Apr 26

SC EP:98 The Big Thicket Monster


Tonight my guest is Tim Sermons who had an encounter with a Sasquatch when he was younger. The creature walked through his back yard and stepped over a fence. Tim also spent a lot of time as a BFRO investigator and I have asked him to bring some encounter stories that he investigated. Nowadays Tim investigates Sasquatch in East Texas with Bob Garrett, and shares some of his experiences while out in the field. Tim is a wealth of knowledge and I want to welcome him to the show.

If you have had an encounter and would like to be on the show, email me at wes@sasquatchchronicles.com. To get updates and upcoming shows please visit us at www.sasquatchchronicles.com



Some of the images we discuss later in the show is the Jacobs photos and I wanted to add them to the show notes.





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356 Responses to “SC EP:98 The Big Thicket Monster”

  1. mark s

    Wes I love the early posting, thanks again brother, totally dedicated to your show, give me a shout out when you can on the show, supporting you bigtime thanks MARK S – Marco

  2. Tristene M

    Odd pictures. It looks like a bear with mange. They look odd without their hair but the body structure is the same. Who knows though it could be a wierd species we haven’t discovered.

    • Chad W

      If not for the top photo I’d say it was possibly some kind of hominid. But that top pic just looks too much like a bear to be anything else. Unless Sasquatch can bend over from the waist and touch their heads to the ground! So, I definitely agree with you there. But who knows is right Tristene. I’m by no means an expert on bears.

    • Christopher c

      Hey Wes Iook what I found!compare the length of the legs: http://wildpro.twycrosszoo.org/S/00dis/Parasitic/Audycoptic_mange_bears.htm I always thought The above game cam photos ys reminded me of someones pet chimpanzee that got loose rather than a black bear with mange, I said to myself the legs are way too long to be a black bears so I did a little digging and was surprised by what I found when I typed black bears with mange, the site I went on shows that is no bear the legs are too long, leg length difference between the game cam photos and the one the above sight seem to point out that the game cam photo is no bear ,what do you think bro? BTW great show tonight thank you for keeping up with the demands for shows you are doing great,brother Chris.

      • Esther P

        ChristopherC: You’re link on Mange was interesting. Wanted to share some thoughts on what Tim touched on with that spooky area in the Big Thicket where he saw Police scooping up dead body parts from a pond. I was reading on other areas near East Texas such as the Red River that is a major travel route historically & a place called Brownspring, OK, where lots of bodies were found in the lagoon and Shampe & Nalusa Falaya. Chow!

        • Christopher c

          There is some funky goings on down there,my buddy who is a hunter,fisherman does not believe in Bigfoot and he is from OK. but maybe he was from the wrong area I know the folks from the area around Honobia take it serious ,someday it would be nice to go on a tour of the other Squatchy areas like the south and even the east coast,take care Esther good to hear from you,I didn’t forget you there is a few loyal people here and I am glad you stayed,I don’t blame the guy who owns the video’s for not making them free to the public ,I for one have logged countless hours into the subject and I have some content I know nobody has or if they do they might not have everything I have and vice versa -bottom line I don’t want to just give it away so freely as I worked hard to find it and that’s why I can level with the guy still on that matter I stay loyal with SASCHRON. and for the sake of all humanity I have taken an oath to not get involved with a-holes online ever again and to instead to take Micheal Harrison’s way about it and that’s just to keep it Squatch I miss that guy I think he just got fed up with the constant trolling and that is sad because he was truly an asset to our forum especially when the crew took off to the big T for a week because even though he was posting re-runs he was still the bigger man for not falling for the constant trolling- good for him I have learned from that experience and pledge to be better my self by taking a more peaceful professional approach since I am here for a sort of therapy for myself and to make sense of it all the last thing I came here for is to argue,good to here from you.

          • Esther P

            ChristopherC: I mentioned Red River & BrownSprings, OK because I am intrigued with the East TX Bigfoot hotspots that goes into Arkansas & OK. I’ve been researching into the history of each of the Indian tribes in these areas before tribes werel relocated & the old west in the 1800’s & into the 1900’s and then I remembered stories that Bear told about these areas including East TX & so I went a-looking into the history of these two locations. Red River’s history as a major route for settlers, outlaws, indians, Bigfoot, ManEater & has bad voodu. Red River flows thru SW Okla to NE TX into Arkansas & thru to Louisiana. And BrownSprings in SW OK is near the border of NE TX & Red River. These areas are hotspots for BF & ManEater & is swampy & is full of bad voodu. Look up Red River’s history or BrownSprings, OK. It’s really hair raising. Chow!

  3. Tyler D

    I had seen those pictures before. Thank you Wes for not giving up on this show man. You have no idea the positive changes this website has given me. I have gone through a lot of struggles in my life, not gonna go into all that, but Sasquatch Chronicles was the light at the end of the tunnel for me in a lot of ways. You give your fans a lot more than I think you realize. I absolutely love this show and I 100% believe that SC will play a huge part in the subject being taken seriously by the public. Thank you man

  4. patricia d

    Haven’t listened to the program yet…but went through some older episodes today and half of the encounters talked about are Will’s..i.e., episode 10 and many others…Wes, you do such a better job..kudo’s my friend! Now, I am gonna enjoy this new one 🙂

  5. brian w

    Great show Wes. With these pics I’m on the fence. It could be a bear with mange but mange wouldn’t explain the way it’s moving. Either way they are still great pics. Hey Wes ever think of holding a contest like a raffle and the winner gets to be a guest host? If you use my idea I get my 1st ticket for free lol

  6. Steve D


    • Wes

      Steve if I remember right your “nice email” was a lot like this comment. First of all I cannot force this guest or any guest to share evidence they have. Second I have hours and hours of audio and video to go through then I have to edit it down to the interesting portions. It is something I am working on, in fact I have spent most of today going back over hours of audio just listening. I am sorry you are frustrated but I am lost as too why you are so irate

      • ron n

        Hey Wes about two or so years ago there was a video of a creature taken on a flir camera.It was an creature on two feet that suddenly got down on all fours and it ran like a gorilla does on all fours down into a gully or creek bed down one side and then up across the other side in less than a couple of seconds it was on the other side very quickly and then on all fours it ran into another gully or creek bed after about another 5 or so seconds.The creature appeared quite far away from the first gully or creek
        through the trees.Of course who knows what that was but what was even more interesting was I went onto youtube the very next day I couldn’t find it again even though I had the address,just gone! Interesting…….The video was obviously removed.Could have been removed for a lot of reasons but I wondered if the person who posted it removed it because they were getting a lot of flak from having posted it.I imagine that posting videos leaves the person open to lots of inappropriate and angry comments and I know that from just seeing how insulting people can be. If I had a video I wouldn’t post it either!!!!!!!

      • Derek G

        I agree with you Wes. Lost as to why Steve is so angry. Steve there is indignation which is righteous anger at an injustice and then there is simply anger. Don’t parade your anger around as if it is indignation because no injustice has been done by Wes to you or any other paying member. If you are so hell bent on footage, save your money go for a trip to the big thicket area and get your own footage to share with all of us. You can have your opinion but your shitty attitude makes your opinion sound shitty too.

        • Asheim

          Well said Derek. I think it is pretty evident that Wes is a very busy man. Mike Wooley mentioned to me that he had gotten tons of emails on just the “balls of light” that was mentioned on one show. Think it is pretty tasteless to be jumping the gun and coming down on Wes. I appreciate all the hard work and all that goes into producing these shows for us every week and the added info. Sorry Wes hasn’t been able to serve you up a Sasquatch on a silver platter.

      • Jay Carlsen

        Sir , you are Politer than I am . Totally satisfied my self , content with listening . I woke up to these post (they were not there before I crashed out last night after listening to the Show . ( Good one , very Fascinating !)
        I put up with a lot of crap , Being a Christian , that I try to be & all . I put up with a lot of shit mouthed little kids , who would probably get spanked by their Mothers if caught using such Language . I truly do believe it is the Posting to the Computer Syndrome . Posting Foul Language , berating , Messages , to make people seem Tougher than they feel in Real Life .
        Who Knows , I enjoy the accounts , Thanks Again. Didn’t you put up w/ alot of that Grief when you done the Siege of Honobia . When they told you they had all kinds of Footage , but would not release it due to the Comments of these People w/ no manners ?
        It really is a Testament to your Character , how you can Communicate to others . ( I do have a talent with this Writing thing — I’ve been Told — Kind of Stupid , if you ask me . My Younger brother can talk sense to Anyone ( including my Father ) , the Baby Brother can Spell any word in the English Language – which would be useful . I can not spell very well & 1/2 the Time my Spell Checker is smoking the Weed . What can ya do ?) Bravo ! Great Episode ! I do not mind using my Imagination , I LAUGH at how I spent all that Money – to listen to a Radio Show on the Computer ! HAAAAAAAAAAA!

      • Kent C

        Wes ……Some years ago, I served as a Moderator on a site that was dedicated to a Simulation-type video game: ….And during that time I encountered many people like Steve. The “type” was characterized by their expression of anger over the quality of the product, their own poor game-play experience, and the feeling that they had not gotten what they expected for their money. (…..And their expectations always seemed to exceed financial practicality.)

        I (and the other moderators) never did find a way of pleasing the “Steves” that frequented our venue, and I doubt that you will ever make this Steve happy.

        Sadly, there are those people that complain about on-line issues simply because they have run out of things to complain about it their REAL lives.

        ……….Personally, I enjoy the show, and consider my subscription money to be well spent!

    • Wes

      Steve the other thing here is Tim was talking about videos that he and the Garretts have taken. I cannot force these guys to release anything to the public. That is what Tim was referencing in the show. I didn’t think me asking Tim why they do not release their evidence would set you off.

        • Janetta V

          I agree. Steve should be knocked off the the site and refunded. He has a bad attitude, anger issues and sounds like he could be violent. Never heard someone so mad over nothing. We all look forward to the new episodes and then a jerk like Steve posts this harsh language. You are doing great Wes, don’t let that stupid 1% bother you. Steve is very unlucky. He has to live with himself. That would be awful.

          • Asheim

            Yes, I have heard some sites have a zero tolerance level for people making attacks and foul language especially directed at the host. You say more about yourself then anyone else when you express yourself in that manner. I have always had the ethics of give the man the benefit of any doubt. I am not here to judge how Wes runs this site. If he wants to talk orbs of light then great! if his guest doesn’t choose to share his footage that is his business.

    • Esther P

      I just want SteveD to know this… Don’t pleuralize your negative comments against SC thru the use of “we” “us” “others” etc, because this is all about YOU and not me or others in this little drama of yours. If I have something to say to someone I’ll do that on my own.The other concern I have is this, “What benefits do you reap from your nasty behavior to this show & its hosts?” “People like you SteveD do what you do to others because of self-centered motives, or self-promotion, or boredom, or reactions based on ignorance, or maybe you are doing favors for a few nasty others that won’t identify themselves (cowards) by discrediting this show & its host(s) & by planting derogatory & nasty comments against SC into the minds of followers & listeners in an attempt to influence others against this show and its hosts. Just my opinion. I happen to appreciate the hard work that these folks at SC have contributed in bringing this subject out into the open. Good night.

    • James B

      Dear Steve,
      I don’t know you, so I am just guessing, Have you ever had a sighting. I will tell you, You really wish you never seen what you saw! Not just for the nightmares but mainly because of the ridicule. I am a Half Cherokee and know many elders of my tribe, so I took the individual who was with me and we went to see the elders, because I wasn’t sure why it did some things it did. I told them what happened and almost before I was through He told me, It would be bad for me and my friend if we told people, This was in 1974, I was 13. So I kept my mouth shut, and for a 13 year old that was damn hard. When I was a senior in High School, I told some girls I was trying to impress, and within a week everyone in that school knew. The town I lived in had hundreds of sighting within my tribe. but then the ridicule started, My friend that was with me, absolutely refused to back me up. And with in a Month, My car was trashed, My house was TP’ed, Egged even had rocks thrown through my windows. I went up and got my GED and after I got it, I quit school and moved. This is just a little of what happens, If I had photos or 8mm video or any true proof I would have took it out and burned it.
      So to you I am a lier, and really thats not fair, you see a butterfly with a 6in wingspan tonight, prove to me you seen that. You might tell the story, but you don’t have proof.
      And with a crypid you could show pictures, video, have fur, anything and you still get the ridicule, Thats one thing about Cryptozoology. No one believes you until you bring in a body. And that is going to be damn hard because you will be hunted by “Powers that Be” You will not get it in unless you have hundreds of people with you and helping you.
      and if you don’t like what you here, Its real easy, click it off!!

    • Cory M

      Well, I don’t think that went as planned, eh? Notice that NO ONE backed you as you probably thought was going to happen? That’s because you’re a DUMBASS, entitled, little bitch and no one wants to hear, or even cares about your idiocy!

  7. Tyler D

    I have actually read an encounter where a bigfoot was attempting to bear hug a woman’s dog. I think it was 2-3 in the morning a this woman heard a dog growling, and she said her dog barely ever growls, so she assumed there was a dog outside that was trying to get after her cats or something along those lines. So as she walks outside she flips her porch light on walks down the steps n turns to see a massive hairy creature knelt down bair hugging her dog around the dog’s neck area. She said the creatures arms we’re so large that she could hardly see her dog at all. But when the animal noticed he was being watched he slowly stood up n dropped the dog. The woman said she assumed her dog was dead cuz it dropped to the ground lifeless. The creature slowly backed up to the tree line, not taking his eyes off the woman until he completely cosumed by the wilderness around them. At that time she rushed to her dog to realize he was still breathing just very shooken up

    • Asheim

      Glad we don’t have Sasquatch around us here in Norway but there have been sightings further north. That poor dog. What was the ceature going to do I wonder? Sometimes it seems they just kill to kill or maybe for spite because they hate humans.

  8. Tyler D

    Steve, get that negativity n nonsense out of here. Your insults aren’t helping a damn thing pal. You remember this used to be a multi host show, correct? Wes is doing all this stuff by himself now. Just relax, it’ll be released when they want to release it. N by the way, YOU DON’T SPEAK FOR THE PAYING VIEWERS. KEEP THAT CRAP IN THE EMAILS, NOBODY WANTS TO READ YOUR TEMPER TANTRUM

    • Martin Z

      I was just listening to some old episodes a came ip on this one. Steve is a paying CUSTOMER and Ers isrrunning a business. Steve is entitled to voice his opinion regardless of how nadt it may be. People on SC have this impression that this is some kind of club, wrll it’s not. Also you don’t have to read shit so mind your own business that no one rang your bell.

  9. brian w

    Wow Steve B do you feel better now for calling Wes out? Do you feel you won some kind of victory? I’ll tell you what you won. You won a membership to the skeptics lounge. If you feel you are being ripped off then cancel your membership and move on. I’m sure Wes gets requests every day for something as do anyone that has a show like this. To give everyone what they want after every show would take a month or more and to think you are at the top of the list is insane. This is a weekly show and to do what you want would make this a monthly show and I believe the rest of us like it the way it is.

  10. Dustin D

    REALLY STEVE?!?!?! If you read the posts above yours commenting on these photos you hear that its everything form a bear to a lemur!!!! This is exactly why they dont want to release anything!!! Next time dont lash out with emotion and think about what your saying!
    P.S. I dont think $7 a month is enough money to put up with ASSHOLES talking to me like that!! So please keep your mouth shut and dont wreck this for the rest of us!

    Wes you guys are doing a GREAT job!!!! Please keep it up!!

  11. Frankie P

    Another great show Wes! I really like his attitude too. Do they “catch” this from Mr. Garrett? Ha. Boy, they have some experiences, and seem to be a close knit group that really works good together. I really like the pictures too. I’ve seen them before, and they look real hominid to me. Proportions are just wrong for bear, I think. Anyway, thanks for a great end to my Sunday!

  12. Joni

    I agree hunters are hard headed, I tried telling my twin brother ( because I love him so much I don’t
    Want him to be hurt by one of these creatures) He’s a big time Hunter and has a beef cattle farm with all kind of wildlife around Turkey,deer,coyotes etc… I just wanted him to listen to down the rabbit hole or a hunters encounter…. he text me back QUIT IT ! Get a hobby…. oh well I tried ,now I hope
    One Scares the Shit out of him ! Pants changing moment. But not come up missing and not get hurt,But I so want him to call me to say he’s SORRY

  13. scott p

    Wow Steve D. really dude ? Wes the show is awesome i’ve listened to every single episode at least two or three times. . I love what you guys are doing, take this guy to texas and let him get his own footage and vocalizations. maybe get him ran out of the bush,,, haha . you should hook Les Stroud up with Bob G.. to do some research together,

  14. Brian Y

    I wish he would of told us more of what the one that was so close to him and Bob looked like. He must have gotten a good look at his face. Keep up the good work Wes, from Brian in Minnesota.

  15. WALT D

    I cannot say for certain what I am looking at in the jacob’s photo but I have seen bear in the wild up close and personel. That is no bear ! Wes great show. I agree if you want to know the answeres get out into the woods. Or just wait and here it on the news. Steve D is a total prick !

  16. Eddie M

    The photo is an ape of some kind Definately not a bear. Can’t really see how any one could look at that and see a bear. I Definately have bear on my property and have seen from deer stand seat to bottom of stand close … Mom, dad and Cubs. That photo is Definately not a bear…the anatomical build prohibits anything but an ape of some kind.

  17. Eddie M

    No one has the right to demand anyone to release anything…these people work to acquire “their” property and it is there’s to keep or release…I don’t get why anyone think they have that right to demand anything…I don’t really think the demanding parties have a clue what it takes to get “that” kind of video. 4 or 5 miles in the woods here is a lot like work…dangerous work in the summer time . The demand ees need to try it on and they might not be so demanding….some times I think people are paid plants to just dis credit the credible…especially the credible.

  18. Eddie M

    Oh …great job Wes as usual. You’re hitting Homeruns picking guests. No b.s. In them…I agree the guy last week and Mr. Garrett cut out of same cloth.

  19. Gale R

    Good show.
    I have a suggestion. I don’t want to come here and read someone’s ranting and foul language especially all in capital letters. No one is asking this person who is so unhappy to stay and I don’t care if he stays. I suspect several of us would be happy to Never see another post from him. I’d like to suggest you remove him and refund his money,because he sounds an awful lot like some of the others that were here before. However, if not I just wanted to say You are doing a good job. Thank you.

  20. ron n

    Thank you Wes and thank you for sharing an example of some of the negative comments that hopefully you don’t have to experience
    too often (ie Steve’s rant) Amazing show!

  21. joe g

    Steve D., please don’t speak for the rest of us. If you are that upset about not seeing or hearing video/audio proof,save your incredibly high seven dollars per month, stop your subscription and go out and get your OWN proof before you have a coronary over seeing/hearing someone else’s work and effort. Wes, thanks and keep up the fight.

  22. Jay Carlsen

    Isn’t that Fascinating ! Picking the Hog up & Smashing it against the Tree & eating it .
    Didn’t I hear an Encounter on here , of a Sasquatch being Shot , & right away another one jumped out of the Brush . & Killed the one that took the Bullet , Smashing it against a tree & eating it .
    Has anyone ever looked into the 411 series ? the story of the People that all they find are little Bone Chips ? Feet standing in boots with broken femurs sticking out the Top ? I wonder if that was a Similar Scenario ? As the One bashed the hog against the Tree. Could lend thought to the Bone Chips ? I never ate Raw Meat before , I am like my steak Burnt .
    —– & HEY ! I am that embarrassing Uncle!—– ( PRIDE ) now I get thrown in the same Bucket as Sasquatch ….. Fuck It .
    Hasn’t people killed them before , & THE MAN Shuts them right down ?
    The top Photo , with it’s arms outstretched , Standing straight legged , but at a Side View , bent over as if sniffing the ground ? Totally See it !

  23. Dovie D

    This is clearly not a bear. I appreciate all the videos and pictures individuals choose to share and appreciate the respect you give your guests with their decisions. I want to thank you for putting this all together for your viewers and enjoy listening to all of your guests. I hear of people putting out hoaxes which really irritates me as if this is all a joke. I see this as putting others at risk since it creates so much doubt in others to where they still hike alone. As I have commented before me and my husband back in 1985-86 while walking or hiking in the woods as we were caming out the other side we came upon a game trail about 5 ft wide I noticed large barefoot prints. I never thought much about it at the time other then commenting to my husband that it seemed odd someone would take their shoes off and go barefoot walking the trail. The barefoot prints were Large and Wide. Larger then my husbands foot print by far and much wider. I tried to find where the person might have taken their shoes off at but couldn’t fine a shoe print then the next foot print was about 5 ft out in front of th first one. I then looked to find where the person might have put their shoes back on but the prints stopped after I saw about 3-4 prints. There were a few other details I recall but my point is to those that don’t believe if I had not seen those prints myself I might not believe either but it never dawned on me until I saw that big foot show and they taked about foot prints then it was a light went on. Wow I don’t know what we would have done had one stepped out on that path. I hope others appriciate all of your hard work. I love the show and look forward to the next one. I wish I understood why people want to lie and create hoaxes around bigfoot like the guy in California who said he shot a bigfoot. I heard it was because he was out bear hunting out of season and didn’t want to get caught. That really irritated me. Even the people on finding big foot who say they saw one but clearly they didn’t and even the footage they obtain was a hoaxe. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Personally I think when people do that there should be a fine or some form of consequences. And no I don’t watch that show anymore that is a joke too but it did allow the light to go one for me and my husband.

    • Jay Carlsen

      ……… I do not KNOW , but wasn’t Meat from the Kill submitted into the D.N.A test just done ? I do not put to much into Rumors that spread . Keith Stubstad ( I think was his Name ) who submitted the Toe Nail , He said it was all legit . She was a Professional Women about it , & everything else is all just hearsay . Everything Smejah said about her was Bullshit . ( Did he say it to duct out of a Fine ? Threats from Big Brother ? To KEEP the Topic in the Realm of Fantasy? Did the Suite & the Biker get to Him ? Was it them spreading the Rumors ?)
      She has before done work for Law Enforcement , Presented Evidence on Court Cases . Why then would she Lie about it ? I think people just ‘Lock’ on to the First thing Said , & no longer ” think ” About their own Thoughts?
      ( Not trying to belittle anyone , or Berate . Only putting a Comment on a Forum here )
      Like good ol Rick The Prick Dyer , What would be the Chances ; Someone had caught Wind of him . After the First One . ( the one he admitted to Hoaxing ) What are the Chances he was ” Got Too ” ? As big Brother looking down in the Freezer ……….. & said ” Look here Son . I do not know where you Shot This Monkey at? but if you bring it to the Fore Front FULL PENALTY of the Law will be carried out . Better call it a Hoax & we will forget ANY thing ever Happened ? ”
      So then he went out again ? This time to Film where he murdered one of these things ? The Film shot where the guy from the UK jumps out After him yelling ” WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ! ” bang ! & when the camera turned & he says ” I can’t fucking believe you just done that …” & gets ran over by that hairy thing , Knocked flat on his back . As the Digital camera adjust it self as this thing Steps over him , That is NOT a Human Hand . that Sweeps in view , just as it focuses .
      How many of these things have Been Shot & killed . only to be Covered up ? How many Body’s have been out there ? Just to have the Lid closed over them ? I do not KNOW Rick the Prick , Or the Doctor . I believe her . I do not KNOW about Him . If he is a Liar or not ? I did not follow his story so much .
      But remember , only a few episodes ago . People harassing the Host Here even ? ” OH THATS BULL SHIT ! ” ” Where is the Proof ” ” No One Believes ya ” ” Nice buying a Used Hummer on a Fucking Lie ! ” Wasn’t That what a Whole Episode was wasted on ? ( I Totally believe ya ! Never seen one my self – do not care too. But i did hold a Cast of a Print & found a Track way that ran to the Woods at Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in northern Michigan . That No Human could possibly had made . unless they could Fly )
      Only on what Native’s have to say about it , I am a Believer . They were here before We Were . Wouldn’t They Know ?
      I am With ya on the Television Show . I no longer watch either . Just Silly .
      WHY Do they Ridicule this Topic so much ? Suppress any Info ? Because , if this does come to light . Wouldn’t THAT be it for the Evolution Theory ? Show it to be the Sham it Is ? Wouldn’t THAT Thing , Be the Cave Man ? The Hominoid ? ( close , but not quite ) that is not how Evolution Works . I Totally agree with the law of the Jungle , Only the Strong Survive . But every thing coming from a Single Celled organism , that magically appeared in some mud puddle somewhere ? not so much .
      Years after holding the Plaster Cast , I ran across someone from where it was cast from. Lake Ann Michigan has a local Legend of the ” Clay Bank Creature ” the restaurants in town all have the Sasquatch Burger as their Premier Hamburger . The Man who ‘Claimed ‘ To have Faked all the Tracks , lived in the small town . The cast I held in my Hands came from 5 miles south of town . On a old back road , the only house for a mile each way . This Man Admitted to me in a Bar , that he had done all the tracks . But he admitted it to be 3 years After the print was cast , & he told me he Lived in town . just didn’t add up for me .
      I believe the cast i held was genuine . & that guy I met 20 years later might have faked some tracks , & run all over town with them . But he did say he left the Tracks in the Snow , The cast I held was found after it had rained for 4 days , cast from a print in clay found around their Horse Barn . Who Knows ….. But I believe. the ones who should be Ashamed , are those keeping it in the closet . & if they are Hoaxes them too . But the D.N.A thing , I think was Solid . They Are a People – 2 arms – 2 legs – just like you & Me . They Speak , Just as We Do . very Intelligent. Just as We Are . Different , Feral , yeah . But they are Human . ( I am Sure of it )
      Oh , bye the Way . Did you realize , that we share like 58% of our D.N.A With Maple Tree’s ? Because just like Maple Trees we are Living Beings . Fair ? Yeah …… We both reproduce in our own ways , Both Process energy differently, Both Grow , Both Die . & No that’s not Proof for evolution , it is Proof we are Both Alive ! When has a Maple Tree ever had a Human Baby ? that is just Silly .
      Thank you for the Topic ! I can cry about……. You are Great ! Have a Wonderful Day ! Please keep posting , I like the Comments that make me Think.

  24. Esther P

    I just want SteveD to know this… Don’t pleuralize your negative comments against SC thru the use of “we” “us” “others” etc, because this is all about YOU and not me or others in this little drama of yours. If I have something to say to someone I’ll do that on my own.The other concern I have is this, “What benefits do you reap from your nasty behavior to this show & its hosts?” “People like you SteveD do what you do to others because of self-centered motives, or self-promotion, or boredom, or reactions based on ignorance, or maybe you are doing favors for a few nasty others that won’t identify themselves (cowards) by discrediting this show & its host(s) & by planting derogatory & nasty comments against SC into the minds of followers & listeners in an attempt to influence others against this show and its hosts. Just my opinion. I happen to appreciate the hard work that these folks at SC have contributed in bringing this subject out into the open. Good night.

  25. ron n

    Wes is there a way to post videos on this site so that the trolls and attention seekers are somehow filtered out of this site?I agree with you if there ever is a way for people to share videos and not be attacked I also believe that you would get some pretty clear video evidence as a result.More importantly than the video evidence I so agree with you! I didn’t subscribe to sasquatch chronicles to watch videos or sound bytes of a creature that is the worst kept secret in north america, I listen because I find it an honest show that allows people to connect to each other and allows people to be validated with their experiences and so far the Government has not shut the show down! I hope that the Government allows people who choose to research sasquatch to research it .I believe that people have a right to know if there is a creature out there that is potentially very dangerous ; we have a right to know that.I could care less about the attention seeking people
    who want to finally provide irrefutable evidence that sasquatch is real for fame or monetary reasons.This is a great show Wes thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this show and all of the researchers who put in all of their own time into studying this creature and sharing their observations so selflessly with all of us.Awesome!!!!!!

  26. Terry R

    Great show Wes. It’s hard to forget what happened to Bob Garrett with all the crap he was getting from the government officials. Tim has been kind enough to share his experiences with us, even after seeing what happened to Bob from a front row seat. Frankly I’m shocked and grateful that he is sharing anything at all. Thank you for having him as a guest. I truly hope that you don’t take Steve’s comments to heart, and something tells me that no matter how much you do, or how hard you work at this show, you will never please Steve. Perhaps Steve has never heard, “It’s better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Wes, the hours that you must put in have to be draining you, and thank you again for everything.
    I realize that some people didn’t care for Will, but he did add a lot of scientific prospective to the show, obviously some people didn’t care for that. His association with Green and DeHinden was monumental when you stop and consider their contributions to the Sasquatch research, again, some people just don’t care for that. It seems that you have picked up some interview techniques from your association with him, or maybe he picked them up from you. In any event, it does add depth to the interviews, rather than have the other person get off the order of the experience or miss any details.
    Good job Wes and thanks for all that you do.

  27. Milton L

    The interview was interesting and really excellent.
    It is understandable to me if video or photos are not released. Researchers have a right to their own material. Also it would be prudent for backup to be kept in a separate location, and out of the grasp of any potential interference.

    However, the part where the map of sightings being overlayed with the map of missing persons has me concerned. That, and the “meatwagon” bit.

    If you must keep the sightings map private, then maybe releasing the missing persons map would prevent at least some people from falling prey to this creature.

  28. Lori J

    Another Great Show! Thanks Wes for taking the time to put these together for your listeners..I for one appreciate all the work and time you put in for us!

  29. Papa - Yeti

    Top show – 1000 + percent, Wes, your hard work ( and it is very hard work, editing and listening, re-listening), all of that is very appreciated Wes, thanks. As well thanks to Tim Sermons for his investigating of the Creatures and his honesty as well. great show.

  30. Papa - Yeti

    I have, this very evening come to the realization that, there are just some people who should never be allowed to own firearms, bullets, and nothing sharper than a rubber spoon…

  31. Casey M

    I’d kindly ask that people keep their posts as short as possible. Please take the time to consolidate your ideas so I don’t waste 5min scrolling past it anyway.

  32. Rod C

    Wes, another great show thank you for your hard work.
    Someone needs to take steve to SE Texas, tie him to a tree for a couple nights, let him rant and see if it would call in a BF. It could be caught on 3 game cams triangulated around his position. Then he won’t need to see anyone’s vids.

    • Jay Carlsen

      YEAH !!! Now I do not Feel Bad !
      Never took it in High school ( yeah , i am a Old Fucker ) Oil Field since 1992 ( No Typing There ) anything I Type is all 2 finger work . Left Pointer , Right Pointer …… I am glad I am not Alone ! Thank you sir , you put a Smile on my Face !

  33. Kay S

    Steve D how dare you group me into your childish rant by using the words ‘we’ when referring to members! I have followed Wes and SC from episode 1 podcast. I’m not ashamed to say I’m avid fan and if I have a problem with Wes I’ll speak for myself thank you very much!
    Wes will release his info when, and if, he’s ready. It is his info after all. We pay for access to the member content of this site, which is what Wes decides to put on it. Please lose the attitude and give the man a break!

  34. Paris A

    Great Show Bro. If ya lesson to the other BF shows out there, none compare with this show. And they are so pissed that they where not able to destroy you (Wes). I’ve heard few make the commit lately. “The SC fans have blind loyalty.” Wes, i don’t know you dude, but you put out a great product, I for one enjoy. Keep Rocking Bro.

  35. diana m

    Another great show, Wes! Hope you can get Tim as a recurring guest!! So much fantastic observations & experiences.

    Good to hear that Tim knows what he’s looking at regarding the Jacobs photos. I never realized that boogers were that flexible in their lower back. Note to self: dust off yoga dvd.

    PS – Sasquatch Genome Project has added content. I found it interesting that they’re specifically looking at the nuDNA ~ admixtures of primates including human in the Y chromosome lineages.

  36. Asheim

    Thanks Wes for a great show and all the efforts you put into it!! You are much appreciated and you have a lot of us supporters out here just remember that. Got a lot of respect for you carrying on and keeping things going.

  37. Michael K

    Getting sick of all the guest talking about great photos and films. Where are all these great bits of evidence?
    Wes, ask for the shots when the guests mention it.

  38. DonRay

    Your absolutely right Wes….. i have pics from the 80’s up until Feb. that only close friends and family get shown.. And only a few of them truly believe it exists…… i grew up in the Hockomock….. and now in Maine… I’ve realized it doesnt matter where you are, they’re around!… The only pic or video i will release, will be the undeniable ones… As of right now, i dont have any pics different than any other ones out there,,, The only difference is the info i have in my head and my own theories…I have spent a lot of time in those small areas your talking about Wes, except there is no over crowding, they each get their own lil area(most of it is Conservation land)……. They behave a lil different in these areas, that i’ve noticed……….. I have good stories and theories(i will e-mail)….. I’m definitely not interested in $… its specifically personal too me.. Ciao 🙂

  39. johnny b

    Cool show Wes! Thanks! Hey Wes, when u have some down time u should watch “EXISTS”; I tough it was pretty decent for BF movies and it’s also supposed to be happening at The big thicket, AKA “jurassic park” ….u can find it in amazon prime for rent @2.99…. anyway, thanks for the show!

  40. Pat T

    Hey Wes , it’s obvious that most of your members appreciate the hard work that goes into each show. The show sounds more professionaly and maturely done with the guest getting plenty of time to share with out interruptions. Very happy you hung in there and continue to look forward to each new show. Agree with Scott P. Re: Les Stroud and Bob Garrett.

  41. MilitantDanny

    I’ll add my $.02 on Steve’s outburst, but not about the anger aspect. For the record, I personally believe my $.02 to be worth a dollar and some change, but don’t we all? haha
    Alright, I too grow frustrated when someone says “We got video of them, we got pictures…” but then they won’t put it out there. I like to give people the benefit of doubt though, call me gullible, but the only thing I lack is a clear daylight sighting to prove to me these things exist so their “evidence” really is just reinforcement at this point personally. So here’s what I’m leaning towards: When people say “I got video”, I’m guessing they mean they have slivers of something in a handful of frames, but if you were there and able to combine the audio, the buildup, the atmosphere, etc…. it would make sense. So maybe the video and pictures aren’t definitive enough to release as it would just get criticized as “blob-squatches” (which there are way too many non-legit blob squatches on the internet as it is).

    If this is the case YOU GUYS BEING INTERVIEWED NEED TO SPECIFY THIS to avoid criticism at least here.

    Now, one last point – the Jacobs Photos. I know one of the individuals who investigated those photos initially. He is a close relative and sort of assistant to the BFRO Investigator who took lead on that (he had access the “the Flats” but wasn’t a full fledged BFRO Investigator). There was never any mention of “other” photographs that showed more detail than the ones released, so I don’t know where Mr. Sermans got that information.

  42. Letty

    Great educational show! I am learning a lot from all these encounters! This particular show had some new information on behaviors that I didn’t know. Love it!

  43. Richard W

    Greetings Wes, from Rick & Jill W from The Great White North!
    Your show with Tim on Sunday night was AWESOME!!!!! We listened to it 3 times that same night and again last night. My wife (Jill) likes to listen to it as she falls asleep as it encourages her to dream about Sasquatch (usually pleasant dreams).

    Anyways, to get to the point, we were reading the posts from Sundays show and saw Steve D’s negative comments and we just wanted you to know that he speaks only for himself and not for us, your faithful followers, just as others have posted. We understand you have no control over the choice of others to post or not to post videos and pictures for any reason.

    We understand that you were suddenly left short handed and that you were probably working on the content that you gathered during your Big Thicket trip, preparing to share it with us all. We are very anxious to see what you can share with us. The weeks leading up to your trip to Texas went by slowly, and then the week you were in Texas went by agonizingly slower even still.
    Then unfortunately upon your return home from Texas you were broadsided with all that crap regarding Will and needed time to regroup, thus delaying your sharing more details of your experiences further.

    Please Wes just know we are patiently awaiting what you can share with us with great anticipation. We visit the SC site multiple times daily to see if anything new posted, so you can imagine how excited we are to hear and see more about the Big Thicket encounters, Bob Garrett and Bob’s team.
    Wes, we stand behind you buddy!
    Keep up the great work procuring these exciting guests who unselfishly share their encounters for all the world to hear.
    Rick & Jill W.

  44. Rob

    I have been listening to the show for quite some time (started around episode 30) and have really enjoyed some of the encounters, but I have to agree with others (though I will avoid going on a rant) that it is getting really old listening to these folks who have all these photos and Flir evidence yet put nothing out. It seems like the rationale of this is the fact that people don’t want their clips getting ripped apart and over examined. Well, I’m sorry, but that happens with all things of this nature and careful examination and scrutiny should be recommended not shunned. If Patterson had felt this way we would never have the Bluff Creek Film. I definitely like some aspects of the show but don’t feel at this time it is worth the 7 bucks a month. I wish you all the best. If these people that have these multiple encounters and habituation sites start to release some actual video then I will definitely be back on board but at this point it sounds like a broken record.

  45. Tim S

    I appreciate the good comments. Thanks everyone. Funny thing about evidence though. Wes just put a piece of footage up before the show aired. It is The Hill Top Squatch Stabilized. It was filmed with a Gen 1 night vision and yes the squatch was lying down on the side of the hill. All you can see is the head, the left shoulder and the hand. From a behavior standpoint, this thing never moved showing their patience and confidence. I may release some stills with some more enhancements from the video.

  46. sherry r

    Good job Wes! and Tim also, I really enjoyed the interview, I am going to listen again for things that I might have missed. As for the pics,I have seen alot of black bears after they were killed and hanging up to butcher, (my father and husband were avid hunters back in the day) and I ve never seen a bear that was that skinny and with long legs like that pic! Seems more like chimps to me. Or boogers! Just saying….. Thanks for all the interesting topics!!

  47. Andrew B

    If someone on here knows Wes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask him to tell his guests to speak into the phone and not seemingly hold it under their chin, or on speakerphone ? This episode sounded like shit. The guest sounded underwater and this seems to happen a lot. Terrible audio.

  48. Beth M

    I had seen this picture posted on the internet long before I started listening to SC. This is just my observation, but my observation from the first time I saw it to now still remains the same. This is no bear. I have raised three children and have a couple grandkids and this photo reminds me of a toddler age child doing a half ass head stand, anyone who has had a toddler should see what I mean, my kids when little would do this all the time when playing, entertaining themselves, just being goofy ect. Have seen monkeys at the zoo do this also. Just my humble observation. BTW thanks for all you do Wes, great show!

  49. Tammi C

    ….and body proportions indicate NOT bear. These IMO are incredible pics of what many describe (taking into consideration they are described in various types of body mass, etc. ??????

  50. L S

    I find there are three types of comments. 1) Totally innocent, but ignorant. Easy to ignore. 2) Thoughtful. Sometimes ignorant, sometimes not. At least they’re thinking about it. 3) Hostile. These comments are the easiest to ignore. The hostile ones are the way they are due to ego, or possibly they’re part of the dis-info campaign. The gov has controlled the masses with ridicule for a long time, and it’s time we stop giving that power. Who gives a flying flurfie what anyone says, does, or thinks. Be you. Tell your truth. The pranksters, the liars,well, who cares about them either. You can’t control anybody else, so let them be.

  51. craig d

    Is that night vision? Cool.
    Thank ya for posting them. Funny how the know it alls are quick to dismiss. I think it’s the Government plants and their campaign of discredit. You know your over the target when pics like this are questioned.
    Don’t agree with this guy but appreciate his effort. Don’t trust anyone associated with BFRO.

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