May 5

SC EP:951 A F***ing Kangaroo?

Tonight I will be speaking to Tim. Tim writes “The first actual encounter I experienced was in the fall of 2020. It was a nice night. I had been working late which is often the case in my line of work. My wife and I have two pet rabbits who are fed a diet of Timothy Hay. We would get this hay from a friend who had a farm about 40 minutes away from where we were living at the time. Seeing that it was a nice night and the coming days were going to be quite busy for me, we decided to go for a drive and pick up some hay as we were getting pretty low.

The drive from where we were living to the farm went through a variety of back roads and farm lands. The way out was pretty standard. A lovely, peaceful drive after a bit of a stressful day. We picked up the hay and headed back pretty much right away. By this time it was a lot darker. Pretty much a pitch black night. Low hanging clouds prevented any stars or moon from being seen. As we were driving through an area of thick trees we spotted eye shine about 100 yards ahead of the car.

We both saw it pretty much right away. There’s lots of animals out on these roads and we always would be on the lookout for any that we might see. We have deer, fox, coyote, skunk, raccoons and possums. There’s some weasels out this way but they’re pretty rare to see. So anyways, we spotted the eyeshine and were instantly wondering what we might be seeing.

Since the eyes were close to the ground we were thinking it was one of the smaller animals that are familiar to this area. But… a moment later as our vehicle got closer, those eyes rose up to about 7 feet in the air and this tall shape bounced away to its right – our left – and disappeared into the tree line. Though it was fall all the leaves were still on the trees and were yet to fall so in an instant it was completely gone.

Seeing it was such a bizarre moment. I still remember my brain not being able to justify what we had seen. I had spent a lot of time in Australia in my youth and have seen kangaroos in the wild. Seeing them bounce was the closest thing that I could correlate to what I had just seen. I turned to my wife and said: “Did we just see a F***ing Kangaroo?” She had no idea what to say.

I spun our Jeep around and passed by the location again but it was long gone. For days I wrestled with what we had seen and the only thing that I think it could have been was a Sasquatch. Then years later after finding your show I heard similar accounts of them being low to the ground and hopping on occasion.

The second encounter that I had happened in the spring of 2022 in Asheville, North Carolina. My wife and I were doing some pet-sitting on the western edge of the city. Near the house that we were staying in, at the front to be more specific, there was beautiful dense brush which led out into a forest. The trees and brush of North Carolina in spring were filled with butterflies, birds, rabbits and a host of beautiful life. We would hear a lot of noises coming from that area both day and night.

The house we were at had a little door for the cat to come in and out at will, and seeing as though the weather was really nice, the cat would be out at all hours of the day. During our time at the house there was a lunar eclipse that was going to occur. The night that it happened was clear, calm and beautiful. My wife and I sat out on the back deck and watched it happen. It was actually a blood moon lunar eclipse and as it progressed the moon turned a blood red.

When it got to be about midnight we decided to turn in. I was a little worried as the cat had not returned. As we went inside I suddenly felt very uncomfortable… like we were being watched. We got ready for bed and went to lay down knowing that the cat would meow if he wanted in. A few minutes after laying down we heard a horrifying scream/howl. The window in our bedroom was open and the sound… it tore through there.

Worried about the cat, I got up and ran outside. My wife followed. We went out to the back porch and listened as the scream/howl continued. It was coming from the forest area at the front. It just kept going for what seemed like the longest time. It was something that was so unnerving that I instantly felt anxiety coursing through my body. After a while my wife convinced me to go inside, convinced that the cat would be okay.

Reluctantly, I went inside. The screaming stopped. But… the worst part was that our bedroom was at the front of the house. The window in the bedroom faced the brush that led to the forest. Once we laid down my wife fell asleep almost instantly. I tried as hard as I could but… man I hate saying this, but it was like something was in my mind… like whatever was out there in the bush screaming was trying to get into my head… I felt like it was right outside my window, like right outside looking in. I can’t tell you how intense, overwhelming anxiety and fear that I was feeling. I didn’t sleep a single minute that night… and I was near frozen in terror until about 4:30AM when all of a sudden that feeling subsided. And when I say subsided, I mean it was just gone… instantly.

Even now just writing this my body is tensing up.

I have no idea what was happening that night but it shook me up man. There was something so familiar that was happening… like I felt like it was there for me. I know that sounds crazy but that was just the overwhelming sense that was running through me.”







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62 Responses to “SC EP:951 A F***ing Kangaroo?”

      • MIGUEL V

        The “giggling” or laughing about his encounter throws me totally off. Don’t get it. Not sure if I’m a believer in this particular encounter – it’s just throwing me off. Maybe some people use laughter or joke about uncomfortable situations. Not sure. Thank you Wes.

        • David S

          It’s definitely known that some people cope with difficult or uncomfortable talking situations with laughter. I actually have done the same a couple times. Can’t help it. Also his experience doesn’t hardly include anything outrageous or unique to justify making it up. Just my 2 cents though

  1. Karla G

    I was born in Asheville, grew up there. I can confirm that it is, in fact, beautiful. Had a Bigfoot experience just outside of Asheville, in Candler, when I was around 6.

    • Rebecca H

      Wes, you will soon be be receiving an email of my experience with this isnt human. New member. Northeastern Oklahoma definately have them..and other ‘things” Thanks so much for your podcast. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Danny D

      Hey karla, I use to live in candler in early 2000s.. I lived on Big Cove road the 1st year and then pisgah hwy (151) the next 3 years.. Where were you at when that happened? I’m very curious.. I can’t wait to hear the show.. Thanks Wes for all the great shows you provide for us.. Very grateful my man..

  2. Maria G

    hi guys..I’m excited to listen to tonight’s show. I hope you all have a great weekend…it’s my birthday tomorrow so I expect everyone to celebrate me and have fun.. 😂. Be safe and thx Wes..we all love ya and support you 100%

  3. Linda B

    Happy birthday Maria!!!!!!! You’re the best and we all wish you the very happiest day!!! 🙏 💕
    Thanks for the early post, Wes!! We’re sitting in our camper where we sometimes have a little SC action, a pretty lake and peaceful setting. It’s always worth the scramble to get here and can’t wait to listen!

    • Chris422

      I just wanted to thank you Wes for all the good shows that you gave. I really love this place. Lot of good things happen here. And I just wanted to take this opportunity until all of you, goodbye.

  4. Josh B

    Greetings from Asheville neighboring town ya’ll! I havent seen a sasquatch here but if you look around it’s prime habitat for sure just like TN, OK, AK. However, did notice very high tree breaks in Brevard that were not natural.

  5. Matt P

    I think I have one around my new house. My kids say they’ve seen a really big guy in the yard in the middle of the night. I saw something in the window out of the corner of my eye and when I turned back I saw something mivecreal fast. When I went to the window, the plum tree was still shaking. I went out on the deck and heard something running through brush down by the creek. Things get moved around. They seem infatuated with my bbq after I use it. Something removes and cleans the drip pan. My youngest has told me that he’s seen a huge hand on his window at night. My wife will no longer walk in the evening if there’s a chance she won’t be back before dark. She’s a ranch girl. Eastern Montana. 5’2” 115 pounds snd tough as hell. She carry’s bear spray and a 7 shot 357 with hard cast hand loads that have killed a grizzly. We are in grizzly country and they are out and about. She still won’t do it. She’s not afraid of bears. Just says she feels like something is watching her. Hears strange noises. The neighbor lady (1 mile away) says the same. Something has the horses spooked. Not all the time, but some nights they bunch together and all look down at the creek with their ears forward. Their mountain horses. Been in the Great Bear for weeks at a time around wolves, cats and bears. I can deal with bears. Grew up around them. Just have a weird feeling. Have it now as I’m writing this. Sitting up on the couch with the lights off inside and the yard and garage and barb lights on. Got the 45-70 with 510 grain bullets sitting here. Need to stop listening to this podcast. The kids are what make me nervous.

    • James G

      Go stand on the corners of your property and rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ, at each corner and tell them they’re not welcome on your property. With kids involved I’d try ANYTHING

      • Matt P

        I bbq’d elk blackstrap today. I’m going to stay up on watch tonight. My wife is taking the kids to a family event Thursday and will be gone til Sunday afternoon. I am considering doing a few different things while they’re gone.

  6. Ron S

    This episode was spot on. I’ve experienced these things several times and even now I catch myself thinking “I’ve seen it, smelled it and heard it but there’s no way this is natural”. I feel like my instincts are pretty solid and this really doesn’t make any logical sense and doesn’t feel like something that was naturally born here as a baby.
    Maybe these encounters can be described like the 4th wall being broken down for a time, or the encounter is almost like witnessing a performance. A performance by who, what or why I have no definite answers.
    Here in Wisconsin I know a guy who described seeing one (where I’ve had encounters) cross a two lane road in two jumps on one leg, very fast, giving him the impression it was almost like a black kangaroo. It’s weird stuff and hard for some to believe but it’s definitely happening to people and has been for a long time. Thanks Tim, thank you Wes! God bless

    • cynthia s

      Great show, thanks Wes. I respect Tim’s opinion but because there is fear doesn’t mean it’s necessarily evil. It’s natural to be afraid of the unknown. I’m not saying there may not be a paranormal aspect to the phenomena. I think if sasquatch were evil, there wouldn’t be as many eyewitnesses who would survive a face to face experience unscathed. There may be evil sasquatch just like there are evil people. But I don’t believe the evidence points to the species being inherently evil.

  7. Laura K

    Matt P., maybe you should try the sulphur spread around the perimeter, reapplying if it rains, etc. and cheap trail cams, electric fences for shits and giggles.

  8. James G

    Reminds me of a few accounts of witnesses that have seen them scream. I’ve heard a few that said when they screamed, their face looked like it caved in, unnaturally

  9. David T

    Any darkness the creatures have may come from the human side not the other unknown side, if Dr Ketchum is correct about their DNA. Humans are pretty potentially dark, ie: cruelty, violence, indifference.

  10. Janetta V

    Great stories he and his wife had. Bigfoot is other worldy and that’s why people feel so different than when you see a bear. We are not afraid of things that God has made. Yes God made everything, but this bloodline went against God and are not in his will and are on their way to hell eventually. Thanks Tim and Wes.

  11. Matthew W

    Tim, thanks for your gregarious telling of your encounters. Something tells me that your selection of the trip to that specific location in North Carolina, at the time of that moon, where you experienced the howls was not simply luck or coincidence. Did you plan that trip based upon research you did? After that night with the howls, did you stay there much longer?

  12. Scott E

    I live in Ontario and am so curious as to where this or any other sightings in Ontario have took place. I remember the one episode where there was a sighting in Chesley, Ontario

    • Ajay J

      Cool Episode. SLKT screams! NWO – a lot of action in this area. I know! Had several encounters around there! Suprised to here the town on your episode, i should share some stories sometime!

  13. Cryptids Unlimited

    I do believe that so many roadside sightings happen because deer habitually hang around just outside forested areas, like roads, to graze. I used to deliver newspapers between 2am and 6am and would count as many as 70 deer during my 137 mile route. I think where the deer are, the bigfoot are.

  14. Jeffery E

    Wes –
    I was thinking about the roadside events thing…
    I think (obviously don’t know for sure) that Sasquatch hang around roadways at night is because it is easier to travel (it’s a road)! Especially, old country roads – they aren’t traveled that much during the day and less at night.
    Anyway…my thoughts on the subject.

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