Jul 21

SC EP:973 The Wobbegong Monster

Chase writes “I’m from Southern Indiana. Over the years I’ve had several strange encounters with some pretty exciting action! The bulk of my encounters occurred over a 5-6 month period in 2021, but have had occasional encounters prior to that, feel free to reach out if you’d like! Thank you for your time!”

Spoke to Chase and growing up his neighbor would let him use his property for fishing and hunting. Chase and his friend found these large human like tracks. He asked the neighbor about it and Chase said “He was an older gentleman and his eyesight wasn’t the best and he said that was his friend, if they stay after dark they might see him. Chase thought the guy was talking about a human and wondered why his friend ran around without shoes on.

Chase will be discussing recent activity in the area including his sighting.








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70 Responses to “SC EP:973 The Wobbegong Monster”

  1. Linda B

    Hey Brian #1!!!!
    Whoop whoop.
    Thanks Wes and appreciate your guests coming on! Best podcast ever! Love the way you are so gracious understanding, and kind with your guests.

  2. m99

    Whoop! Probably 17th but happy as a clam. Thank you Wes. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a special section for the early shows? We could call it ‘Wes G. & Early Show’. The Skipper has to work late so I’m doing this solo. Thanks again! Listening now. 🙂

  3. Jesse D

    Dude every Friday I break out my OG Nintendo and play super Mario bro. 3 while I listen to this show. Maybe I can finally make it to level 6 for once 😂😂 Happy FriYAY everyone!

  4. Maria G

    Hi Guys.. fashionably late..lol . Getting ready to listen to tonight’s show. Thanks Wes. Hey Jason where about are you? I’m up here in Mid-Coast Maine. woot woot. hehe. Have a great weekend everyone.. sending warmest regards 🤗

  5. Meghan M

    i loved this episode- Chase was great. I especially loved his quote “there is a lot more going on than what mainstream society would have us believe”. great job as always Wes 🤎🦧

      • KRISTA J

        I don’t reply often, but I’m always here, at some point, or another. I love your platform Wes, it’s the best by far. Chase was a great guest, and it really was enjoyable listening to his experiences. Thx Wes, for being real. That, is all, most of us, gen x, are looking for to hese days, and Chase seems he’s a older soul, making coffee over the fire… Love it. Best regards. Krista from Vermont

  6. Linda B

    Hey guys, checking back in because where else can I really share this: my brother smelled something weird as his dog was alerting–my brother was in a rural area fishing….and my brother heard a loud whoop. Then he thought he saw a large black cone shaped head peeking out from a tree so he walked up towards this thing and when he got to the area there was nothing there. The dog has run ahead of my brother and was sniffing around. . Five days later I go to visit him and I see a black helicopter, no markings or names or anything on the helicopter, hovering over a field, very low. That never happens out here in that area. Didn’t look military. Weird.

    • Connie F

      Yes, we sold all the property, moved into a gated community over a hundred miles away. After a couple of years of city life taking a toll, we bought a property on the same road, a few miles away, but closer to the river. There were 5 houses in this small subdivision and we knew the property well. It turned out to be the most terrifying place I have ever lived, and we sold it in less than two years. It is a long story, which probably should never be made public.

  7. Roy F

    Chase, you picked the right place to tell of your encounter and other related experiences. It’s appreciated here and you did a great job explaining your history with the Sasquatch. This planet is an amazing place to explore. Again Wes, you do a great job bringing the real encounters to SC, and weeding out the narcissist attention seekers.

  8. Roy F

    I see what you’re saying, Jacob, we’re domesticated wolves after selective breeding. I understand your analogy. And what if ET’s were our masters (humans), the ones that did the manipulating (breeding). Like I say very often, you never know.

  9. Chase Y

    Rob S, I believe that’s where I heard the name Wobbegong some years ago and for whatever reason when my wife asked me what was making sounds I just jokingly gave it the name Wobbegong Monster.

  10. Jason D

    Yeah Wes, its been sub tropical here this season and the fires North certainly don’t help the situation. I hope we hear from the NE witness. As you well know, they are here my friend.

  11. Marc D

    Great podcast Wes! Been listening for years. I’m looking for the podcast of a sighting in York, Pa. In this podcast, the creature does the spider crawl. I am new to York county Pennsylvania. Moved here from Missouri and am really excited of the sightings here. If you could let me know it would be much appreciated..

  12. Cindy W

    Wes, you are the absolute best!! Love the guests too! I’ve been with you since the beginning and every show is still as exciting as when I first began! My heart feels for you being so hot cuz I know you are not used to the devil’s breath breathing down on you! Hon, I’m from middle Alabama, and every summer I tell that ole devil he just needs to go back to Georgia and look for that fiddle he lost!! It’s too dang hot!! Bless your heart, darlin, I do hope it gets cooler for you soon!! Keep on being the BEST!!

  13. Tina A

    I too live in this area. I am well aware of the Crosley Minster. I had an experience at Crosley Wildlife refuge. I was hiking and playing around making whoops and suddenly a big tree branch came flying down the hill! I looked up and seen what looked like a reddish brown stump at top of hill. I had just walked down that hill and didn’t remember seeing it! The person I was with didn’t want to investigate it so we got the heck out of there!

  14. Karla G

    I work at Grandfather Mountain Stewardship in W. North Carolina and we have black bears in captivity, and many wild bear roaming free at our facility. The American Black Bear can be black, brown, cinnamon colored, and even blonde, believe it or not. The black bear that are not your typical black color are not very common, but they do occur.

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