May 12

SC EP:953 I Think We Snuck Up On It

Benny writes “Me and my buddy, Joe, where south of Bradshaw TX. This will be in the fall, 1989. We were crossing the creek in the truck with the headlights off . Had the dogs in the back trying to catch the scent of a coon crossing the road because the wind was up.

Joe said to flip the headlines on because there’s a game warden that usually sits at the top of the hill when you come out of the creek.

When I turn the headlights on something blew up in the fence line, right next to the truck, scared the crap out of Joe and he was headed up the embankment same direction we were going.

When I looked over, I initially thought it was a buffalo. I could see a shoulder and his back. It was on all fours. The back road, we were on had a quick left turn then right turn down the fence line that would put us in the path that it was headed.

When I made the right turn down the fence line, it turn right beside us and stood up and ran down the tree line about 5 to 6 strides then back into the tree line, heading down towards the creek
Somewhere around 7 foot tall never stood directly straight up, ran bent over freaking super wide at the shoulders, narrowed down to the hips and really muscular, butt and legs.

It was a brownish, reddish color, never saw the face the it’s left side in his back never got directly in the headlights.

It was a very bright Moonlit night with a storm coming in and the wind blowing. That’s why we did not unleash the dogs to run track.

Are usually come in from the north. That night we came in from the south wind in
front of us.

The water was running across the crossing with a bunch of rocks. Making a lot of noise because of the rain we just had that day. I honestly think we snuck up on it.”








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43 Responses to “SC EP:953 I Think We Snuck Up On It”

  1. Brian L

    Whoop Whoop!! Thanks Wes
    In a Very Crazy World….
    With immigrants and foreign soldiers all suffering much too much for this day and age of human advancements..what you do is an hour of awesomeness…
    Thanks soo much.

    • Mark H

      Oops. Sorry Benny…
      I didn’t catch that Joe has passed away when I posted my first comment until I listened through the second time. My condolences.
      Once again, you description sounds very similar to my description. I’m pretty sure we saw about the same critter.
      Yes… the butt cheeks and butt crack was very pronounced on the Juvinile I saw as well. Probably due to almost Zero body fat and tremendous muscling… but not “body builder” muscles. What I saw had long, useful, athletic muscles, and it moved like fluid… effortlessly with smooth motions and grace.
      I grew up on a farm in Northeastern Nebraska. We hunted coons with lights but I also trapped and snared coons, fox, beaver, mink, muskrat, etc. Great times back in the 70s. I live in Colorado now.
      Mark Hillen
      SC EP:807 – The Little Monkey

  2. Chad W

    Good Friday night from another part of Texas, San Antonio, which is going to get drenched any time now! Hoping to keep power overnight, through the storms…


    I live between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. In November 2011 I heard a howl/scream in the woods on the hill behind my house. I was in my backyard about 10:30p.m. at the time. It lasted about 5 seconds and as soon as it ended every dog in the neighborhood started barking. I immediately felt creeped out and went in the house and sat on my couch. About 2 minutes later I heard what sounded like a pack of barking dogs slowly moving down the street in front of my house. I wasn’t about to walk through my dark front yard to the street to see what it was. I used to walk around at night on the logging road behind my house when I first moved here. Not anymore.

    • Brian L

      You were very lucky…
      There are no Sasquatch between Shasta and Lassen….
      Feel free to walk the logging roads at night around there.
      A flashlight will be enuf….

  4. Pete M

    Hey Wes,
    The West Tx cops episode was way back on episode 37 “ Cops & Sasquatch.” It was two of my K9 officers, and yes we were also attached to the SWAT team. They were coming back from San Antonio , they were headed to Odessa, TX. The encounter occurred on the state Hwy between Ozona and Big Lake headed northbound. Unfortunately my call with you was dropped during the interview. Otherwise I would have shared another encounter on the same Hwy by an Odessa resident in 1989, except that he and his wife were southbound. That guy shared his story in 2011 and said that he now resides in Abilene. My guys encounter happened in August of 2009. Thanks for sharing your story Benny.

  5. Renee W

    I am so grateful for this podcast! I look so forward to Friday & Sunday evenings, my bedtime stories! Ty Wes 🙏Happy Friday from Nova Scotia 🇨🇦 My SC Fam 👣😊👣

  6. Linda B

    Hi guys, checking in late tonight. Had a friend over and we got out a SC Forum thread from Brian G about Joel 2 giants being Sasquatch and formed a kind of Bible study out of the information there. Thanks Brian G!
    This show tonight sounds awesome and I can’t wait to listen.
    Happy weekend SC Family and thank you Wes!

  7. Benji P

    Waking up with a new episode…..gonna make some coffe and roll up a phat spliff, best way (imo) to start up my day <3 Love and Light to evryone.

  8. Ron S

    Great encounter. I don’t blame some people for believing it’s a man/ape, people report what they see.

    But I also wonder if some people don’t have the capacity to see something more strange (no offense). It could be possible that bizarre sightings of any number of things by different people is coming from some kind of entity or source that knows exactly just how much, in what form and to what level it needs to for each individual, sometimes for more than one person or as a group.

    There is a possibility also that there actually was something unexplained happening at the time of the witnesses encounter and the persons/peoples mind refused to recognize it, blocked it out or dismissed it.

    In any any case it seems to me that people have encounters of all kinds and all levels of strangeness, but in each case all encounters are just enough to throw a series of nagging wrenches from that point on into that persons view of reality and skews their mind from believing everything is right with the world.

    And for people who haven’t witnessed strange phenomena, maybe it’s we “the witnesses” who are actually skewing THEIR reality with OUR experiences and reports.

    We ain’t fakin’…whole lotta skewin’ goin’ on.

  9. Aron T

    About the motorcycle light or “orb” on the dam. I was recently reading the book, More Mysterious Oklahoma, by David Farris. Great book, anyways, in Chapter 1, it talks about the “little people” or Kawnakuashas. Which could be seen by Native American medicine men.
    They appeared as small leprechaun like beings, they helped the medicine man find herbs and heal the sickly. If seen by others, it only appeared as a ball of light or “orb”. Upon the death of the medicine man, the Kawnakuashas are said to roam the earth as an orb until it found another medicine man. When I read this, my first thought was of these orbs people talk about. Very interesting stuff.

  10. craig d

    Guys, I was watching YouTube last night with my son. He likes spooky stuff and was watching a channel called Slapped Ham. It was atrocious, some of the videos were so blatantly fake it was actually funny. However some were pretty convincing, I digress.
    During one episode it shows two guys riding through the forest in a 4×4 or something similar. During the video the dude shooting the film pans over to the guy driving and in the background I saw possibly the clearest ever shot of a Sasquatch running along for a second or two. Neither of the guys noticed at the time and it feels authentic. Idk the name of the episode but well worth searching. Seriously best image I’ve ever seen.

  11. LUCAS P

    The “lights” are just a life form that live in the woods. Why we’re not told about them is the real question. They’re sentient like human beings and have nothing to do with anything “paranormal”.

  12. craig d

    Okaaaay, I go out regular, I’m not looking for cars but I sure see em! That’s a non argument. If Sasquatch was a regular ape then it would have been found documented studied, specimens in museums and zoos etc. Tired old argument. tbh it’s getting really thin.
    We need to expand the scope, maybe every second or third episode explore fringe topics. Encounter after encounter is getting old.
    Also like to ask Lucas P where he got his facts from regarding the lights?

  13. Mark H

    Benny, Joe,
    Listen to my encounter. I noticed you gave a description very similar to the Juvinile I saw in Colorado. Listen to:
    SC EP:807 – The Little Monkey
    Mark Hillen
    Southwest Colorado

  14. Angie C

    I moved to Abilene in 1987. ( I was 17) I never had any experiences with weird creatures, however I did hear about the ghost lady at Fort Phantom lake. I went out there, and never saw anything. My husband grew up in the area (Clyde, TX) and he said he had seen the lights, although he can’t for sure say whether seeing them had anything to do with alcohol (lol). It was really fun listening to encounters and experiences from places that I know. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Phoenix B

    Hey Wes! This is Calvin and Phoenix from Lac Seul ONtario Canada. We were talking about the BFRO. Why do they not return any calls for reports? Why do they not want this documented? BFRO has to step up their game and get more involved, become more professional in their ethics, procedures and hold no non-judgement to people, to the public. If I was head of that organization or 1 of the head cheese, I would definitely restructure that whole organization. Have a few toll-free numbers for people to call in. It was said, in a Lecture by one of our Ontario BF enthusiasts, that Sasquatches are going to come out soon, they do not like what is happening to Nature by humans! I don’t know if you checked out the McMaster University Lecture done by Mike on YouTube his channel is Sasquatch Ontario.
    The reason why I am mentioning BFRO I just finished listening to an episode where a gentleman said he called BFRO and no one returned his call. Share the love of knowledge! Sharing is caring. peace love cooperation. Ahow! Meegwetch, thank you

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