

    I’d be more surprised if a species would remain exactly the same over millions of years given changes in environment.

    Did you know that the idea that germs can cause disease is also “just a theory”? Yeah, it’s called the Germ Theory of Disease. How about gravity? Yeah, it’s a theory. How about relativity? Yep, it’s a theory.

    I feel like either a lot of you have either completely disregarded what you learned in science class, or you had a really bad teacher. I’m thinking it could definitely be a combination of both.

    • Radman

      Nope. “Modern science” is littered with falsehood and peer worshipping like that of Hollywood actors and similarly is what fuels the pride of life. Why hide and destroy the evidenceI of giants throughout history all across the globe. I think therefore I am is self love. Autoworship. When God is creator and fully in control even when you do not fully understand you recognize you are powerless and nothing without him. Such an idea is detestable to the proud intellectual. Faith is truly a “gift” from God. You have not because you ask not. Humility is antithetical to control. Sorry, Charlie.

  13. Kimberly M

    Many scientists are rethinking Darwin’s theory after we’ve learned more and more about DNA. Scientists are moving away from that thinking. I was CREATED in the image of ALMIGHTY GOD, I didn’t come for some monkey. It’s sad people believe they did.

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