May 28

SC EP:958 Living Next Door To The Minnesota Iceman

Mike writes “I lived next to Capt Francis Hanson (owned the iceman) growing up. My parents and myself are still excited speak with you. My father is a retired sheriffs deputy and my mother retired from Mayo Clinic.”

I spoke to the family and they have agreed to come on the show. Carl who is Mike’s father said “I will tell you why the Minnesota Iceman disappeared. The building Capt Hanson had this creature in burned down.” Carl and his brother worked part time on the Hanson farm.







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112 Responses to “SC EP:958 Living Next Door To The Minnesota Iceman”

    • Nolebez

      Wes I waiting doing the intro to hear “Great Question no one has ever asked me that before. You all will remember I’m sure, about tru-ah-shamma-nah pressure. See after I kicked Corn Pop’s behind with my electric manual razor scooter. That ice man critter fell out of a young girls hair. Right while I was trying to figure out if she used an all in one shampoo and conditioner. Or if she was a safisticated young woman of taste & style. I never got my answer. I got a restraining order! Can you believe that? My doctor mommy wife couldn’t. She’s a lawyer too and a great ventriloquist. I was like c’mon man. I’m from Harrisburg Delaware the great state of train accidents. I can ignore because it’s all Russian information. They’re just trying to stop me from getting you all Batti-calf-care man. Damned Dog faced pony soilders all of them c’mon man”

  1. winkatme


    • m99

      _We laughed at the comment, was that music intentional? You know, “Send in the Clowns”. Well sure it was.

      Wes gathers, writes, edits, produces, and presents every bit of Sasquatch Chronicles. And I’d have to say, does a very good job of it too! We enjoyed the whole inro > the voice (bhaaaaa), explanation, music, opening bs (all of which illustrated the way the subject presented the ‘Iceman’ around the country).

      I always think, well, if you can’t keep up, how about moving on over, ’cause the big dawg’s coming through… hummmm, think I’ll relisten to the intro…

  2. Jesse K

    Seen that story about the Minnesota Iceman many times over the years. Very Interesting case for sure. Thanks to all for sharing!!! Remember those who gave All and lift up their families in your prayers. God Bless America!!!

  3. Doug K

    Hey Wes!!! Thank you to you and your guests for another great episode on Sasquatch Chronicles!!! Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone out there.!!!!!

  4. Karla G

    Being shot in the head doesn’t necessarily mean that your skull fragments. I unfortunately had reason to see a man who had been shot in the back of the head, and it was just a small bullet wound, with hardly even any blood even.

    • Matthew M

      Your right, ive seen also a few head shot wounds amd it depends on the caliber /pistol/rifle and round type that deoends on how much damage is done by entry and exit, and one was a 9mm and there wasn’t much fragments at all just a entry wound and the bullet made a small exit wound by the had it been a hollow point round it would’ve done alot more damage.

  5. Tim K

    Thank you service men & women for your sacrifice!!
    Great show WES!!
    THKS, for the interesting story and your guests for there time.
    Great show, Great show!!

  6. Linda O

    Great show! Thanks Wes and guests, hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend and thanks to those who have and are serving!! Be safe everyone!!!

  7. Laura K

    Such an interesting show, Wes. Thank you. I like the multi generational guests. And who would have thought to find these nice folks? the Amazing Wes Germer!

    • m99

      _I agree so much with you Laura K ~ And how courteous he is too. Wes isn’t trying to change or convince anyone of anything. For example, when he asked the elder gentleman if perhaps he had run over the thing in the road? the man said, no, no way, this area isn’t wooded enough for that. We all know (here at SC) that these creatures are everywhere, and seem to be able to hide out even in farm areas where there’s no trees. So, my point is, this good host just flows with it. And I really appreciate that about Wes, don’t you. 🙂

  8. David C

    Question – In 1967 I went to the Montreal Expo and there was an exhibit of a few “unexplained” finds from around the world. They had the little gold “planes” found in Egypt in the 1920’s and other items like this. I remember seeing “the ice man” in a block of ice frozen. They said it was a “cave man” – it was very weird looking. I always wondered if this was the same specimen?

  9. Mike B

    Wess, your little skit made you look like a clown. I don’t pay for thinly veiled political drama. I don’t like any of’em. Please keep ’em out of it.

  10. Thomas B

    I saw the Ice Man in 1963-64? at the Calhoun County Fair in Marshall, MI. Cost $0.25 to go inside the tent to see. As I recall it was big, maybe 7+feet long, covered with long black hair. Much bigger than the average man. It did’nt look quite human, but more human than ape. I had no idea what to think of it. Knew nothing of Sasquatch at the time.

  11. Chad W

    As a kid in the early 70s, I saw a ‘creature’ at a carnival. This would’ve been in eastern Oklahoma. Yes, there was a nominal fee for seeing it, within a kind of trailer (as I recall – it was a long time ago). I’m hesitant to say it was the Ice Man, because I remember it being hawked specifically as a “Bigfoot”. I don’t remember that they called an ice man. Anyway, it was a big, brown furry thing lying down for customers to see. Even as a kid at the time, I had doubts that particular thing was real.

    • m99

      Back then Chad I balked at that kind of stuff. I wished I had seen it, but was the world biggest skeptic. I’ll have to ask my brother if he saw it at the fair back then. I wouldn’t go look at any of that kind of stuff, thinking, it’s sad, or fake. Now where’s that Cotton Candy booth…

  12. Darryl H

    I wouldn’t be so quick to accept that the fire that burned down the shed where the Iceman was being kept was accident. Strikes me as incredibly coincidental, and certainly fortuitous for anyone wanting the Iceman to disappear without anyone asking questions or looking further. Who might of done it if intentionally? Seems likely that the list of suspects wouldn’t be longer than two (and might be just one).

  13. Greg N

    I believe the first one they had was real western enough research on it with his connections I believe it was almost like a developed caveman. What these things really are our ancestors that just didn’t fully develop in the culture call existed with Indians, and they decide to live in the woods , because the first bunch of of these ancestral Apex Hominoid hybrid bipedal you can even throw in primates the first ones that came forward will be used like lab rats and they’re too intelligent for that

  14. BEK

    would like to say to the guests, I lived and worked in that area of MN for a while and I believe they do migrate through that area especially during deer season. If you look with a little effort, you’ll find many strange stories in that area of MN and some are very close to towns. Be Safe

  15. m99

    ~Gotta Say ~ Just listened again from the beginning to the end, and this was an exceptional presentation throughout the entire show. Funny, ironic, informative, humbling and cool. From start to finish an excellent job. And the people were salt of the earth. Genuine, humble, believable, kind. Great interview. It’s not a member show so I’m posting it at mewe. Be blessed Wes! Good Job! _m

  16. David P

    this is a little off topic but I’ve been listening to your show for a while and practicing my digital art and I made a quick drawing of a sasquatch face based on what witnesses have said on the show. where could I post it to see if it’s accurate?

  17. Duane G

    i saw this “attraction” back when I was a kid. It was at a mall in Dayton, OH. I remember it to this day. It helped soark my lifetime interest in bigfoot. To my eye it looked real and I remember the blown out eye. Creepy and cool.

  18. Raul H

    This was an excellent episode, and gave me some new insight to the Minnesota iceman. So fascinating to hear an account from somebody who lived next-door to Frank Hansen. Plus their personal encounters at the end of the episode were pretty damn interesting descriptions as well.

  19. Jennifer S

    The one we saw in the early 70’s had the right foot cut off. My dad told me that it was shot while running up the side of a mountain. I remember thinking why is the foot cut off if it was shot. It sure looked real to me but I was about 5 or 6 years old. I don’t remember my parents saying that it looked fake. we saw it at a mall and paid .25 to see it!

  20. Ron S

    I might have seen a 2nd or 3rd variation of this creature when I was 7-10 years old. I remember at the fair their was also an exhibit that featured a giant anaconda. Maybe someone remembers this detail. It’s very vague in my memory.

    It seems likely that the first version could’ve been real now I hear the full story. It’d make sense that if he thawed the thing out to reposition it and it was rotting that if he filled the enclosure back up with water it’d make sense that the new water to ice would even stink (which wouldn’t work so well to display in summer fairs or carnivals). I remember having to walk through a canvas curtain that kept the enclosure as cold as possible. I don’t remember being overly impressed by what I saw though.

    He probably was worried about someone trying to press some kind of murder charge on him if it had human characteristics.

    He probably made a decent living off the thing but when the original was no longer showable and drawing suspicion he probably did bury it and had a replica made to keep that lifestyle going.

    He probably felt a sense of conviction also that he needed to show people that these things are real. Just as I do. I see where this man with the creature is coming from.

    The red blood that doesn’t turn brown might even make sense as it seems to me these things could be something other than a physical creature that lives on the Earth all the time like a gorilla. Or that the creatures mouth was full of frozen blood and the new addition of water after thawing and freezing again melted it, making it remain red colored. I would guess oxygen and warmth is what causes blood to turn brown idk.

    Dna tests have pointed to something like this creature being possibly possessed or half human and half unidentified, as there is missing information in the sequence.

    I believe it is possible for things like this to transition into this physical reality at times and therefore can be injured or fatally wounded. But I also believe a higher power can protect us from them or even make them not allowed to be seen.

    Maybe Earth is The Valley of the Shadows of Death and we are always walking through it (right here in our current reality).

    If this is the case it would make perfect sense to be more positive spiritually and fear no evil.

    Refer to your Holy instructions manual, it’s all in there. Use a reliable hard copy and not a digital or altered one also🌞

  21. Ron S

    It’s probably nothing but I do find it odd that there is some resemblance to the artists rendition of the original creature and Francis himself where it almost looks like both have glasses on… anyone else think that?

    • Ron S

      Is there truth in human art that AI wants to take away? You can call it reaching, but if most can’t seem to grasp it, someone has to reach for it right? Lol

  22. Truett C

    This was a great show. I have listened to it several times now trying to remember where and when I paid a quarter to see it. I know it was a traveling carnival in a Kmart parking lot. Somewhere in the late 60’s. Really didn’t have an opinion at the time and the ice was cloudy.
    By the way, Where did you get the Star Spangled Banner that you played at the end?

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