Apr 30

SC EP:950 American Werewolf

Tonight I will be speaking to Dave. Dave writes “I’m 57 years old and my first encounter was when I was 16 years old. The thing is, it wasn’t a bigfoot, it was what I learned everyone is calling a dogman about 7 years ago. At the time I didn’t know what it was and thought it was the only one. There is a lot to this story.”

Dave and his friends had run into this creature on this property spanning 6 years. When the creature was disposed of Dave said “I didn’t know what it was, I shot this thing thinking it was the only one. I remember telling the old man who owned most of the property around my house that I shot that thing. He looked at his wife and said “Honey they killed it, they shot it and he wanted to know where it was. So we took him there.”








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143 Responses to “SC EP:950 American Werewolf”

  1. Linda B

    Hi SC 🤠 folks!! Hey, Good one Mr. Brian. Saw a creepy black wolf-like creature in Kansas and has the distinct pleasure of being able to Wes all about it then my sis in law saw one crossing a cornfield on an early morning commute with my brother.
    ….so I thought they were all monsters restrained for the end times, and then I learned restrained by the Holy Spirit until the church is removed, such event will be when we least expect it. Never thought that stuff would be in my lifetime but now we’re seeing monsters and all kinds of creatures. Pretty scary stuff. It’s both awesome and uncanny how many times God is brought up in these episodes.
    Love listening to this witness.
    Have a wonderful week everyone, and thank you Wes!

  2. Blanche D

    ❤ I really love a dogman encounter. I could listen to this fella all night. He was a hilarious too, with the reality of hindsight. If I wasn’t in bed , I’d a fell off my chair laughing at that butthole analogy. One of the besr 😁🇬🇧🏆

  3. Rose V

    I love the Dogman encounters because they’re so rare (or maybe not, who knows)….so fascinating …these creatures I believe reside in the ethereal realm and come in and out of our dimension to instill fear: that’s they’re food source

    • Christian L

      Ditto….if he was cutting it open then he got a closer-than-close look. Woulda thought he’d report a LOT more details; ear type, snout length, eye color/size, general height, length, weight estimate….but Wes never pressed him for basic details….curious🤔 Seemed sincere but a lot of basic basic details were missing…I’ll have to listen again and see what I may have missed.

  4. Chris P

    What a incredible experience iv had those hell merry shots hunting quail and ducks, lucky in the dark shots, I believe God was in your corner my friend thanks Wes once again….

  5. L. Oriana S

    Oh man, this was one of the best SC episodes ever, and I’ve heard all 950 of them. Fantastic guest, you can tell he’s a straight shooter (so to speak, LOL) and no BS-er. Bring on part 2 soon!

  6. Conrad C

    Wes when you get him back on for part two please ask more details about what it looked like. Ask him if the head looked like a German Shepherd or a Doberman and what the ears looked like, did they have tufts or were they German Shepherd style ears.

  7. Melanie S

    Wow! What a show! Wow! Thanks to the guest for an amazing experience and sharing and to Wes for having such a fascinating guest on. An all around awesome show. Wow. Wow!

    • Dianne B

      Just keep your eyes forward and you will be blessed never to see one…it’s so hard to believe if you don’t see! No one can fault you for that.! No one wants to believe let alone know?

    • Connie O

      Keith c…Unfortunately, they are real. There were many sightings many years ago, including by police officers, in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. A lady even wrote a book/books about it. You are blessed by never seeing one.

  8. Eric T

    Sorry, this one just doesn’t smell right to me. This guy was entertaining and had his story down but something was queer about this story. Very entertaining and I am looking forward to hearing part 2. As always Wes did a great job. I wasn’t sure what Wes really thought about this interesting episode.

  9. Oran B

    love these dogman episodes! we all believe and most have encountered Sasquatch on here. it’s not too far fetched for me to think these beings are out there too… fascinating to say the least. I’ve heard the screams

  10. STEVE W

    Yup, they understand what your saying , So yea it was out to kill him first , He basically challenged it , Under spirit rules he dropped his protection per say , But in the end divine intervention saved him , hip shot in the right place with no time to really think , He should say thank you God for saving meb

  11. Chris C

    very interesting account. I was particularly struck when he mentioned the howling from American werewolf in London. Now i’m not that strong a believer in Dogmen, but i have heard that exact sound and it scared the life out of me.

    I was camping in the lake district, uk, and was photographing a blood moon. I heard this howl in the distance, then again about 20 seconds later but much closer. This thing seemed to close down 2 miles in the valley floor in about 90 seconds. The final howl appeared to be about 100 metres away and i threw thousands of £ of gear in the car, dived into my tent and curled up under the covers with my wife.

    To this day i have no explanation as there is no creature native here that could make that noise.

  12. craig d

    He hears water flowing and his buddy was pishing himself? Unless he had his dingle out I seriously doubt that. Then straight after they have a conversation while he’s stood there apparently in a puddle of urine? Come on, at least try n keep it in the realms of realism. Im not calling BS or anything but little red flags makes you start questioning and that’s not good when we are asked to believe things that aren’t supposed to exist. Enjoyed the story though.

  13. Blake B

    IMO there is no evidence for a bipedal canine. Ever. Dogman has provided ZERO hair, DNA, blood, photos, videos, hand prints, foot prints, dermal ridging etc. Not one. If I am wrong, enlighten me.

    TO ME dogman is nothing more than a misidentification of a BABOON-like sasquatch. It is a bipedal primate with an elongated snout much like we see in baboons. The “inverted” legs occasionally reported are simply a primate with a long foot walking on its toes. I wear a size 13 and was standing on my toes in the kitchen and my wife commented how it looked like I had goat legs. That is what led me to that realization.

    This conclusion is ten millions times more rational and logical than a bipedal canine that has never been in any fossil record or had any scientifically reviewable evidence brought forth.

  14. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes and Dave. Looking forward to part two. I grew up right next to Boston and the rural areas of Central Massachusetts were like the moon to us city kids. In my last 60s now. If I’d seen something like what you saw Dave, I would have thought it was a werewolf because that would have been my only reference point. I did see American Werewolf and that movie depiction definitely is all about terror, blood and mayhem. Nothing about any sort of natural about it. Sad for the farmer. To have lost his prize bull and then to learn nothing was missing … nothing eaten from the carcass. Yeah, death and destruction. Glad it didn’t get you, Dave and your friend.

  15. Daniel R

    7.62×25 may not be a big round but its fast enough to defeat level IIIA body armor, I believe. Snappy little cartridge, awesome on penetration. Makes me sweat thinking of the luck on the kill shot though.

  16. Sandra D

    Enjoyed that….thank you Wes… and Dave for sharing your stories. Somehow Dave’s voice brought to mind old movies and movie stars….loved listening to him narrate..looking forward to part 2!

  17. Marian B

    Thank you both, Wes and Dave, for this encounter. Amazing. And the encounter of Wiley Dave’s in Oklahoma is by far the best encounter ,up until now, I’ve heard. This one by another Dave😄 absolutely rings true too. Thanks, Marian

  18. craig d

    @BlakeB I think you’ll find you’re incorrect. Scott Carpenter retrieved Dogman hair using the inverted sticky tape method and hotdogs also taped to a tree… he also captured two videos of two separate Dogmen.
    Or at least I’m pretty sure he did while collecting Sasquatch samples for Dr Ketchum’s DNA study.
    Although I thought the dogman was assumed to be a more spiritual being which manifests into our dimension. I don’t know, the entity I saw I always believed to be demonic until years later and after reading into many Dogman accounts but it may or may not be as my encounter the entity looked to have more bovine characteristics! Its a weird world we live in and nothing is impossible.

    • Blake B

      Spiritual being? Lmao There has NEVER been any dogman hair collected. That is a joke. Just because hair is found doesn’t mean it is from dogman. Unless DNA proves it to be canine, its a total lie.

      That is so laughable it hurts. If this creature was truly spiritual, it wouldn’t have the need for interacting int the physical world. I think you will find you are incorrect. You dont even have a clear idea of what your sre talking about. You cannot decide if it is real or not. That is EXACTLY what is wrong with this field. People who fail to come up with REAL evidence and resort to making things up to try to reason with it.

      • James G

        Apparently Ketchum et al are in the process right now of a dogman DNA analysis. I myself, doubted the dogman stories for years. However, the more I’ve looked into the Sabe phenomenon, it now wouldn’t surprise me if there is a creature like has been described as dogman

        • Blake B

          Just because one person CLAIMS they have DNA does NOT prove this imaginary being is real. Present ONE PIECE of evidence for a bipedal canine. JUST ONE. It cannot be done. Humoring this TRASH is EVERYTHING WRONG in the field today.

  19. Jackson T

    I’m curious what general region of Massachusetts this happened in. he mentioned not getting snow a lot of years which sounds like south east mass, where I’m from

  20. Brian G

    Wow Dave, thank you so much for allowing the rest of mankind to hear of your experience. To me, this is one of those more rare reports that is really helping to establish a “Historic Record” of details, relative to these particular creature-beings. Also, you did a great job of clearly relating all the happenings to everyone. Hope all is well in Life for you, otherwise, Friend & Neighbor : )

  21. Tristan M

    After hearing about the howl from the actual movie I found the clip on YouTube and my god it gave me chills. It’s almost dead on to what many people have tried to explain. I swear that noise sounds so familiar to me, I’ve had a few dreams about dog men before I actually knew what they were. Pretty creepy stuff.

  22. Mary P

    Shot in the dark but the “dogs” he shot and killed years prior were probably her pups. She probably remembered him and wanted to kill him. Very interesting tale.

  23. Scott V

    This was a great episode! The movie AWIL scared the crap out of me when I was younger. That howl! This episode quickly hopped into my top 5. Thanks for sharing your story Dave, and thanks Wes for bringing it to us!

  24. John G

    Thanks Dave. I was hanging on every word/encounter. I did have a question about the wild dogs part of the story. What exactly were the wild dogs terrorizing/attacking. We’re they attacking the dog man? Was the dogman acting as a member of the group? It seems like you did not recognize that the dogman was involved until you started shooting? Thanks again for an entertaining afternoon as I drove home. Jack.

  25. James G

    Something about this encounter is odd. First he has these encounters as a 15 yr old and keeps going back totally unprepared AFTER getting scared to death. No one would go back. 2nd, the story is full of details EXCEPT of the dogman. Generalized description

  26. Ric M

    I’ve listened to this show about 9 times already. The backstories made a bit too long; my father hunted here. my grandfather hunted here. As Jack Webb would say on DRAGNET, “Just the facts, sir. Just the facts.” Nevertheless, this is one amazing encounter. As a former paranormal (ghost) investigator, when interviewing the witness, sometimes you can tell when there is some falsehood to their encounter. You hate to see it because then the actual investigation is a short-lived bust! ….. I believed him. I believed every word he said. I wish he’d return to the swamp and try to dig up a bone or two, or better yet, the skull and mandible. Mud is a preserver. I’m looking forward to part 2. …. DAVE, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I KNOW YOU’LL CATCH SOME FLAK FROM SOME OF THE MEMBERS. PAY IT NO MIND! THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR AMAZING ENCOUNTER! BE SAFE AND GOD BLESS!

  27. Bryan G

    I don’t sit here and judge I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and follow the words of Dr Bindernagel (RIP)only one episode was total bullshit and that was the son and dad that went to Tombstone and had a bigfoot follow them as a protector lol that dude was such a Cornball 😂 more like a comedy show that episode

  28. Brad P

    Wes, just when I think you’ve got to be running out of material, another amazing show comes out. Your show has brought me so much knowledge and peace, this last spring I was able to go turkey hunting for the first time in almost 10 years. Thank-you I really never thought I would hunt again.

  29. Jordan T

    TREMENDOUS episode!! one of the best recently IMO. He spoke very well. Great story teller and you can just tell by his narration hes absolutely telling the truth. What a close up encounter man. GREAT episode Wes!

    • Blake B

      lmao not a shot. It is clearly a fabricated story. Sad that Wes humors it. Wes took Bindernagel’s advice WAAAAYYYY too literal. I think he meant to receive all evidence then draw a conclusion in terms of what is provable and possible. Not to lend credibility to anything anyone claims to see or encounter. Now we have devolved into sasquatch’s being interdimensional and using orbs of light as a means for transportation. Most of this comes from frustration with the lack of progress in the field. We CANNOT makes the illogical and fanatical mental gymnastics just to cope with their illusiveness. This has to stop.

  30. Asher H

    Would love to know where in Massachusetts this happened, I live in MA and go in the woods a lot lol. Also I see the comments complaining he gave too much backstory, but I’m from here and some of us just like to talk lmao

  31. Seamus J. C

    Man, Dave, what a storyteller you are! I enjoyed that thoroughly, your gift for description kept me vividly imagining every scene, and yet you were concise & clearly organized in your speech as you maintained the thread of your narrative. Also–what a story (storIES), too. I myself doubt that anyone could invent a story like this & yet muster such a command of detail. And since dogmen are even harder to believe in than bigfoot–you are part of a very elite club, my friend.

    I have a question about the dogman. You know how primates have the flat of the torso oriented from arm to arm? In other words, our chests & backs are “flat” and we look flat from the front. When we want to lie flat, we lie on back or belly. Now, most other animals’ have the flat of their torso oriented from spine to sternum–in other words, they look flatter from the side that from the front/rear, and they lie “flat” on their sides…Is the dogman’s torso oriented like ours/sasquatch’s? Or is it more like a dog’s–flatter from the side?

  32. William D

    From what was described I believe the creature WANTED to die. I actually feel sorry. When it was being attacked by the dogs that were shot and killed it knew full well what the 16 year old hunter was capable of. That being said, it also understood when he said he’d shoot it if it came toward him. YES, I do believe it WANTED to die. Very sad if you ask me.

  33. Melanie S

    This episode has made me lost for words. I was driving down a country highway at night holding on to every single word. Between this and Clare’s episode I don’t know which scared me more.

    I haven’t read through all of the comments but whatever happened to the dam. Is it still there? Will it be covered in Part 2?

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